A Virtual Bingo Flashboard that can be used with a projector to display the current pattern being played along with the numbers called on the master number sheet. Using bingo cards printed with IBA Bingo Card Maker you can use the software's check bingo card system to verify winners. You can use our interal "card class" wizard to create cards of various sizes and various ball counts. Downloadable bingo card maker project file that you can use to print up to 25,000 bingo pages directly from the program. Customer Survey monitors Cats Protection advisor performance and helps improve overall call quality.
Customer Survey is an outsourced X-on service that can offer your callers a short phone questionnaire at the end of their call, providing your company with a real time summary of customer satisfaction. At the end of the customer's call the agent can ask if they are prepared to participate in a brief survey, the agent can then press a hotkey to transfer the caller to the customer survey.
Typically the caller will receive half a dozen multiple choice questions regarding the call handling before being given the option to record comments. For more advanced requirements, conditional branching can be included, so if the caller gives a particular response during the script, they can be asked supplementary questions or returned to the call centre if need be.

Customer responses are collated in real time resulting in a statistical analysis analyzable by campaign or agent group.
As Customer Survey is hosted off site, there are no expensive hardware purchases, nor the costs of setup and maintenance. Customer Survey is part of X-on's PhonePresence Call Centre range of services and more detailed information is available from the PhonePresence site, or visit the dedicated Customer Survey site. For further information on X-on Customer Survey please Contact Us, or call Sales on 0333 332 0000. Site cookies accrue anonymous statistics: Privacy InformationStoracall Technology Ltd - Co.
Advanced Call Center turns your computer into a technologically advanced answering machine. Recently while reviewing the Ooma website I noticed that Ooma just released the Ooma Small Business Phone Service!
Check out this Oomazing video that describes just how easy it is to setup and start saving tons of money for your small business!! Well, I wanted all of our readers (who own small businesses) to be aware of this new cheap phone service offered for businesses.

An IT professional, Charlie also buys and sells liens, lives on the cheap, runs marathons and helps to run his family farm.
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A highly professional script that only takes a couple of minutes to complete gives the caller the reassurance that their opinion is valued.
Customer comments can be emailed to supervisors or be made available on the web so agents can monitor their performance immediately. The service can be readily tailored to your requirements and changed when needed for new products or campaigns. With how successful my Ooma Telos Phone Service has been for me personally (check out my home phone service review) this may be a good option for businesses that needs five phone extensions (or 15 virtual extensions), and at a good price point.
It will catalog all incoming calls with Caller ID information, display a pop-up message and play a personal ring tune for each of your callers, and even announce caller's name and number with voice.This retail version optionally includes a box with CD-ROM and printed installation instructions.

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