Googlea€™s Voice Search app, the ubiquitous microphone looking app found on the search bar, has just been updated. With this feature, the user can gather information using different languages in varying situations.
In order to get started, the user should go to the apps menu and make a one-time change on his account's language settings.
While a user may at times feel like it's OK to brag using different languages in the same sentence when he knows that a lot of people may be eavesdropping, the Voice Search app may in turn get confused and thereby be unable to perform the search. Google will definitely add more languages and features in the near future which is good for those users whose language preferences are not supported just yet.
Today's Fresh Android apps features a significant Facebook update, another update to Google's voice recognition software on your Android phone, and an app that will save you some time when you’re paging through your app library. App Wall takes the time out of scrolling through the pages and pages of applications stored on your phone. For the user to avail himself of this feature, he must preselect each of the five languages he intends to use before using the app. Every time a user wanted to switch from using one language to another, he is always asked to change his settings.

Whether he feels like asking about the weather in Spanish or chanting out a text in German, the Google Voice Search app will be able to recognize both.
When trying out the new feature, the user can first open his app drawer and select the Google Settings app. More than half the world's population speaks two or more languages -- and now Google can keep up," says David Eustis, a software engineer for Google's Android OS. The ability to use the Facebook chat feature and access push notifications are now finally available on Android devices. The program that allows you to search for information, an option that came standard on your mobile device, has just been updated to help improve accuracy in searches. By launching a full-screen, wall-like page that is made up of miniature versions of all of your app’s icons, AppWall creates a visual overview of every application that you own. This time, the user can go straight ahead in using his chosen language as the app can automatically recognize it. One example is Spanish which has its own version in El Salvador, Mexico, Spain, and other countries.
See what the fuss is all about and check out the recent update, which is now available in the Android Market.

It includes a “Personalized Recognition” option that, if enabled, will learn to recognize your speech patterns over time. You are able to click on any of these icons from this page for quick and easy access to any app in your library.
Aside from the inclusion of new features, this update doesn’t go far beyond a few minor tweaks and bug fixes.
It may take some time for these accuracy improvements to become obvious, but they are said to become more noticeable with time. The rest of the language choices will become secondary after the user has tapped on the other four.
Of course, there's nothing wrong if one has a single primary language and a single secondary language.

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