Voter ID is a crucial document for all Indian nationals for not only casting their votes but is also used as a common ID proof at various occasions.  A voter ID for you means that you are a legal citizen of India and have the right to choose your elected representative in the government. The process for registration of a voter ID card can be both online as well as offline depending upon the facilities available in respective states.  As a matter of fact, registering online is much convenient and easier than using the offline process of registering for voter ID.
However, in remote areas, where people and officials do not have access to computers and internet, the obvious mode of registration is through the office of electoral officer. Note:  Even if you are not able to upload all the documents in the first go, you can still submit the application online and furnish the documents in hard copy to your Booth Level Electoral officer.
Getting registered in electoral list is quite crucial and is a moral responsibility for all Indian nationals above the age of 18 years in order to cast your vote.  If you have not yet applied for your voter ID, please do so by following the above processes. Dear sir, We have submitted self & wife Voter Card for Correction form 8 on 6th December 2013, but still no voter ID Card is delivered to the given address or it is found in the voter list. RESPECTED SIR; my voter id card not come to my address . Sir last few months back already I apply for a voter card by online its nearly 5months still I didnt recieve my voter card.pls help how is it.
Voter ID card or the Electors Photo Identity Card also known as the EPIC Card is issued by The Election Commission of India to any citizen of India who is 18 years of age and above. If I did not receive my voter id card, the first thing that will come to my mind to do is check which stage is it stuck on. The first step is to visit your respective state CEO or Chief Election Officer’s website, every state Election Officer is responsible for the Voter ID Card for each state. After you are on the State CEO’s website, look for “Know Your Status Application” or “Know Your Status” on the website. In most cases, the Status of your application will say ‘Verification in Progress’, ideally, this status will change over time but sometimes it remains the same and in this case you need to take further action and head to the Local ERO or Election Registration Officer. In a few cases, if the status of your application is showing “Negative” even after a long wait for months, then you must the ERO. If your verification is done and it takes more than 2-3 months for you to receive your Voter ID Card, it is an issue you have to look into, either your application has a problem or it is stuck in transit. Under Process or Distribution in Progress- If your status shows Under Process or distribution in progress then it is advisable to wait for some more time to Get Voter ID Card.
We hope this article was helpful and will help you find the appropriate solution to Get Voter ID Card. Often times while filling in an application form for issuing a document, many people tend to make mistakes in filling in the credentials of their name, date of birth etc. The process of Correction in Voter ID Card can be very painstaking if one is unaware of how to go about it. The four steps are broke down to the four kinds of information you need to fill in to get the Voter ID Card Correction Online. The first step, of filling Form 8 is Applicant’s Details, in this, you will be required to fill in your personal details such as name, surname, date of birth etc. The Second Step for Correction in Voter ID Card includes filling in the details of your current place of resident. In the third step, you have to fill in the details of the Voter ID you have issued whether from this constituency or any other constituency.
In this step you will also be required to upload in scanned copies of your identity card, Address Proof and you photograph.
You must also keep the original copies of all these documents handy, until the verification is done. Then, you also have to fill in your personal details like your mobile number, email id and also address on which the further communication will take place. This is how you can get Correction in Voter ID Card for Wrong Father’s name, for other such helpful articles on Voter ID feel free to explore the site.
In the wake of trying to find answers to difficult questions, the most basic questions go unanswered like what are Voter ID Cards? The Voter ID Card or Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is issued by the Election Commission of India with the main purpose of serving as a common age proof, Identity proof and address proof for casting votes. The Election Commission of India has been making continual efforts to make the process of Election more and more voter-friendly as possible, in an attempt to increase accuracy of the electoral rolls and to prevent fraud, in 1993; the Election Commission ordered the issuance of Photo Identity Cards or Voter ID Cards for all the people in the country.
In 2000, to make full use of the latest technological development, the Election Commission of India revised the guidelines of the Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) program. There are three simple steps to get Voter ID Card beginning with the application, followed by checking the status, verification and ends with checking your name in the electoral list. The Election Commission, in efforts to make the process of getting a Voter ID Card more voters friendly has started both an online and offline process. Once you have put in the application for Voter ID Card and have correctly registered for it. Just like any other thing or piece of document can get misplaced or lost so can the Voter ID card but unlike other documents it is very easy to get a duplicate Voter ID Card after it has been lost. Voter ID Cards have become increasingly important not only for casting vote but also for a person’s identity as a citizen of India. After Transfer of Job to a new city, there are plenty of changes that one needs to make in their existing government documents, it can be a tedious process if one is unaware of what to change and how to change it. Along with both step-wise procedures of online and offline Voter Id change of address, you will find a few important links which are necessary for Voter ID address change. To make the process of change of any information in the voter Id convenient the Election Commission of India has made provisions wherein a voter can apply for correction of details within the comfort of their home.
In this step, the person has to fill in personal details like name, surname, father’s name, date of birth. In this step, you have to enter the details of your current address which will we be used for further communication purposes. The scanned copy of address proof should be kept handy as it will be to be required later in the process.
If you have issued a Voter Id Card from that particular constituency or any other constituency, details of the same should be filled in. This the most important part of the process of Voter ID Change of Address is this one, carefully check out the box against ‘Address’ just like shown in the image below. The voter ID change of Address for transfer of a job to a new city is very simple and hassle-free both online and offline. This becomes a scenario of chaos and confusion because people are quite unaware of the steps to proceed further in getting their names included in the list. The first and foremost requirement, to be able to vote is that your name should be present in the Electoral roll (i.e.
As an elector, it is required to check whether your name has been included in the Voter ID List of the constituency where you reside. Even if your voter id card is missing, provisions have been designed in such a way as to allow you to vote.
Please note that if your name has not been registered in the relevant part for the area of residence of your Assembly Constituency, then you will not be allowed to vote. The Voter ID list or Electoral roll is a list of all eligible citizens who are entitled to cast their vote in an election. You can get your name included in the Voter ID list either during a door-to-door campaign by the authorized Government functionaries or you can apply online or visit your nearest ERO. Electoral rolls in all major cities have now been displayed on the respective official websites. A person living in a particular constituency can only get enrolled in that constituency and none other. Also, one’s name cannot feature in the Electoral Roll of more than one constituency at any point of time. Once you have verified that your name is there in the electoral roll and you also possess an identification document prescribed by the Election Commission (EPIC or others), you are entitled to vote.
Most of us are of the belief that Voter ID Card is mandatory to exercise the Indian Adult Franchise at the time of an election.
When elections are fast approaching, panic grips the minds of several residents who have not yet obtained their elector’s photo identity cards (EPIC) to vote. If the above question had been lingering in your mind so far, then the answer is “YES, you can vote even without Voter ID Card”. Though the Election Commission of India encourages the possession of Voter ID Card when casting your vote, however alternate means to help citizens cast their vote are also in place. In the first place, a person wishing to cast his vote must check if the name is present in the electoral roll. If you have been a registered voter, you name and other details will appear – So you are basically, eligible to vote.
The Election Commission authorizes the use of alternate proof documents for those people whose names are present in the voters list but do not possess an electoral photo identity card (EPIC).

As per the directions of the EC, a voter’s slip would be issued to every registered member of the electorate a few days before the polls. It is now clear that the Right to Secret Ballot can be accessed by every eligible Indian citizen in spite of the absence of EPIC.
We hope this article clarifies the doubt if a person can vote without voter id card and was helpful.
There are various reasons for any Voter ID Card holder to go for the name change on their EPIC – Marriage is one of those reasons.
It is very important to update your credentials in all the government related documents in order not to get stuck in any future verification related problems. If your name or surname is changed after marriage it is very much important to update your name in all your documents. Whichever case you may be, you will compulsorily need to fill in the Voter ID Corrections form i.e, Form 8. As a matter of first importance, ensure you have all the below-mentioned documents handy with you.
Similarly, you will need to have scanned copies of the last three documents mentioned above which are to be uploaded during Online Correction in Voter ID Card. Enter in you Full Name( in this case name that you obtained after marriage) , then full name along with surname will be displayed in your regional language.
Then punch in the part and the serial number of your entry in the electoral list or voter’s list. In Part 2 of the form, you will have to fill your current address along with the Pincode of the address you mention. After Part 3 you have to upload scanned copies of all the required documents like your recent Photograph, Photo ID card proof and Address Proof. In Part 4 you have to select the fields which you are willing to correct you can change one or more details as per your wish. Once submitted you will have to wait for about 60-90 days for the process to get to an end. And once the Voter ID Name Correction is done the corrected details can only be seen when the next voter’s list is published.
While the process remains the same as described above for the online part, you will have to fill the form physically and submit it along with the required documents to the nearest ERO. Each State has its own Election Commission and its own Website to provide better services ease. You can also know the Voter ID Card Status by directly inquiring with the customer care of their respective State Election Commission, and check for the Voter ID Status. After opening the State Election Commission’s website hit on Contact us and scroll down for toll-free numbers. This way you can correct your name in Voter ID Card after marriage, do follow above steps and get the correction done easily. People’s place of residents often changes owing to various reasons be it job, studies, new house or marriage.
The process of change of address in Voter ID Card has been made increasingly simple by the Election Commission of India. The Election Commission of India has also made a provision for the voters wherein they can apply for a Voter ID address change very conveniently by using the online services available, to fulfill the essential requirement for their application. Enter the address of the place where you live at currently this address will be used to communicate with you further. If you have previously issued a photo identity card from that particular constituency or any other you have to fill in information in this part. After you have successfully submitted the form, a confirmation page will appear on the screen. The Election Commission of India introduced FORM 8 in order that the process of correction of Voter Id can be smooth and be made effective enough to benefit the citizens. By these simple methods, one can make a Change of Address in Voter ID Card after marriage without any hassle. Aadhar Card Linking or Aadhar Seeding to the Voter ID card has now been suspended by the Election Commission of India following Supreme Court’s latest directions. Here’s, everything you need to know about the suspension of the linkage and the new Supreme Court direction. Supreme Court’s latest direction owing to which the Aadhar Card Seeding got suspended states that Aadhar Card cannot be made mandatory for availing any benefit due to a citizen. The Supreme Court, last year, once again made it clear that it is not mandatory for a citizen to have an Aadhar Card to avail any benefits which are otherwise due to a citizen. Lately, the Supreme Court had been dealing with a number of petitions which were against the push by the government to make Aadhar Card Mandatory and its increased use to avail the benefits of various schemes launched by the Government. In February 2015, the Election Commission of India launched the NERPAP which was the National Electoral Rolls Purification and Authentication Program, it was started with the backdrop of duplicate names, multiple entries, repeating images and repeating Voter ID card number.
From the beginning of this program, the Election Commission of India made it very clear it is not mandatory to link your Aadhar to your Voter ID Card and non-furnishing of the Aadhar will not lead to deletion of names from the electoral rolls. Now, with the Supreme Court orders, the Election Commission of India has issued directions to all the CEO’s to completely suspend the Aadhar Card seeding with Voter ID card. Assembly Elections are held every 5 years and Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) or Vidhan Sabha are elected.
According to the schedule released by Election Commission, the Assembly Election in the five states is to be held starting this month. The Rajya Sabha is an indirectly elected house of the Parliament; members of the Rajya Sabha are elected through the state legislative assembly.
For the passing of bills and making them into acts, the consent of both the house is essential in some cases. In the current situation, BJP has a huge majority in the Lok Sabha and more often than not decisions are unanimous and smooth in Lok Sabha, it is certainly not the case in Rajya Sabha, the agendas are often stalled in the Rajya Sabha.
The clear lack of a majority in the House has stalled Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s economic reform agendas and delayed passage of the Key Tax Bill, The Goods and Services Tax(GST) Bill.
About 17 million people will be eligible to vote in these five states and all these five states are ruled by BJP’s top rival, Congress Party. To allow for security forces to be deployed in strength to safeguard the election, voting in the five states will take place in phases between April 4 and May 16 – Chief Election Commissioner Syed Nasim Ahmad Zaidi told reporters.
Last month, a nationwide opinion poll published by the India Today magazine showed that Modi’s popularity hasn’t reduced since the last general elections but the nationalist alliance he is a part of might win with a reduced majority if general elections were held now and the Congress party would double its seat share.
No survey and polls have been carried out for the Upcoming Assembly Elections specifically. Assam is one of the best prospects for BJP where it is fighting on an anti-immigration plank while it is trailing in other states. Hence, these upcoming Assembly Elections are very important for BJP for BJP not only to have a majority in the Rajya Sabha but also maintain its image as the ruling party of the country. Voter card Delhi is available now online and motive is to save time and energy to be the quickest way to get your voter card Delhi.
If you want to apply offline, then download and fill Form-6 from the website and follow the given instructions on this link to fill Form 6. Ph-6, New Delhi-110047, my election card not reach in the house so pls sent as early as possiable. The Voter ID Card is not only used for the purpose of casting votes but also for identification and verification purposes. Note that every CEO website has different names for Know Your Status there also its positioning differs from one CEO Website to another, on some CEO web sites, the option is present on the menu bar while on some websites it’s present on the sidebar, you need to look closely for the option. One can also file and RTI or Right to Information to find out exactly where the problem is. To know where your application is you need to follow STEP 1 AND STEP 2, mentioned above to check the status of your Voter ID Card. This article will explain in detail all that you need to know for Voter ID Card Correction Online.
One must be very careful while filling this section in because more often than not mistakes are made in this section because this section is prone to spelling mistakes, mistakes in the date of birth, for example, filling in the wrong date, month or year. This post will be dedicated completely to explaining to you from where the Voter ID’s come from, what is their purpose and other such fundamental questions. The same Voter Id card can be used for different identification and verification purposes for example; a copy of the EPIC Card can be attached while applying for a passport.
This only goes on to make the process of getting a Voter ID Card more convenient as the voter can pick and choose anyone of the way which is convenient for them to go forward.
The most important and crucial change you need to make after transfer of a job to a new city is Voter ID change of address. One must be very careful while filling this section to avoid any errors in spellings of names and dates.

It is advisable to use a substantial address proof to fill in this part of Form 8 to avoid errors. In this section you will be required to upload scanned copies of your Photo, Identity proof and Address proof. After this, you simply have to fill in some minor details like place, date, mobile number and hit the submit button.
The same procedure can be applied for Voter ID Address Change in any other scenario as well.
At the core of democracy lies the Right to Vote and more importantly, the exercise of franchise by eligible citizens of the country. At the time of elections, there can be situations where citizens hold a valid Voter ID card, but their names do not appear in the Voter ID list.
But, if your name is missing in the Voter ID list, it is highly essential that you pay serious attention to including your name in the same. The date of this activity will be published by the Election Department or local political parties. They will be seen running from pillar to post in order to obtain them from the administration.
The electoral roll is a list of registered voters maintained by each of the 543 constituencies across the country. By clicking on it, you will be directed to the corresponding page which gives option on How to search Voter List – Name wise or Voter ID Number wise. Once you submit this form, if your name is present on the list, you will be getting all details along with voter ID number. All that needed is to just send an SMS to a number and you will get the status through SMS. After marriage the residential address of either individuals or both could changes (maybe due to shifting to a new house, city taking a bigger house etc.), this means that one will have to change their address on all government documents, this includes Change of Address in Voter ID Card as well.
You must also keep an Address proof handy which will be useful to you later in this process. The Supreme Court has issued strict instructions to the CEO of all states regarding this new direction. The Supreme Court has also directed the Government to give wide publicity in the electronic and print media including radio and television Networks that it is not mandatory to have an Aadhar Card.
The Bench of Supreme Court might have considered the ‘Right to Privacy’ as a fundamental right, the larger bench made it clear that it is not mandatory to have an Aadhar Card.
The major objective of this initiative of the Election Commission of India was to link and authenticate the Voter ID card date of the voters (EPIC) to the Aadhar Card (UIDAI). Despite this CEO’s of many states excessively publicized it and people got an impression that linking of the Aadhar is mandatory and not linking Aadhar card will lead to deletion of names. The directions stated that all the linking activity stands suspended and no more Aadhar Card numbers will be collected from the electors by any election authority.
The assembly elections in all the states and union territories in India are not carried out at the same time. The Upcoming Assembly Elections are very important for the BJP at the centre because these elections can help the BJP Government headed by Mr. But the process to obtain one i.e registration etc becomes tedious and elaborate sometimes. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript!
Keeping this in mind the Election Commission of India devised a way by which one could make Correction in Voter ID not only simply but also within the comfort of their homes through Voter ID Card Correction Online. In the attempt to make the process of correction n voter ID card voter-friendly, the Election Commission of India introduced Voter ID Card Correction Online. Voter ID address change is a very simple process which can be done both online and offline, this article will walk you through all the procedures you would need to follow for Voter ID Change of Address.
Prior to going ahead to cast your vote, it is compulsory that your name is present on this list. It is just one of the many documents that can be used as proof in allowing a citizen to cast his vote. Casting your vote marks one of the true forms of democracy and can make a huge difference for the future of the nation. You can apply for Voter ID Online, check its status online, and can do Voter ID Name Correction and more Online if entered wrong information or errors in spellings and so on during the procedure of enrolment.
The removal of all the material from the websites of Aadhar Seeding, withdrawal of all publicity events regarding the Aadhar Seeding as well as issuing new publicity regarding this specific order of the Election Commission of India.
Earlier this month, the Election Commission announced Upcoming Assembly Elections in 5 states; Tamil Nadu, Kerala, and Puducherry in the South, and Assam and West Bengal in the East.
Kindly inform me about the pffice, it’s address, form to be filled and documents required to be submitted. The first being the simplest online method and the second one is registering personally by visiting the Local Election Officer. If you are searching for Voter ID Name Correction after marriage then you are in the right place. Bihar was known for its centre of power, learning and culture in Ancient India.Patna is the capital of Bihar lies at the bank on River Ganga.
Many-a-times there are cases where the voter does not Get Voter ID Card and it never reaches the verification stage and there are also cases, on the other hand, where the voter does not Get Voter ID even after Verification. Keep scanned copies of the address proof ready as it will be required later on in the process.
This process o name correction after marriage is a very common issue and the article below gives you the easiest method of doing it. Earlier it is known by the name of Patliputra which is also the birth place of The Mauryan Emperor, Ashoka. While looking back in history one would find that Bihar was a centre of power, learning and culture in ancient and classical India. In this article, it is explained what steps one needs to take in case one did not receive Voter ID card India. For centuries it was the principal seat of imperial powers and the main focus of Indian culture and civilization.
You can also check your voter id card Delhi status on the website and that too in a matter of seconds.
The derivation of the name Bihar from the Sanskrit vihara (Buddhist monastery) reflects the prominence of such communities in the region in ancient times. You can also do Voter ID Card Status Check whether errors in your card have been fixed and new card has been updated. In such cases, you must take further action to get your voter card.As the state Chief Electoral Officer for each state takes care of the election cards, you to need to approach the state’s election commission website to check the status of your ID card. Himalayas in the north significantly influence Bihar’s landforms, climate, hydrology and culture. 6 Identity Cards Indian Politicians Indian Politics Online Voter Card Online Voter Form No.
If you find that the status is negative even after waiting for months you should visit the local Electoral Officer of your state. However, in case you are still not able to get the card, you can file a Right To Information (RTI) to know where the hitch lies.Today, about 100 percent of the voters have got their electoral card. In other words, you can check the status of your Voter ID by going online.Here’re some tips on how to check why you’ve not yet received your election card.Not Received your Voter ID Card even after a long time? How much time does it take to get Election Card?Applying for voter card is not that time consuming as you just need to go online, login, and fill in the required form. Generally, it takes about 9 months to get voter’s ID card if you go through the traditional process of going to the booth level officer or local election commission office.However, you can get your card within a month if you apply online. In fact, voters are expected to get the cards within no time as the entire system has now been digitized.
The members of this board research on every possible information about Voter ID Card in India, speak to concerned Government Officials and verify the authenticity and accurateness of all Voter ID Card related information. Required fields are marked *CommentName * Email * Notify me of follow-up comments by email.
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