Wal-Mart has publicly launched Straight Talk, a new no-contract wireless service that offers unlimited talking for just $45 per month. Wal-Mart’s $45 monthly plan includes unlimited calling, texting, and data with the plan.
The retailer is working with TracFone, a company known for its prepaid devices, and the two companies first began testing their joint pilot program in 234 stores in 2008. Not bad, but if it is anything like Tracfone, the web browsing capabilities will be extremely limited.
The problem with this is the limited selection of phones at quite high prices (for a prepaid service). Straight Talk is running on Verizon's network and Towers which has been voted the best network in the USA, and I must say that I've got far better reception on Straight Talk now than I had on my old Sprint contract. I really appreciate the savings, of course, but not having those awful and undecipherable bills has been a great stress-reducer. Getting a phone of my choice without branding (including some nasty things like buttons you easily press and get rewarded by a pricey connection ) or other crippling. Additionally, most phones that are bundled with prepaid contracts are basic models, so such a bundle isn't a very attractive option, IMO. Around here there are tons of shady shops that will happily unlock any perpaid simlocked phone for a couple of euro's. Use any unlocked phone that is able to use the network of the provider of choice (99% of current phones are) and buy the SIM card.
Same around here, but it can still be legal to have your simlocked subscription phone unlocked in said shady shops. In addition to that, it can also be very very beneficial if you can change the IMEI number if you never want ot be traced. As some have asked here, Straight Talk uses the Verizon calling network that in turn provides excellent calling coverage and areas. Register in 10 seconds, pick a username, enter your mail address and proof you're human, that's all!
The LG Optimus Black, LGP970, comes with a free $20 rebate from us, free shipping from Straight Talk and we have a review on the LG Optimus Black, also known as the LG P970, Black Optimus by LG. The LG Optimus Q, comes with a free $15 rebate from us, not available from Walmart cell phones, and free shipping from Straight Talk. The LG Optimus Zip is one of the best new Straight Talk Android powered, Verizon network powered, smart phones offered in 2012 from Straight Talk.
Finally, the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim, is probably the most popular, best new Android powered, Verizon network powered, smart phone coming out from Straight Talk this year. Because there are no long-term contracts required, getting started with Straight Talk is very easy.
Regardless of which plan you choose, there is no fee to activate the Straight Talk service and no roaming charges.
Straight Talk phones and service plans are available at over 3,000 participating WalMart retailers nationwide. In the past I think that potential customers where put off using Tracfone’s cheap plans because their phones were rather basic.
Tracfone – Straight Talk also now has international calling which is another great advantage on an already cheapest unlimited everything plan of $45 of theirs.
So it seams as though the masses are being drawn more and more towards no contracts, low prices, reliable coverage on the major networks which is what Tracfone, Net10 and Straight Talk offer.

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE….ALL CELL PHONE CARRIERS HAVE HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE BUT THIS ONE IS THE PITS! I guess I am lucky because I have yet to have to deal with customer service for anything other than establishing my service for the first time. Straight customer service is a total joke have fun understanding them and waiting for long waits on the phone i mean long waits and hope they dont doulbe charge u on the straight talk website when buying a phone cause u will play hell getting ur money back for the over charge!!!!
Advertiser Disclosure: This site may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on links posted on this website.
Editorial Disclosure: This content is not provided or commissioned by the bank, credit card issuer, or other advertiser. Disclaimer: The content on this site is for informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice. It's nationwide too so I don't need roaming nor do I have to pay any extra for long distance.
I believe this means that you can use it with any carrier, but that still may not be the case with a prepaid carrier. With a prepaid contract, I have two options:Use any unlocked phone that is able to use the network of the provider of choice (99% of current phones are) and buy the SIM card. Best thing of all is that you don't breach any contract whatsover, since you didn't sign any contract in the first place. I used to drop calls all the time with my previous major carrier and now, I have yet to miss one. Dubbed the thinnest smart phone, the Optimus Black, LG P970, is the best Android smart phone Straight Talk currently has to offer. The reviews for the Samsung Galaxy Proclaim ended early in July for a short time because Straight Talk ran out of stock. There are also some great mid-level smart phones available including the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, the Huawei Ascend II, the Nokia E5 and the ZTE Merit 990g. You simply pick your phone, transfer your existing cell phone number over or get a new one, and pick your plan. This plan includes 1,000 nationwide minutes, 1,000 texte messages, 30MB of data transfer for data phones and 411 at no additional charge for 30 days.
The terms and conditions prohibit “uploading, downloading or streaming of audio or video programming or games.” In other words, no Internet radio.
Straight Talk offers handsets from the leading manufacturers such as Motorola, Nokia, LG and Samsung. By no means is it as easy, or convenient, as walking into a mall, activating your phone and walking away with it working. 6 weeks and still no money so far I have turn the matter over to my credit card company for this issue, i feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with them on any kinda of a refund , i like their smart phones and what they can do but if u need help have fun i cant ever understand them and its overseas that make it real great!!!!! Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of the bank, credit card issuer, or other advertiser, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the advertiser. You have to purchase the phone, but the plans are very reasonable like: 1000 talk and 1000 text for $30 and most minutes must be added every month. Many people say Sprint has limited coverage and that which they do have (both pcs & boost mobile) sucks!
After 24 months, you can request an unlock code from the provider for free, if you don't want to wait that long, you have to pay 100 Euro (140 USD) for the unlock code. If you can connect to a network with a completely random IMEI number, that would be very awesome!

I was even able to carry over my phone number, but not as my contacts - Straight Talk does not allow you to carry over contacts at this point.
Back in stock, in August and September 2012, the Proclaim which is from the Galaxy line by Samsung, comes with free shipping from Straight Talk and from us, a free $15 rebate, not available from Walmart cell phones,.
You can register a credit or debit card with Walmart, and they will automatically renew your plan every month for as long as you want.
Further, data access is limited to use of the Internet to programs loaded by Straight Talk and Walmart on the handset. The cost ranges from a low of about $10 for a phone like a reconditioned LG 620G to $180 for an LG Optimus Q. Just keep in mind there ARE other companies offering similar deals with different phones so you are best served by comparison shopping these prepaid offers. Their incredibly well priced deal makes up for any minor issues - I'm saving more than $50 a month with the ST $45 unlimited use plan. If you use up all your minutes or texts before the 30 days are up, you can pay $30 dollars to refill on the Internet or by phoning Straight Talk directly. To further this sentiment; what other company will offer seniors a phone for $15, and a service plan for less than $7 a month, and Still score so highly with consumer satisfaction?
I finally got one i did not want but had no other choice, called to get my number from my straight talk phone to a new straight talk phone and minutes…its been 24 hrs and still a no go.
I know other prepaid companies offer a similair type of deal, but the benefits with Straight Talk just seemed to be the right fit for me.
This is actually out right to do this so when you do call demand to speak to someone in the united states of america. Good simple, basic phone and I am only paying $30 a month for 1000 minutes, which is more than I need.
Might eventually venture to a smart phone once I get comfortable with them or if I find a good intro phone to expose me to what smartphones have to offer. StraightTalk does offer one of the lowest prices for an unlimited plan, and yes, they have the phone variety, ranging from around $30-$200. Please ask we all have rights and you can’t get proper service from someone who does not understand english.
They will email you about a week before your cut off date and daily until you add more time. Tracfone offers me connectivity for under $10 a month, with good coverage off Verizon or AT&T.
If you have money to do this then you do save a few dollars more every month this way.Ad ReplyWas this helpful?Helpful? But if you go that route, you will need to buy a straight talk Sim card as the other poster said.
I myself made the mistake of buying a sprint phone before thinking it took a Sim card, but it didn't.Ad ReplyWas this helpful?Helpful? If you're looking to get a plan for just yourself and do not intend to utilize the $25 addtnl line offered by the Walmart Service, then you can go with StraightTalk. Also offered at Walmart, StraightTalk is the same monthly rate of $45 for unlimited talk and text.

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