Couple of weeks ago, Huawei has announced that its first Windows Phone 8 smartphone will be launched in the U.S.
The phone can be paired with Straight Talk’s $45 unlimited plan and $65 unlimited international plan. The $65 unlimited international plan includes unlimited international calling that’s as of May 1 limited to some extent. However, for those who sign up to Walmart and T-Mobile Family Mobile plan before March 17, 5GB of unthrottled data will be granted but only until the end of March. Even though data on unlimited $45 Family Mobile plan gets throttled, still, this is a good offer.

As far as choice of phones offered with Walmart and T-Mobile Family Mobile plan is concerned, a basic flip phone Samsung T139, QWERTY slider Samsung T369 and Android smartphone LG Optimus One are available. The $45 plan includes unlimited talk, text and data throttled on case-by-case bases, meaning, carrier evaluates data usage for each customer and throttles those that they find are excessive data users.
What was unlimited international calling to mobile phones in Mexico is now only 400 minutes per month. The plan starts at $45 a month for unlimited talk, text and data plus $35 for each additional line.
Family members still have access to internet; they won’t be cut off or charged for overuse.

So, just as announced, Huawei W1 (H883G) can now be purchased at Walmart’s website for $229.99 and it’s compatible with Straight Talk’s prepaid service. Calling international landline numbers in 37 countries is still unlimited but only for the 15 unique numbers. However, unlimited is not truly unlimited in all aspects, but at least users are not misled.

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