Best Cell Phone Service 2016 - Plans, Coverage and Support For most people, picking a wireless carrier comes down to one simple question: Who provides the best coverage in my area? The $15 Prepaid Basic Phone Plan includes 300 minutes talk and 300 text and unlimited data high-speed data. See detailed information about coverage in your area by searching Verizon coverage map. Verizon carrier has a plan called "The Verizon Plan" which includes unlimited calls and text for several devices and also a monthly data plan (single lines options are offered too). AT&T have also a prepaid plans and family mobile plans via their Go service and vie their Cricket subsidiary.

Here's the pricing scheme: You pay $20 a month for unlimited calls, texting, mobile hotspot usage, and international coverage. Project Fi is available only in limited areas in the US, and it works only on the Nexus 6 phone, which is made by Motorola.
T-Mobile and AT&T let you roll over unused data to the next month, but you still have to pay the full price for that data regardless of whether you end up using it. There aren't any immediate plans to open Project Fi to other devices like the iPhone quite yet. And if Project Fi or something like it grows big enough, it could entice big carriers like AT&T and Verizon to offer more-consumer-friendly pricing plans, too.

Google is also using Sprint and T-Mobile's networks to host the data, but Sprint and T-Mobile generally have poorer coverage compared with AT&T and Verizon.

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