Your phone will be shipped same day if you order before 3 PM Pacific time, and the next business if you order after 3 PM.
Your phone will arrive in a sturdy box and include a complimentary wall charger and phone battery.
Refurbished: With a refurbished cell phone, customers get a phone in pristine condition with manual and box. Excellent: With a phone in excellent condition, customers get a phone that show very little sign of use. SIMs can be freely moved from phone to phone, so some cell phone providers lock the software in their phones to prevent transfer of the cards to a new phone or carrier. This is a potential security risk - please set the right user permissions on this file (read-only, CHMOD 644 or 444 are typical). You may not know that you can use any cell phone you want with your existing carrier and phone plan. All the phones undergo strict inspection and quality assurance process that ensures each phone is in excellent working condition.
This means that the phone will work with any SIM card carrier in the United States or around the world.

You determine how quickly your order will arrive by selecting USPS, FedEx, or UPS shipping speed. International orders must be validated, usually with a follow up phone call, in order to prevent fraud.
All of our cell phones are guaranteed to be 100 percent functional and are sold with a 30 day warranty on functionality. Upgrade to any phone of equal or lesser price as many times as you want for just $9.95 per month. After passage of the DMCA, it was unclear whether the freely available software on the Net for breaking these locking schemes was legal. All of our phones are sold without a contract and is guaranteed to work with your current plan for . All you have to do is pick a phone for your carrier and you can start using the phone you have just purchased. If you encounter any problems there is a 30 day unconditional guarantee for a return or replacement. While all of our phones leave our warehouse in great shape, even the best phones wear out over time.

There are marks and scratches and the phone has an old feel to it but a phone in this condition still functions properly.
Now, the copyright office has sanctioned the practice, siding with consumers who wanted the freedom to change carriers without buying a new phone. If your carrier uses CDMA technology (no SIM card), like Verizon or Sprint, the phone?s electronic serial number has been cleared and ready for activation instantly. For UPS and FedEx orders, we'll give you an exact arrival date depending on how quickly you want your phone. Pay a low monthly fee to protect your phone against electronic breakdown, or other problems that you encounter.
Seriously, since when do these arrogant providers think that they can limit use by the consumer?

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