Probably the most useful thing to know about the Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) is that it is an international standard. Using TDMA, a narrow band that is 30 kHz wide and 6.7 milliseconds long is split time-wise into three time slots.
TDMA is the access method used by GSM, as well as the Electronics Industry Alliance and the Telecommunications Industry Association for Interim Standard 54 (IS-54) and Interim Standard 136 (IS-136).
GSM operates in the 900 MHz band (890 MHz - 960 MHz) in Europe and Asia and in the 1900 MHz (sometimes referred to as 1.9 GHz) band in the United States. One of the central tenets of the pro-vaccine world is that correlation does not imply causation – but it is misused and frequently abused by many writers. Conflating causation and correlation is somewhat different than the logical fallacy of post hoc ergo propter hoc, where one thinks one event follows the first event because of the existence of the first event.
So when you read an article in one of the antivaccination sites that X number of girls died because of the HPV vaccine, or that because the rate of autism has increased while the number of vaccines has increased, the increased vaccination caused the increased rate of autism, immediately, one of us (you know, the pro-science skeptics) will proclaim correlation does not imply causation. So how do we know if correlation does not imply causation – alternatively, when do we know it does imply it?
If you only knew just HOW ignorant that belief is…but you probably love your thoughts and cling to the things you put in your head and therefor dont learn things.
Autism is immediately caused by failure to recognize subtle emotional responses that appear on peoples faces that normal people take for granted. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Subscription Options:Please DonateBecause this website has moved from hobby to very expensive hobby, and I require more and more server power, anything you can contribute would be appreciated. If you need a real medical diagnosis and treatment, seek out a licensed medical practitioner who has been well-versed in evidence- and science-based medicine. More than 9,000 students visited the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) on its "Open Day" on Monday. September 26 is observed as the foundation day of Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in its constituent national laboratories. Sure enough, they had a hard task simplifying concepts like DNA fingerprinting, the world of RNA, mouse as a human disease model, embryonic stem cells, cloning, cell membranes, chromosome defects etc. Lab facilities like automated DNA sequencing, micro-array DNA sequencing, green house growth and electron microscopy were explained to them. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Senate Passes Cell Phone Unlocking Bill, What Does It All Mean For You And Your Cell Phone Plan? The Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act sounds like a mouthful, perhaps too much to care about, but it’s going to change the way you do business with your cell phone company. Before this law was amended, you could not switch phone companies and continue to use your cell phone from a different carrier.
This means wireless providers can treat you unfairly and do whatever they please, but if you are unhappy and want to switch services, you can’t take your phone with you, unless you want to go to jail. On February 25, 2014, the house passed the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act into law. The whole reason unlocking cell phones became illegal in the first place has to do with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, specifically a part titled “Section 1201.” Instituted in 1998, the DMCA is poorly written and criminalizes seemingly unrelated acts, thus taking away consumer freedoms. According to Tim O’Reilly, “Section 1201 of the DMCA takes away critical rights from owners of consumer electronics. Since the Library of Congress is elected to protect the rights of everyday Americans, and not big corporate interests, they are fast to fight this off. The CTIA gives another defense for keeping the ‘unlock’ law in place, warning that unlocked cell phones will increase the ease of stealing and selling smartphones.
If you want to switch carriers for any reason at all, you can switch without buying a new phone.
Those excited about the law changes can thank Sina Khanifar, the man behind the movement to stop the ban on unlocked cell phones. A clear improvement from before when cell phones were 100% illegal to unlock, there are still 5 key problems with the current unlock act. Since cell phone carriers seem reluctant to follow along with the new rules, the FCC is being pushed to continually check up on providers and see if they are making it easy for customers to have their phones unlocked.
Some service providers will still not allow you to unlock your device unless your service plan has spanned the entire 2-years and the contract is now expired. While the new act asks the Library of Congress to make an exception and include other mobile devices in its law, as of now it does not. Anything that increases competition and makes customer retention more difficult is clearly not going to be loved and adored by any brand trying to make money and keep down costs.
We just get rid of tobacco and the horses’ proctums weasel in E-Cigaretts through loop-holes!
BPA is one of the highest-volume chemicals produced worldwide and is everywhere from baby and water bottles to eyeglasses, toys, cell phones, food containers and even the lining of food and beverage cans!
Greater than 90% of Americans have BPA IN THEIR URINE because it leaches out of containers into food we eat – and there already has been a copious amount of research on its effects. Verified animal studies and confirmation to what is seen in humans is all we CAN do, and in this case should be enough. Multiple studies reveal obvious trend for significant increased risk of acoustic neuroma, glioma, or meningioma in > than 10 year users despite variable designs and methods. 13 countries, 10 years, 5117 brain tumor cases – elevated risk for glioma, dose related to phone use. Merely 50 minutes exposure to active cell phone increases glucose metabolism in cells closest to antenna. Cell phone radiation known to alter structure of chromatin-a complex of DNA which regulates gene expression to prevent damage. Mobile phone use has skyrocketed in last 10 years – subscriptions nearly 7 Billion at the end of 2014, making it more pertinent than ever to resolve this debate.
Way back around 1976 the sweetener cyclamate was shown with a possible link to cancer which prompted the FDA to ban it; but, not before it had spurred an investigation into the only other sweetener, saccharin. In 2006 a huge NIH-AARP study of aspartame looked at over 1100 cancers over 5 years in almost a half-million people and found no relation to cancer. Between 1993 and 2006 the agricultural health study (AHS) of 84,000 Iowa and North Carolina farmers and their wives showed the results I mentioned; so, in 2013 their study directed specifically prostate cancer and the effort paid off for four of the compounds but not others. And, a HUGE part of the problem is that even when we might find 10 farmers in a row with a particular cancer – the chances of them having only been in contact with a single pesticide is almost ZERO. Differing opinions are what we are left with in the scientific community which leaves the rest of us confused and scratching our heads.
Right now all pesticides are tested for general toxicity, and most linked to cancer in animals have been banned. Verdict: Plausible in people with high exposure levels (farmers and pesticide applicators), but unlikely in consumers with very low levels of exposure. Even though almost 30 years of studies seem to corroborate each other that exposure to the low-frequency magnetic fields which power lines put out DOES increase the incidence of childhood leukemia there is still no understood mechanism of how it could do it.
A second study pooling data from 15 studies showed leukemia doubled when exposure was greater than only 0.3 ?T. The styling of the Pediatric House Calls web site is undergoing extensive modification so be sure and check back frequently to see new things. There are several ways to obtain a feed of all the House Calls blog posts, articles and forum activity.
It's difficult to locate 'benefactors' for a medical site which don't suggest a conflict of interest of some sort. If you own or manage an organization interested simply in providing free education about the health of children and don't have an "agenda" or expectation for endorsement, please, contact us.
No portions of this site or its contents may be used without the express permission of Corporate Medical Consulting either with or without monetary gain.
Vrijdag is er opnieuw een bericht naar buiten gebracht over een man die geelektrocuteerd is door het laden van zijn iPhone. De twee gevallen van elektrocutie lijken beiden veroorzaakt door opladers van een derde partij. Gebruik wel vaak merkloze goedkope kabeltjes uit China (DealExtreme) maar nooit laders ofzo, meer dan de originele lader die bij het product zit heb je niet nodig toch?
Goedkoop is duurkoop op de lange termijn, daar zijn helaas deze twee Chinesen op tragische wijze achter gekomen (Er vanuit gaande dat het inderdaad namaak laders betrof). Conclusie van dat onderzoek: iedere oplader van een bekend merk (Apple, Samsung, HP) is prima, opladers die uiterlijk op die van Apple willen lijken, moet je links laten liggen.
Dit is wel de ideale manier om alle concurrentie van iPhone-laders in een klap uit het veld te slaan.
Waarschijnlijk heeft de afscherming van de lader, die moet zorgen voor duidelijk scheiding van netstroom in en zwakke stroom uit, niet goed gefunctioneerd waardoor 220 Volt op de iPhone is komen te staan. Blijkbaar zijn aardlekschakelaars niet verplicht in China, of de aardlekschakelaar was defect.

Stroom is een gevolg van spanning die staat tussen twee punten waartussen een weerstand wordt geplaatst, volgens de wet van ohm: stroom (in ampere) = spanning (in volt) gedeeld door weerstand (in ohm). Een mens die met zijn huid tegen een punt komt waar (hoge) spanning op staat, vormt een weerstand dus gaat er een stroom lopen van die vingers naar het andere punt, meestal de aarde. Als de spanning laag is, bijvoorbeeld van een batterij, dan kan er normaliter door de toch wel redelijk hoge weerstand van de menselijke huid, nimmer een stroom gaan lopen die het hart zal verstoren.
Overigens; hier al eens gemeld maar mijn iPad adapter (een echte Apple) explodeerde na 5 minuten na uit de doos halen. Een man in China ligt al tien dagen op de intensive care in coma nadat hij een schok kreeg tijdens het opladen van zijn iPhone.
The above photo shows a real iPhone charger (left) and a counterfeit (right); the two chargers are almost identical, down to the green dot. De foto bij het artikel is trouwens puur illustratief en heeft niets met deze zaak te maken.
Ik heb genoeg joepie toepie netadapters gehad die afscheid namen met een flits en een flinke pets, maar de behuizing was na die gebeurtenis nog volledig intakt. He, volgens mij zat jij niet in de zaal tijdens het college aan de TU Twente toen dit gebeurde. Tuurlijk joh, laat ik eens doodgaan door electrocutie, wellicht krijgen mijn nabestaanden dan gratis een nieuwe lader van EUR 1,99. Mocht jij pas spreken van een explosie als je brokstukken hebt dan heb ik nieuws voor je; wat er gebeurt in de cylinders van een auto is ook een explosie. Heel logisch als een batterij maar een bapaalde hoeveelheid energie aankan en er gaat op de een of andere manier meer in dan de bedoeling was dan leid dit tot een explosie. De goedkope versie van een lader is meestal niet CE gekeurd en kan dus een kampvuurtje opleveren. If you travel in Europe and many other parts of the world, GSM is the only type of cellular service available. I’m sure all good luck charms and superstitions, like walking under a ladder, are related to the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy.
In our imaginary study, we find that the rate of automobile accidents with a child in the back seat after a child is vaccinated is higher than the background rate of automobile accidents with children in the back seat who aren’t vaccinated. Like everything in science there is more to the understanding of relationship between correlation and causation than simply dismissing it.
We know that the smallpox vaccine eradicated smallpox, not because we had direct evidence of causality between the vaccine and the eradication of smallpox, it’s because we had overwhelming correlation along with other types of direct evidence that established causality. There are seven additional tests of the correlation data that could be used to move a finding of correlation between two sets of data from an unknown causal relationship to a presumed one.
If one observes correlation, to establish causation the increase in risk has to be substantial. If one shows data that could imply causation, it must be consistent across a number of studies with different populations (gender, ethnicity, income, age).
That is, one can show that as you consume or receive more of X, the specific Y response increases. If we look at smoking again, the early researchers could show a plausible mechanistic link between an inhaled carcinogen and malignant change in the lung’s cells. Other types of evidence, like experimental ones in other models, ought to support the causality. But when one gathers other evidence, that requires separate studies and analysis, correlation becomes one of the fundamental pieces of evidence that establish causality. One just can’t state that they see an observed correlation, then immediately state that one causes the other.
And if a researcher, or some random person on the internet, wants to establish causation from correlation, then they need to provide a lot more evidence.
It has been completely revised and updated to include more comprehensive information, to improve readability and to add current research. Spent years in academics, business development, research, and traveling the world shilling for Big Pharma. But, when trying to find out the cause for serious diseases such as autism and neurological diseases in adults… correlation should definitely justify serious investigation. No one should receive a medical diagnosis or treatment recommendation over the internet in any case.
They can provide an appropriate diagnosis, then discuss your particular medical treatment options.
Once again, all decisions about vaccines should be done after a discussion with a licensed healthcare practioner who utilizes evidence-based medicine. CCMB scientists, Ph.D scholars and administrative staff took them on a guided tour through the various lab facilities and the projects undertaken in the centre. Francis Junior and Degree colleges, and VV College eagerly asked questions on the exhibits. Everybodys talking about unlocked cell phones, but no- one is taking the time to describe what it really means. This new law allows users to ‘unlock’ their phones and take them over to any service carrier they want. In order to use your phone through a different service provider you must have the phone unlocked.
People that needed to unlock a phone for financial or travel reasons risked up to 5 years jail time doing so.
Even if your phone was fully paid for and your contract was canceled or no longer in effect, the phone was not to be unlocked and used through any other service. In 2009, Texas Instruments threatened to sue 3 different bloggers after they each wrote about ways you can “reverse-engineer” aTI-83 Plus calculator so that it runs a completely different operating system. One member of the Library of Congress spoke out about their decision to leave the law alone, Gayle Osterberg, said that her team of congress kept the cell law the same because they believed cell phone providers could be trusted to take care of when and when not to unlock their phones.
Even though the law has now passed, he remains busy making sure that Congress renews the exemptions for tablets and other devices. If on a whim you decide to travel abroad and unlock your own device, it is still considered a felony punishable with up to 5 years in prison.
If a long and tedious process is asked of all customers that want their phone unlocked, this isn’t useful and shouldn’t be accepted. Every company is different; you will have to read the fine print to find out what your cell phone service offers (Read More). Only phones can be unlocked, no smart watches or tablets are included in the current unlock bill. Therefore, it’s no surprise that cell phone carriers like AT&T and Verizon were slow to come to an agreement about changing the law so that cell phones can legally be unlocked. The deal constructed stated that unlocked cell phones are legal, but they won’t come unlocked, instead customers have to ask their carrier to unlock the phone.
For instance, polycarbonate is often used for industrial filtering, so drinking from a glass bottle does not necessarily mean the liquid is BPA-free. Even though from an individual perspective the risk perhaps is low, from a public health standpoint the increase in brain tumor incidence is problematic!
They eventually relented and reversed the ban but with a warning label about its effects on rats despite growing numbers of human studies which showed no relationship. The US now has a long and arduous approval process – aspartame was developed in 1965 but not approved till 1981. By the smell alone the stuff just has to cause cancer; I mean, that stuff just smells like it would kill ya. OR is the fact that farmers have better lifestyles physically, lower smoking rates and much healthier diets than the rest of us protecting them?
Fonofos, Malathion, Terbufos and Aldrin were all significantly tied to higher risk for aggressive prostate cancer.
They spray different mixtures at different times of the years according to how many different bugs there are eating their crop. That means the stuff we can get our hands on are those that do not show an effect in animal models. For us consumers, we probably should err on the side of caution and DEFINITELY pay more compulsive attention to the warning labels than we do to most all other written directions!
But, didn’t I already say above that most of us are getting suspicious of cell phones too! HOWEVER, for your convenience, content is still available and new medical information continues to be added as usual. I don't want what is suggested or recommended here to have even a hint at motivation other than the truth and what is best for children. Een 23-jarige Chinese vrouw overleed toen ze haar iPhone wilde gebruiken tijdens het laden. Als het echt om een niet-originele lader gaat, zal het onderzoek voor Apple echter snel klaar zijn. Een 30-jarige man uit China zou een elektrische schok hebben gekregen toen hij zijn iPhonelader inplugde. Hij zou inmiddels 10 dagen in coma liggen.
Natuurlijk kan je bijvoorbeeld kortsluiting krijgen bij een nagemaakte lader, maar dit kan eigenlijk bijna niet tot dodelijke electrocutie leiden, tenzij je in bad zit en het apparaat vasthoudt dat op dat moment geladen wordt of tegelijkertijd met je andere hand iets vasthoudt dat geaard is, bijvoorbeeld een verwarmingsbuis.

We hebben hier thuis behoefte aan een paar nieuwe en na deze horrorverhalen mogen dat wel goeie zijn..
Wits je dat het scherm van de iPad 4 blijkt nogal onscherp is met contactlenzen van de Lenzenboel uit Peking. Vervelend is dat als het eerste punt met de hand wordt aangeraakt, die stroom langs het hart vloeit en het hartritme dermate verstoord wordt dat het slachtoffer kan overlijden. Die stroom is dan een gevolg van een hoge spanning of een lage weerstand (vochtige huid bijvoorbeeld). Wat er gebeurd is, is vermoedelijk dat de afscheiding tussen de primaire netspanning en de 5-volt uitgang van de lader te gering was. Het is de tweede keer in korte tijd dat een iPhone in China een elektrische schok veroorzaakt, nadat een vrouw zou zijn geelektrocuteerd toen ze een iPhone oppakte die aan een oplader zat. Ik ben niet zo thuis op dat gebied, maar heb het artikel aan de hand van je opmerkingen aangepast. Als electrotechnicus (nou ja; ooit HTS Electro gedaan, inmiddels in de ICT beland) is het schrikbarend te zien dat elk huishouden vele van die netvoedingadapters heeft die in essentie toch wel erg gevaarlijk zijn. Dus 240V is dan wel laagspanning door de definitie maar door het vermogen dat het net kan leveren (en schijnbaar in Azie nog zonder aardlekschakelaars) dus dodelijk. Ik bedoelde te zeggen dat de USB connector van het snoertje naar de iPad daar waar het in de originele iPad lader zat er zo uitzag als op de foto.
Feit is dat mij dus overkomen is wat hier boven geschetst wordt met 100% zeker een originele iPad lader.
Je moet gewoon goed opletten wat je koopt als je goed zoekt kan je ook goedkope laders met CE kopen.
Think of GSM and IS-136 as two different operating systems that work on the same processor, like Windows and Linux both working on an Intel Pentium III.
GSM is also the basis for Integrated Digital Enhanced Network (iDEN), a popular system introduced by Motorola and used by Nextel. So if I walk under a ladder, then trip on a black cat, then crash into a mirror, I don’t immediately blame the initial act of walking under the ladder. Like the driver being stressed because of going to the pediatrician for the vaccine because she read all those lies from the antivaccination groupies? And it is this other evidence that is actually more powerful in establishing correlation and causation, or, alternatively, that the evidence of correlation has no relationship to causality. In the early research in the links between smoking and lung cancer, it was found that the risk of cancer was 5-10X higher in smokers.
Again, back to lung cancer and smoking, the data showed that smoking was linked to one type of cancer, in the lungs, at the precise location where smoking enters the body. To be factual, there are precious few environmental factors that cause cancers, and those that are known are not implausible. Going back to smoking, the tar from cigarettes was painted on the back of mice, which induced tumors.
They can’t see an increase in the autism rate, along side an increase in the number of vaccinations, then state, after looking at those numbers for an hour, that vaccines cause autism. Significant numbers of doctors refuse vaccination for themselves and their loved ones because they have seen the aftermath of vaccinations gone badly too many times.
Listed below are several basic points about the subject: Thinking about unlock portable phones?
Once upon a time it was legal to unlock your phone, but since 2012, unlocking your cell phone has been punishable by jail time. If unlocking is illegal, that means you can’t buy a Verizon iPhone and then use it at AT&T, even if you later switch to their services. It’s become normal, but when you think about it it’s completely unfair, if you have purchased the phone it’s rightfully yours and you should be allowed to do as you please with it.
From 2006 until 2012 the Library of Congress made an amendment in the law that allowed cell phones to be unlocked legally. There are so many issues with this law that there is an entire movement surrounding the need to fix the DMCA, hence how over 115,000 signatures were collected last year in protest. He also strives to make these measures permanent so that if one-year people turn a blind eye, cell phone companies don’t end up winning over the average American again.
Cell phone companies further negotiated that phones can only be unlocked after the contract is canceled or has come to an end. Namaak-laders worden vaak zo goedkoop mogelijk in elkaar gezet, waardoor hoogwaardige onderdelen vervangen worden door goedkope varianten en de afscherming vaak te wensen overlaat. Hoge spanning, weinig scheiding tussen primair en secundair omdat ze zo klein en goedkoop moeten zijn.
Als je hem beetpakte – voorzichtig want hij zat dus in de wandcontactdoos – had je direct vieze zwarte handen.
Ik had hem namelijk zelf 5 minuten daarvoor uit de gesealde verpakking van die iPad2 gehaald. This is possible because voice data that has been converted to digital information is compressed so that it takes up significantly less transmission space. The incredible growth of GSM is a big part of why the acronym is now commonly thought of as standing for the Global System for Mobile communications! However, without further data, correlation may not imply causation, that the one set of data has some influence over the other. Well, I suppose you could make an argument that a post-vaccinated child is still screaming or something, distracting the driver, but that variable could happen with unvaccinated children just screaming because they didn’t get their GMO-free, organic, free-range ice cream cone.
Human physiology is complex and detailed, so we can envision what is plausible or what isn’t. Those who try to make it easy are the ones who a trying to find data that proves their dogma and beliefs, rather than trying to determine what the data actually states. Generally speaking, you can find two main kinds of cell phones, GSM and CDMA, each compatible to different frequency ranges.
President Obama calls the new law, “…another step toward giving ordinary Americans more flexibility and choice, that that they can find a cellphone carrier that meets their needs and their budget.” He signed the bill into action and applauded Congress for their good work. When you want it to do something more, you can’t modify it.” Many of these unwarranted bans come directly from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The strange thing is that in 2012 they decided not to extend the exception, causing quite a commotion. It is said that cell phone service providers were putting a lot of pressure on the Library of Congress to leave the law as-is, without the amendment from 2006-2012. Er zijn normen voor die afstand en de scheiding tussen primair en secundair en bij veel van die supergoedkope adapters worden de normen aan alle kanten geschonden. Op zich niet zo erg want ze zijn niet duur maar de consument gooit dan vaak het hele apparaat wat gevoed wordt door de adapter weg omdat men niet weet dat het de adapter is. Instead of using analog service, GSM was developed as a digital system using TDMA technology. Therefore, TDMA has three times the capacity of an analog system using the same number of channels. In other words, we have data, but it really has no meaning without establishing a reasonable level of causality. So, if we were to examine a particular specific adverse event to vaccines, then the rate of that specific risk must increase in a linear fashion with additional numbers of vaccines. Is there some mechanism between stimulating the immune system through immunization and causing autism?
The data should drive the conclusion, as opposed to taking the easy course–searching for data to establish a preconceived conclusion.
This started a movement, which was able to collect over 114,000 signatures bound for the White House, in hopes of changing the law.
This way, cell phones would legally have to remain locked, an obvious upside for businesses like Verizon and T-Mobile. In addition, the data must show rates of risk that far surpass the background (general population) risk. They then offer unlocked verizon cell phones insubstitution for a long term commitment to a site program. You only need 100,000 signatures in order for the White House to check into an issue and offer a response.
Unlocking mobile phones oftenenables the client to reverse the lock controls and to make use of their system with other GSMcompanies.
Later that same year, in 2013, President Obama spoke publicly about the issue, and asked that the Federal Communications Commission change out the rules and give consumers back their right to unlock their phone. As CDMA phones dont use SIM cards, currently unlocked CDMA cell-phones is only an idea and they are virtually programmed to work only under their assigned carrier.

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