The reason spoofing can’t beat compliance is because there are so many ways the call can fall apart, giving you no results for the time you’ve invested. You can’t leave a voicemail to get a call-back. The ID your call shows and any call-back number you might leave won’t match, making the importance of your call less believable. You have to keep calling until they answer. Because you can’t leave a voicemail with a call-back number you have to keep spoofing the target until someone answers. You’re not prepared for “Can I call you back?”. When you reach a target who’s willing to talk, it’s not uncommon for them to need to call you back, either at a better time or with the information you need. If the call drops, they can’t call you back. 97% of adults have mobile phones and 34% of all users are “mobile only”. Like with many non-compliant techniques, everything has to go perfectly for a spoofing call to actually help you verify or gather information. Compliant communications—phone calls, emails, texts—get better results for  repossessors and investigators when you focus on making a good call impression.
Leave a voicemail, to get a call-back. With BellesLink, you assign a virtual local number to your case to use on out-going and in-coming calls.

A dropped call doesn’t burn your lead. When using BellesLink you can re-dial your target without burning the lead. When you use a fully-compliant, dedicated repossessions phone system, black-hat techniques like caller id spoofing, become riskiest, least effective and most costly ways to verify case information. The art of social engineering is a very important tool in the box of any competent investigator .
They were telling me that when they skip trace they imagine their Mom sitting next to them, or listening in on the call. If they did something in a skip trace that caused their Mom to slap them, they knew it was wrong. That means when your target answers your call, everything they see and hear—caller id, greeting, message, talk-off—tells them it’s an important and credible call. If you’re spoofing, what number can you give them that won’t tip them off and burn the lead? With so many potential pitfalls—no answer, a bad time to talk, dropped call—a high percentage of spoofing calls will result in nothing but wasted time and money.

Because your calls are more credible you’ll get more calls answered, more call-backs, more results for your efforts. A purpose-built repossessions phone system, like BellesLink, is a better choice to reach the level of compliance that meets all your client’s requirements. It’s about increasing your profitability with better results and being the repossession company your clients prefer. When Paul isn’t working he’s skiing or discovering his next big idea while playing in the mountains right outside Belles Camp’s door in Eagle, CO. When what separates the wheat from the chaff is the ability to analyze and confirm the accuracy of the data.
But beyond that, caller id spoofing is dead because it can’t match the results you get when you use compliant techniques with a phone system that is purpose-built for repossessions.

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