Beginning with your December 2008 payroll, we have a new and much improved process for printing payroll warrants and automatic deposit (EFT) notifications.
After reviewing the detailed information, if you have any further questions about the information appearing on your pay stub, please use the contact phone number provided in Box 9 of your pay stub.
This is your exemption status and number of exemptions for federal income tax from your current form W-4.
The number following the letter code is the number of exemptions you are currently claiming. This is your exemption status and number of exemptions for state income tax from your current form W-4 or DE-4. If applicable, next is your deferred net pay contribution for this pay period as well as the balance-to-date.
This box contains your deductions subtracted from your pay as well as any fringe benefits your employer (district) pays for you.

As part of the process we have changed the format of your "Earnings and Leave Statement" (pay stub) in an effort to provide you with more information that is easier to understand. If you have any questions or comments about this web page you may e-mail us feedback by clicking the "Comment on this page" link below. The pay location is used by your Payroll Department to distribute warrants and automatic deposit advices.
Although the County Office of Education prints the payroll for all districts in Santa Cruz County it is your district's Payroll Department that has the information about how your pay was generated. Not all districts choose to print these balances and the balances shown will only include leave information you have submitted. To view a detailed discussion of the contents of a box click the circled number in the box with your left mouse button. For automatic deposit, this is the day the monies will be available in the bank account you have specified.

If you work in more than one district in the county you will receive a separate warrant or advice for each district in which you work. If you have not turned in all your leave information through the "As Of" date then your leave balances may not be accurate. In case status is ‘dispatched by speed post’ -> track speed post by clicking on the hyperlinked Speed Post Ref.

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