The sale went from Friday to Sunday, and I left work early enough to get there on Friday afternoon. Congratulations on your purchase, seem to remember the strapline 'the world turns on Colchester Lathes', but maybe that can be attributed to some other manufacturer. Not quite on topic but since you mention Tony Griffith's excellent (IMHO) site, I wonder how many of the forum members have visited it.
I e-mailed Tony a while ago asking which type of collets my BCA jig borer used web page and his reply was both informative and chatty. The only real problem I've noticed is that the headstock leaks oil at the lower gear shift lever. The gap bed version od\f these machines is especially interesting because of the slots on the top of the saddle. May 25, 2008, added small image of Charles Wesley White; locations and dates of death for James H. May 12, 2008, added detail on Nancy King Mills Funnell, second wife of Charles Wesley White. August 18, 2007, added detail for Frances Emma White and James Milton Mix; added detail for Charles Wesley White. December 8, 2006, amended birth and death years, added burial location for Catherine Kirchenschlager White. November 22, 2006, amended the spelling of Sebastian Kirchenschlager's given name, added Mrs.
August 28, 2006, added date of death and burial location for Augusta White; corrected year of death for Daniel White. January 17, 2006, added text on Laura Eaton White's death, text regarding Clara Effie White Yetter's location in 1936. March 29, 2005, updated time frames for deaths of James Yetter and Clara Effie White Yetter; added 1930 census transcription.
The Gregg biography mentions that Jary settled on 80 acres in Section 23 of what would be named Fountain Green Township in 1850. According to the Mortality Schedule accompanying the 1860 Federal Census of Fountain Green Township, Laura died there after suffering for 3 weeks from a tumor in the side.
In the 1880 Gregg history, four of the children of Jary and Laura Eaton White were said to be still living: George, Charles, Laura and Augustus.
Adding to the puzzle is that Jary and his second wife also were reported to have a daughter named Laura E., but this second Laura did not appear in any census listings, either.

In the 1880 Gregg history, four of the children of Jary and Laura Eaton White were said to be deceased. Based on the 1900 Kansas Census, which shows daughter Evie was born in Illinois in June of 1883, Gus and family left Illinois sometime after that date. At present we have no further information on Henry James, but we believe that he died in 1859 and was buried in Friendship Cemetery, McDonough County, Illinois.
It's interesting to note that two weeks after Clara and James were married, Thomas Eddy White married Amanda Agnes Campbell. By 1900 Clara and James, Thomas and Agnes, and their young families were located near each other in Adair County, Missouri, and in 1910 they were all living in the same township in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma. In August of 1936 when the Majorville Church congregation held a reunion commemorating the construction of the second church building, Clara was one of many who sent letters. This daughter is also mentioned in the 1880 Gregg history but did not appear in any of the family's census listings. We travel all over the UK, visiting customers who are wanting to improve their homes with plantation shutters. Colchester is a place in the UK that we cover a€“ not only literally with our plantation shutters for windows but with our team of shutter experts! Of course, we hope that when you have weighed up the proa€™s and cona€™s of each of the companies you have seen, you will decide to with us. We aim to make it an easy process for you by offering a clear range, with discernible differences between the options that are clear to understand.
Our entry level range is designed to create a wonderful look for your home at a price that suits your pocket.
We have local consultants in Colchester so give us a call to arrange a no obligation consultation. Almost every (well some) ebay listings use a link to it to big up their item and it seems generally well regarded, certainly the best I have seen. It stands as far and away the most often referenced source of diverse machine tool information. From the photographs it looks like a long bed version but I might be fooled by the oblique angle. The new U’s home strip will be worn by Colchester for the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 football seasons.
ROL Cruise are the shirt sponsors, with the Puma logo and the Colchester crest also present on the jersey.

Colchester is a town in the UK which has had several homes improved with plantation shutters being installed on the windows. There are fabrics to choose, design options to get right and, importantly, windows to be measured to make sure that the window treatment will fit correctly!
Thata€™s why, we ask that no matter who you decide to go with to place your order, you give us a call and, ideally invite us to your home, to talk over your unique design requirements. Our product stands head and shoulders above the competition (while we dona€™t like to brag, our levels of customer satisfaction are exceptional!).
Made through a unique combination of basswood and MDF, the shutter is unlike any other on the market in the UK. Yesterday, the estate sale company delivered it, and I am eagerly looking forward to trying to run it under power.
What makes us different is that we have years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing shutters. Key strength bearing areas (such as where the hinges attach) are manufactured with robust basswood while MDF is used in part of the product that will not reduce the structural integrity of the installation.
Available in a wide range of stain and paint colours, whatever style and look you wish to create in your home, our hardwood shutters can be configured for your unique home.
I checked my motor books and there does not seem to be such thing as a dual voltage (220-440V) two speed motor. The little lever stacked on top of the larger lever in the lower right area of the headstock is the two speed motor switch. Whether or not Laura's actual remains were placed at Majorville, her marker is there next to Jary's.
We want to make your Colchester home stand out from the crowd and will make sure that you love your shutters when they're installed. I don't know if the switch was installed even if the lathe was not equipped with the two speed motor.

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