What made it even better was today when Chris tweeted out the number again and said it was the number to call and complain to E! And I have been wondering who it was a few seasons ago that did something similar to what Chris Colfer did… of course it was the K-Sisters. When I voted, I know the recording gave me the right names for who I was voting for, so I’m hoping they actually got to the right people. The muppets were too busy playing with themselves to pay attention to the fact they got the numbers wrong.
I think we already have to have a double elimination with 12 celebs and no elim the first week, unless they go with the four person finale again.
During the season’s final week on Monday, November 25, online voting will open when the show begins on the East Coast at 8 p.m. That certainly implies a Monday night show and a Tuesday night results show, since that would be the 11th week as Jennifer so snottily pointed out.

This one is actually pretty significant to people who are casual watchers and, therefore, potentially unaware that those numbers were WRONG. For some diehard fans they may start to cry foul if their favorite is eliminated next week.
Either that or they were seeing if we really do pay attention and were trying to slide something past us. I don’t seriously think they would but then again someone hired the idiot who screwed up the numbers so who knows what they are capable of doing, lol.
So if they do it this way they would have to have a double elimination or a final 4 like last season.
Or a year ago when Kirstie was also claiming that her voting number was really Bieber’s cell?
Christina and Jack’s numbers are the only two out of the nine that are actually correct and that was just dumb ass luck.

So don't scream at those of us on this site and call us a bunch of "biased Derek-lovers" - it's just ME. Pssst…what are the odds that the Colfer fangirls and boys were already voting for Amber anyway? Much like last season, if you throw them ALL out, then no one gets an advantage or disadvantage.

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