Xfinity WiFi, a service from Comcast, is disclosing personal user information about the equipment's location, including customer name and home address. Because the service works via equipment installed in other people's homes, Comcast was from the beginning very attentive and pro-active in assuring customers that their personal details would not be disclosed in the public WiFi space. In the company's privacy policy and FAQ, Comcast said that this type of information would not show up for home users, but only for businesses. Comcast Business recognizes that customers increasingly demand a secure and private WiFi solution to satisfy the business’ internal wireless networking needs. Press and hold this button for about 7 seconds to reset the router to its factory default settings.
The label on the back panel of the router shows the default login information, default WiFi network name (SSID), network key (also referred to as wireless network password or passphrase), serial number, MAC address and other information. If attempting to add a new network printer on a wireless computer, the printer will be discoverable. If attempting to add a new network printer on a wireless computer, the printer will not be discoverable. Log into your router and select Advanced, then select the Administration section on the left-hand menu.

Note: Removing the wireless network password will leave your network unsecured and vulnerable to users with malicious intent. To reset your router to factory defaults, use a pen or paperclip to press and hold the Reset button for approximately 10 seconds until the Test light blinks.
Any number of devices can be connected wirelessly to the router; however, performance might noticeably decrease with each additional device. Learn how easy it is to install and set up your Comcast Business Private WiFi Netgear router. Connect a device to your Private WiFi network, including instructions for Windows®, Mac, iPhone and more. If you are having connectivity issues with your Business Private WiFi network, follow these instructions to troubleshoot. Symantec, the Symantec Logo, the Checkmark Logo, and Norton, Norton 360 and Norton by Symantec are registered trademarks of Symantec Corporation ©2014 Symantec Corporation.
Existing Comcast customers can connect to these WiFi spots across the country for free, and non-Comcast customers can also access the network for small fees. Since then, hackers have been chopping away at its network for years, searching for various problems.

Criminals can target specific Comcast users, or they could use an attack described by Greg Foss (Xfinity WiFi auto-association). Three to five devices should be able to use the same wireless connection without a noticeable decrease in network responsiveness.
You can block more than 50 different categories of sites for everyone connected to the Internet through your Netgear router or customize blocking for individuals.
This attack allows malicious actors to steal customer WiFi credentials and take over the device.
Enter a new wireless network password into the Passphrase field under your security selection and select the Apply button to save your changes.
Factory-resetting the router will remove all custom settings that may have been configured on the device, including AP mode.

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