Dex media local small business marketing, Dex media provides local businesses with powerful digital and print marketing solutions. We have an collection of Dex Yellow Pages Online Phone Book Directory For Local Business in various styles. It took Bruce Carter a few moments to recall the last time he cracked open the Yellow Pages telephone directory. For Dan Gunn of the Victoria Advanced Technology Council, ita€™s close to a decade since he last dug out the iconic book with the walking fingers logo. This is the reality for the printed version of the directory, which hit doorsteps around Victoria this month.
The change in usage that has people searching online for numbers and listings, businesses looking to advertise through other media and a reduced demand for land lines has meant the bulky, printed Yellow Pages directory is shrinking in terms of importance a€” and in size. According to Fiona Story of Yellow Pages Group, the company is in the midst of a major transition.
Story said online revenue, $367 million in 2012, now represents 38 per cent of the companya€™s total revenues and 61 per cent of their existing clients have purchased digital products with them. Story said it will get smaller still as the company is looking at reformatting the printed version. In larger centres, the Yellow Pages already have moved to making residential directories a€?by requesta€? only and in other centres they offer an a€?opt outa€? program so residents can ask not to have one delivered. Despite that reduced demand, the province will have a new area code introduced later this year. Hall said the new code will likely go unnoticed at first as it will be assigned to people with tablet computers or using smart cards to connect to the Internet. We reserve the right to edit comments for length, style, legality and taste and reproduce them in print, electronic or otherwise.

For further information, please contact the editor or publisher, or see our Terms and Conditions. Instead of using the Yellow Pages Phone Book to find a local business listing, more and more people are using the internet.
Once upon a time, whenever a consumer needed to find a local restaurant, dry cleaner, plumber, TV repairman, florist or pretty much anything, they lugged out the big yellow book. The Yellow Pages concept became so popular that as business began to shift online in recent years, so did the yellow pages solutions.
Just as consumers naturally turned to the big yellow book in print, they turned to the online version.
One of the things consumers often found frustrating about the Yellow Pages was its limited number of categories.
Businesses, on the other hand, found the concept of search engines to be quite a bit more daunting than the much simpler Yellow Pages. While getting a high ranking on Google for category keywords may be difficult, it is important to update a business’ online platform.
Having a social media presence across Google+, Facebook or Yelp is crucial for today’s local businesses, as customers want to feel connected and valued. The key to getting the most from these online services is providing good products, value and customer service. Here is some inspiring pictures about Dex Yellow Pages Online Phone Book Directory For Local Business . Turns out it was probably just over two months ago that the CEO of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce needed to find a listing. So there should be little surprise that Victoriaa€™s directory for 2013 is a shadow of its former self.

There has been a 7.7 per cent drop in requests for residential land lines alone in that time. We find young people go wireless out of the gate, but they do pick up a land line later in life,a€? he said.
Known as the Yellow Pages, the big yellow book provided a complete listing, by category, of all of the businesses in the consumer’s local area. Sometimes it was difficult to determine in exactly what category to search for a particular product or service, whereas with Google and other search engines, they could simply type in a few words and be taken to the right place.
Once this is taken care of, it’s possible to augment this presence by purchasing advertising.
Particularly, small businesses can gain more valuable (and free) advertising through social media than through any paid source.
While it might be cost-effective for some types of businesses, your primary focus should be on your online presence and customer interactions if you want to build long-term customer relationships. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Dex Yellow Pages Online Phone Book Directory For Local Business interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Customer review sites such as Yelp can make or break a business, so when a Yelp page is managed carefully, it can be invaluable to a local business.

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