Restaurant suppliers, distributors and vendors use search engines to find the phone listings or use online directories such as yellow pages directories to get the phone numbers of restaurants.
Finding phone numbers of restaurants on yellow pages directories is easy but building a phone list is not that easy. For example, if you want to build a phone list of restaurants in Los Angeles, CA, go to any yellow pages directory and search for Restaurants in Los Angeles, CA. Now, if you want to build a phone list, you need to manually copy-paste the phone numbers into your database and flip through 244 pages to build a complete phone list of restaurants.
ListGrabber is a simple yet powerful tool that helps you build phone lists using yellow pages directories in a click.

ListGrabber instantly extracts the phone numbers along with other contact information such as addresses, email ids, Fax numbers, website URL, etc. ListGrabber makes list building easy and it helps you to build phone lists, email lists, contact lists, prospect lists, cold calling lists from yellow pages directories, white pages directories or any other online directory in just a single click. Contractors & Hirers of All Types of Earth Moving Equipments, Hyundai Excavator, 210LC-7 & Tippers with Rock Breaker.
You don’t need to manually copy-paste phone numbers or flip through hundreds of web pages. Our tools enable average users to research like an expert, and experts to build at least 10x faster.

In addition, you have got to flip through multiple pages to get the restaurant phone numbers. We developed the most accurate research technology to build targeted B2B prospect lists & recruiting lists from the Internet.

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