16 Apr 2008 … Unlock your phone to reap the benefits of great stand-alone Sim card deals. Maybe Yellow Pages was ahead of its time with the slogan 'let your fingers do the walking'.
I remember a conversation that I had with a Yellow Paged rep in the wooden chalet building I used as an office.
I really chuckle now at how the salesman tried to sell me a colour ad or a two colour ad because it stood out from the rest. Yellow Pages were just introducing laptops to replace the heavy presentation folders and several copies of Yellow Pages that had to be lugged around in a square doctors leather case. I remember commenting how (even back then) the Internet would replace Yellow Pages and I also remember the reply from the guy who disagreed with me. I am surprised it has taken so long for Yell to let leg go of their precious domain and capitulate to the net. A blog post on Web Pro News illustrates in a graph how Yellow pages and traditional print has dropped off from owning 33% of the advertising market in 2007 to thirty percent in 2008.
Yellow pages online comes in a poor third at nineteen percent (17% 2007); although I expect Yellow Pages Internet to continue to rise against the paper version in coming years.
You have to have a certain sympathy for YP (don't you?) because they were damned if they did and damned if they didn't.

Now the argument is not worth arguing and at some stage, the whole paper version will surely fold (think of the amount of trees that will be saved). Have a read of my post from a year ago today: Paper versus Megabytes the future of printing over pixels, what is your take? Any landscaper who works on estates will testify to how many copies just lie outside near the bins still in their covers. I wrote this article a year ago and it was circulated via a press dispensary to many editors. I received a message back, via the press agent, from Trevor Ledger who is the editor of The Golf Course who said I was talking out of my bottom. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below.
With this FREE CBS Yellow Pages listing, your company will be included in the search results for your industry and location. It is certainly more appropriate today as a slogan for Google or Yahoo if you consider that anyone searching for information, businesses or research, uses their fingers to type in their query.
Only idiots like Gerald Ratner would call their products 'crap' in front of clients (or the worlds media in Ratner's case). It has been a spirited effort for sure but evidence (or is that proof) is now emerging that suggests the tipping point has now been reached and the search engine has surged into a convincing lead.

Can you imagine telling all of their paper advertisers five years ago that the book was dead and the Internet was king after spending so much time and effort on marketing paper for all those years? Their only option it to buy up all the competition and then come in second place to the search engines. I bet the Oakhanger Parish News is a much better source of local advertising than Yellow Pages. The basic listings are placed below the Enhanced and Premium listings in our search results. This is our most basic advertising option so remember that you can increase exposure and get an even better response with our Premium listings.
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