Use of this web site constitutes acceptance of the Sooner Publishing, Marketing & Creations, Inc. The MSN White Pages represent the ideal method by which you can look up business phone numbers or business addresses. The Yellow Pages or business phone directory made up half the telephone book and it had gathered different advertisements and contact information of local firms or close by businesses. The White Pages represented the other half of the book that contained a long list of landline subscriber’s names and phone numbers.
Other variations of the white and yellow pages have appeared depending on the region or laws in the respective area. Today, the telephone book has migrated online, taking shape of different online services that group different company databases and offer online users all types of free searches.

Every home user had a free phone number with the contract subscription, which could be shared by other users in order to get in contact.
Everything from barber shops to car repair shops where listed and every user would have access to a larger economical market. The later versions of the telephone book contained even more information such as home addresses.
As an example the grey pages where banned because they allowed a person to perform a reverse lookup, thus by looking for a phone number, one would obtain information such as name and address, which was considered in some states a privacy violation.
With a simple click on the MSN White Pages, a user can have access to a reverse search which was previously banned in the psychical version of the phone book. As the telephone lines and carrier numbers expanded, the huge number of users needed a way to connect with people they lost connection, lost relatives or friends.

Privacy has been always a concern when it comes to the Internet, a these services being a perfect example.
The biggest benefit of online white pages service is the environment and the trees that will be spared from being cut down and be transformed into tons of paper.

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