Of course the best way to experience this new platform is to check it our yourself at YellowPages.ca.
Another neat feature is when you have a listing that has lots of individual listings in a city, for example, big chain restaurants. Finally if you are looking at a listing that does not contain any enhanced content information, YellowPages.ca will suggest other places that are similar that contain enhanced information.
New YellowPages.ca Mobile section featuring direct access to all the popular device applications such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Palm.
The Video Channel continues to get it home page exposure and is fast becoming the source of local video searches in Canada. In my opinion, the Online Services team at Yellow Pages Group did a great job pulling this together.
I originally posted about Canada’s First Integrated Business and People Search App back in April 2009. This is a under 1mb download that gives Canadian’s access to a Business Directory, People Directory and Reverse Look-up where a user can search by City, Landmark, Neighborhood or GPS. Note: many of the 1-star ratings are from a competitor of this app who have decided to use multiple user names to say negative things and promote their own application. This application has a boat load of content including up-to-date business and people information, tens of thousands of videos and hundreds of thousands of pieces of enhanced content like hours of operations, payment types, etc. The YellowPages.ca application is a highly efficient app that delivers value by giving user what they want and when they need it. Well it has been a very busy week in the world of mobile applications for Yellow Pages Group. In 7-days we have managed to become the 7th most popular application in iTunes (screen capture done on April 9). Mike Boland weighs in from a business perspective on the importance of mobile applications on the Kelsey Blog. Sebastien Provencher on this blog comments, “happy to see that directory publishers are releasing new mobile apps.

This entry was posted in Blackberry Applications, iphone and tagged blackberry, gps, iphone, YellowPages.ca on April 9, 2009 by Darby Sieben.
Released over this past weekend was a very cool blackberry application from Yellow Pages Group. This application features the leading directory services in Canada, YellowPages – for finding a business, Canada411 for finding a person, and a blended Reverse Lookup for finding both people and businesses.
Compatible with the newest blackberries and backward compatible to previous generations, this application automatically detects your device and installs the features that are compatible.
Lastly, the application auto detects your language settings and is available in French and English – pretty cool stuff.
Application is completely free to download and overall is pretty cool and puts the most up to date Business and People information in Canada at your fingertips. Here is a search for Restaurants in Toronto and you will notice the listing for Mandarin Restaurant expanded to show me locations.
From my perspective, always great to working with a team of incredibly talented individuals who can make big projects like this happen. During the quarter, YPG launched a new version of its popular YellowPages.ca™ local search application for the Apple iPhone. There is more content coming, but as a starting point, there is no other application in Canada that boosts such an impressive array of local content. The second version of adding video was a very common user request and YPG is working on some new features that users are asking for.
It delivers on a simple promise to connect buyers and sellers and this seems to resonant with Canadian mobile users. We were the first to launch a Canadian Business Directory Blackberry Application on April 1 and then we followed that up on April 2 with Canada’s first integrated business, people and reverse lookup for the iPhone. In fact, in terms of presentation, the overall design feel is somewhat slicker than the Canpages app.
For example, GPS search is enabled on devices with GPS, non GPS blackberries won’t see this option.

Core responsibilities include planning long-term digital revenue growth for Yellow Pages group of companies by identifying strategies, partnerships and acquisitions to accomplish our goals. I will follow this posting up with a more detailed look at the new features, but here are some screenshots and highlights. You will want to do this as this is what is going to allow you to rate and review businesses. The latest version features advertiser video content and continues to put the power of Yellowpages.ca in the hands of on-the-go users.
The user ratings on iTunes as well as our user feedback prove this with over 200 of 500 ratings given it 5-stars and an average rating of 3.5.
There are some legitimate users who have bashed this application and I can assure you that YPG reads your comments and will act accordingly. The Yellowpages.ca app doesn’t have speech-driven search and it isn’t as feature-rich as the Canpages app, but by keeping things simple it actually succeeds.
Although I cannot disclose specifics, I can tell you that so far the doubling of traffic almost daily has been truly amazing to watch. Previously, I was President of Mediative where I had the privilege of leading a group of over 100 digital talented experts across 4 offices in Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Kelowna).An avid tech geek, I can slide into a technical conversation as easy as a business conversation.
The YellowPages.ca™ mobile application remains in the leading free downloaded apps since launching at the iTunes App Store. I get to lead one of Canada's most exciting digital performance firms in Mediative and my shareholder is one of Canada's largest startups, yes I said it; YPG is a 100-year old start-up and we are just beginning.

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