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If you’re a fan of gossip columns and Instagram, you’ll probably have noticed that most A-listers have flawless smiles.
Are you looking for an easy, affordable way to boost the appearance of your smile instantly? You may have a doctor and a personal trainer on speed dial, but do you have a dental hygienist?
Juicing may be all the rage in Los Angeles at the moment, but it won’t do your teeth any good. If you’re an avid follower of social media, you’ll know that most red-carpet regulars work out regularly. If you surveyed a room full of people, you’d probably find that the majority would prefer a more attractive smile. Every morning when I wake my girls up, even when they’re screaming [and] crying, I’m just happy. Oprah Winfrey has struggled with her weight for decades, but today she seems more serious than ever to drop the pounds and get healthy once and for all. First, she joined Weight Watchers (and became a spokesperson), and now she's committing to walking 10,000 steps a day.
Oprah Winfrey attends the Tribeca Tune In: Greenleaf at BMCC John Zuccotti Theater on April 20, 2016 in New York City. I wish I could tell you that it won’t be as bad as you think or it will be as great as you imagine, but honestly, we won’t know until you take the time to evaluate where you stand and figure out what kind of moves you need to make to get to (or stay) where you need to be. If you’re a single income home, you should aim to have 6 month of “must have” expenses set aside into an easily accessible and liquid (i.e. Your credit score is your financial report card, except there’s no getting rid of it after college.
Your credit score simply indicates your creditworthiness and tells a lender how reliable and timely you will be in repaying a loan. If you’re relying on credit cards and debt to get by, chances are it’s time for a financial change.
Often times the reason people feel like they’re living paycheck to paycheck isn’t because they don’t have enough money. If the income and benefits you earn for the work you do doesn’t feel good, it might be time for a change. Don’t be unwilling to negotiate a pay raise, especially after successfully completing an important project. As the years progress, what you want to see happen is that your assets grow and your liabilities decrease. There are many ways to get out of debt, but the two most effective ways are the debt snowball and the debt avalanche. With the debt snowball method, you pay off your debt from the smallest to the largest balance so that you establish good habits and roll more and more money into the next debt. Ideally, you want to break even at tax time, otherwise you’re giving an interest free loan to the government if you get a refund (or you feel kind of annoyed if you owe). If you owed a lot for taxes or you received a sizeable tax refund, something went awry this year. Insurance is a tricky topic, but at a minimum you should ensure you have some sort of health insurance and disability insurance in place.
Property and casualty insurance (such as auto, home, umbrella and renters insurance) are also important to have in place. Your investments should be allocated based upon the time frame until you’re needing the funds.
If you’re investing for the long run, ensure you have a mix of equities and fixed income, small and large firms and domestic and international.
The best thing you can do is be aware of how you’re doing and keep track of your financial health year after year.
Megan Fox rocks a cute "badass" shirt while putting her little baby bump on display on Monday morning (May 2) in Brentwood, Calif. Signature black dresses, jackets, pants and shoes to take you from the office to the bar at Westfield .
Although it’s possible to spend thousands on dental work, you don’t have to have a Hollywood salary to make your dental dreams come true. But many people admit that they don’t have the same urge to see their dentist if they experience dental troubles.

Although juices can be a good source of fruit and vegetables, they wreak havoc with your teeth.
While most of us are aware of the cardiovascular benefits of exercise, you may wonder how physical activity can boost your oral health.
If you’re eager to follow in their footsteps, you’ll notice the benefits of giving up smoking in no time. The motion stimulates saliva production, which washes away food debris and reduces acidity in the mouth.
Information on this site may or may not be true and BabyRazzi LLC makes no warranty as to the validity of any claims. There are countless health benefits to hitting that five-digit goal, from reduced blood pressure to weight loss. But we're guessing she won't have a hard time finding another partner in her weight-loss efforts. It’s not a question of if things will happen, but a question of when and your finances will be in a much better state if you have the cash set aside to handle those unplanned moments than if you need to rely on credit cards and dig yourself into debt. Having a strong credit score is invaluable to always provide you the best financing options.
Once you know where your money is going, you can determine which expenses you can eliminate altogether and other spending habits that could be altered to more easily cover your fixed expenses and align the rest of your money in the areas you care about the most.
You can also consider benefits, bonus structure, employee stock options, flexible vacation policies and work from home arrangements. After you take all your assets and subtract all your liabilities, what you’re left with is your total net worth. Start with where you are today – know your number – and keep track every 6-12 months to see if your assets are, in fact, increasing over time. Both plans involve aggressively paying down one balance while making the minimum payments on the rest. With the debt avalanche method, you pay debts down from the highest interest rate to the lowest interest rate so that you pay as little in interest as you can and roll that savings into the next debt.
The way to make sure you don’t owe again next year is to understand your tax liability and adjust your withholdings accordingly.
In addition, you’ll need life insurance if there are others who are dependent on your income.
Always work with your broker or agent to confirm you have the appropriate level of coverage needed for your situation. There’s debate between when to invest or not invest for short to mid-term goals, but if you need the funds in less than 5 years, a CD is going to be your safest bet. Leverage mutual funds and exchange-traded funds, which will help you to diversify when starting out with smaller sums of money. If you’re looking to emanate the stars with your own sparkling smile, here are ten simple steps to follow.
Brushing is essential for removing plaque and bacteria, but it also helps to eradicate surface stains.
If you skip routine appointments, or you ignore potential warning signs, you run the risk of developing severe gum disease and decay. You may be surprised to hear that several celebrities have had braces to provide them with perfectly aligned teeth.
Smoking increases your chances of developing serious illnesses, including heart disease and lung cancer.
It works out to be about five miles a day, and brands like FitBit and Jawbone have capitalized on helping millions of Americans track those steps.
Ultimately though, it’s hard to have a sense of confidence about where you stand without first doing the work to figure out, well… where you are standing. The higher your score, the lower the interest rates you receive and the more money you save when it comes to taking out a mortgage or car loan. The earlier you start saving, the better and when it comes to determining how much you should save, it’s important to think through the future you want.
When this is the case, it can be a fairly straight forward exercise to get your cash flow in order so that you can meet everyday expenses with ease.
If your current employer isn’t able or willing to pay you what you’d like, are you ready to consider a move to another company or start a side hustle? If your net worth is stagnant or in decline, you’ll want to know what is causing the lack of growth so that you can tackle any issues getting in the way of your financial health.

The most important thing is to have a plan in place on how YOU are going to pay down your debt and stick to it. Perhaps reach out to your human resources department to update your W-4 or adjust your quarterly payments if you’re self-employed and business is growing. If there are any questions that left you wondering or thinking you might need a change, there’s no better time than now to make some adjustments. If you neglect brushing and flossing, you’ll soon find that your teeth start to lose their radiance and natural whiteness.
Dentists, like those from the Washington Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, recommend six-monthly checks. Drinking more than the recommended weekly intake puts you at risk of many different diseases. Take the time to consider what it is you would love to do in retirement and when you think you’d want to retire. Forbes reports that employees who stay in companies longer than two years get paid 50% less.
If you notice any changes or issues in the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact your dentist. If you have crooked or crowded teeth, or you have gaps in your smile, there’s never been a better time to explore orthodontic treatment options. If you smoke heavily, it’s likely that your teeth will become discoloured, even if you brush religiously. From your heart and liver to your mouth, there are significant risks attached to drinking too much.
If you don’t feel well compensated right now, know that you have options if you’re willing to take action. It’s particularly important to look out for swollen and bleeding gums, and persistent or severe toothache.
Modern dentists have a vast array of techniques at their disposal, and it’s possible to correct any aesthetic flaw.
If you are a fan of juices and smoothies, make sure that you make your own, so that you control of how much sugar is added. If you’ve had surgery to remove wisdom teeth or you’ve had implants fitted, your recovery will be quicker. It’s worth bearing in mind that cosmetic dentistry isn’t just reserved for Oscar winners and models. Hygiene sessions only last around half an hour, but they can make such a positive difference to your smile. If you have issues that you’re unhappy with, such as chips or staining, you may wish to consider seeking advice from your dentist. You can choose from a wide range of systems, and you can even take advantage of invisible treatments. Arrange a consultation to go through some options, and discuss treatment processes and fees.
If you lack confidence, or you simply want a whiter, brighter smile, don’t hesitate to find out more about your options. If you’re interested in treatments, your dentist will be able to show you some images of what your smile could look like if you choose to go ahead. If you’re desperate to remain incognito while you have treatment, you could opt for lingual braces. Research the health benefits, and keep track of how much money you’ve saved by not buying cigarettes. Porcelain veneers and professional whitening are particularly popular choices for the stars.
These innovative braces are fixed to the back of the teeth, leaving you to pose for photos with no hint of a brace on show. You may find that your teeth become discoloured if you’re partial to a glass of red now and again. Research suggests that you’re more likely to give up for good if you try and quit with others.

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