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Do you think this is what Alexander Graham Bell had in mind when he invented the telephone? They put up with their husbands’ antics, are the butt of everyone's jokes, and are somehow never the star of the show! Print out this raccoon fact sheet and staple it to as many metal flagpoles as you can, or just scatter copies on the ground. Not jinxing it: It's hard to tell if her cautious language is a way of letting her hypothetical future chaperones down lightly (by leaving "wiggle room," in their words) -- or just a sign of ruthless romantic realism.
It seems scientists today have run out of research ideas because researchers at McMaster University in Canada have come up with a profound revelation that men with deep tones are better at attracting women than those with higher pitched voices.
Well for a start, women didn’t know about this until these scientists pointed it out. And while we are on this topic, I am not sure many women will want to date someone sounding like Kermit the Frog just in the same way that most men would not date someone sounding like Miss Piggy.
What’s more, going any further along a path once signs appear that you are unlikely to get what you need from this person makes you 100 percent responsible for any subsequent suffering that comes your way. If they cannot give you what you need and want in this moment, if they metaphorically chose not to show up for you now or if they seem less enthusiastic about your liaison than you do, then, ultimately, it is not going to change. So, in relationships, it’s vital to avoid complete catastrophe instead of hoping people have a good guess at the expectations we try to communicate. If you manage to get as far as working out what you’d like and are able to communicate that to the other person, you are already doing much better than most. I once drove across four countries (Italy, France, Spain and Portugal in case you were wondering!).
The truth was that before I set off, I knew, and had been shown through past behavior, that whatever there was between us was not enough and never would be.
I’m just saying that when you naturally reach ‘that point’ (which could be after one week, one year or longer depending on the circumstances), then letting someone know what you are looking for actually saves a lot of drama further down the line. If you choose not to ask for what you want in order to keep the game going a little longer, eventually (whether it is in one month, one or ten years’ time), it will always become unavoidably evident that it is not enough. What seemed like a great idea at the time to avoid a letdown, turns into you investing a lot of energy that could be spent finding someone who does want the same things. The post 8 Reasons Men Shouldn’t Get Upset When Women Get Jealous appeared first on YouQueen. Being a jealous woman in today’s fake-how-you-feel society is never viewed as a good thing. With that said, jealousy is one way we show you how much we care (even if you won’t agree to that all the time).
It’s not like we can tell you about our greatest fears and insecurities in life as we share dinner before going to bed or watching Netflix on our days off. We couldn’t really care less if every woman who passed by us (or the other way around) at the mall bats their lashes to get you to notice them.
If you take any of our comments about how you can’t resist doing a double take on hot women who pass by you constructively, take a mental note of the supposed criticism, and take it to heart without resenting us. We’re jealous when your attention is on someone else because we are in love with you. Or, it’s probably because of some things that you do or might have done without knowing it will make us jealous.
As the years go by, we start looking for potential life partners and qualities we want in someone for years to come.
It may not be the number one flag that you’re not meant to be, but if you felt it 100%, you wouldn’t be questioning it. Feeling understood by the one who has your heart is really important in any healthy relationship. This may be due to the fact that he’s criticized your thoughts before, making you hesitant to open yourself up to him again. At the end of the day, when you’ve had a long and difficult experience that makes you seek comfort, and he turns you away, you need to respect yourself enough to leave what doesn’t serve you.
Sadly, the minute you start to realize he may not be the one, the feelings have already been established, which makes it so much more difficult to pack up and leave. The most important thing to remember, though, is that if you don’t cut him loose, regardless of how painful it may be, there won’t be space for Mr.
You don’t need to cut yourself short because you’re made to believe that you’re a little bit too hard to love some days. At the end of the day, you deserve a soft spot after all the hard landings you’ve had to endure. Some might say that if he cares about you then he’ll love your friends no matter what, but that’s just not realistic.
The trouble arises when he tries to get you away from your friends, your friends don’t want you dating someone who doesn’t like them or even if there’s an event where they all have to be present and get along. Here are the best tips for making this relationship last even if your boyfriends hates your friends. Ignoring the fact that your boyfriend and friends don’t get along is not the way to go when it comes to this situation. Not only will you be aware of what’s really going on by asking him, but he’ll feel grateful that you want to resolve the issue and know exactly why he’s feeling upset about it. If there’s anything you can do in order to make everyone get along, then you need to do it. In order to avoid an in-person confrontation between your boyfriend and your friends, keep them separated. So, in order to keep the peace, don’t invite him to hang around with you all until things are resolved—if that happens, at least. If you can, don’t tell you friends that your boyfriend doesn’t like them—especially if they’re all girls.
As long as your boyfriend isn’t mean or rude to them, they’re not going to know about it anyways.
Sometimes guys don’t understand the connection women have with their friends and may make more of an effort to be nice and like them if it means that much to you. If he doesn’t want to accompany you to an event where all your friends will be because he doesn’t want to deal with them, then go alone. If you can’t seem to come to an agreement and he won’t budge on the fact that he hates your friends, then you may just have to accept it and let it go. Nobody wants to live with their boyfriend hating their friends, but sometimes it’s just reality.
Staying committed and faithful to the one you love requires more than just saying "I love you" each chance you get. I’m sure you’ve heard, read and pondered several relationship rules at some point in your life, regardless of your relationship status. You may even have lived by them while you were in a relationship thinking that, if you do so, the success of your relationship is guaranteed. If you’re in a serious relationship or are hoping to be in one soon, we know that these are things you have definitely thought of at some point. There’s nothing you can do to make your relationship affair- or cheat-proof, but that doesn’t mean that you can just give in to the temptations around you. Acknowledging this fact will help you to figure out ways to avoid temptation as much as possible (because you actually can plan ahead of time). Before you obsess about how you can stay faithful and committed, first ask yourself if your partner shares your feelings. When he realizes how much your relationship matters to you, chances are he’ll put in the same effort as you. There’s nothing wrong with being picky about who you want to be friends with if it could mean that you’ll save your relationship. Fill your social network with like-minded people, those who aim for their relationship to thrive amid the hookup culture.
The fact that you’ve thought about lying to your boyfriend means that what you’re doing is obviously wrong (unless it’s a pleasant surprise for him, then fibbing is okay). You know that when you start lying, you’ll have to spin more lies in the future to cover up the first lie.
Although life it is fast-paced and there’s little time to reflect, set aside a couple of minutes a day to think about your relationship and your partner’s worth to you. Despite what we think, falling in love with someone and being loved by them in return does not automatically mean that loyalty and fidelity are guaranteed in the relationship. But, if both parties are willing to put in the work that the relationship requires, it will thrive even if there are challenges and a number of temptations around. What other tips do you have for our readers who are aiming to be faithful and committed to their partners? Having been single for 22 of the 24 years I’ve been alive, it’s fair to say that I have experienced the single life thoroughly before entering a relationship with my boyfriend.
There are pros and cons to both, and it really all boils down to what you’re looking for in that particular season or period of your life.
Being single was liberating and full of adventures, but being taken has come with its own set of adventures, benefits and personal growth. There’s no better teacher than experience, but since it doesn’t hurt to be aware and have a heads-up about how different the lifestyle is, I’m here to share what you, as a single woman, should know about relationships. Even though my boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship, our deep friendship is what keeps us connected and bonded to each other. Being great friends is also a way for you to determine whether or not the guy is right for you. Emotions are important in a romantic relationship, but they shouldn’t be the driving force of it because feelings come and go. My boyfriend and I practice the act of choosing to love each other on a daily basis through the small things.
Now, this may drive you away from entering a committed relationship, but granted that it’s reciprocal, choosing to love someone daily is a beautiful and admirable thing, then to have the relationship being driven only by emotions—one that is based on passion and strong feelings will not last.
Healthy relationships are reciprocal and require both people to be involved and invested in the relationship. Because my boyfriend and I are in a long-distance relationship, it’s especially vital that we do this. The actions that back up our words include sending an encouraging text in the morning, and making the time to talk with each other even though we’re tired at the end of the day.
If you find that you’re always giving and he’s always taking, don’t panic and don’t resort to breaking up. When you’re single, you don’t have to think about anyone else; that’s one of the perks of not being in a relationship.
Part of being in a relationship is compromising and also sacrificing a bit of your independence because you should know how to depend on your boyfriend to an extent. My boyfriend and I are independent people, and that’s what makes our relationship healthy and happy!
Co-dependency is not healthy, but you and your boyfriend need to know how to rely on and lean on each other during the tough times. If you’re having a bad day or a difficult period in your life, it’s okay and recommended that you lean on your boyfriend for support and love and vice versa. You are not meant to live this life alone and you are not expected to know how to figure out the solution to every hardship or difficulty in your life. No matter how much your boyfriend likes and loves you, he is not a mind reader, and neither are you! My boyfriend and I grew up handling conflict differently, so communicating my concerns to him was difficult and it took some time for it to become the norm for me. I’ve become a lot better at it now, but there are still times where I’m tempted to just leave him to guess why I’m upset instead of telling him. If you’re like me and have grown up in an environment or culture where feelings are suppressed or where conflicts are shoved under the rug, start being open with the small things. Remember that this is a process and it’s going to take time for you to be completely transparent with your boyfriend, and that’s okay. Although I haven’t been in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship before, I have witnessed a number of them from old friends and have gone out on dates with emotionally manipulative guys in college. I learned the hard way and now believe that a relationship with emotional, physical or spiritual abuse is not worth fighting for. My senior year of college, I went on a series of dates with a guy who was nice at first, but the more we talked and hung out, the more I saw his manipulative side.
If you’re in an abusive relationship, please seek support from family and friends, and seek professional help. Healthy relationships are beautiful, but it takes effort from you and your boyfriend, and a series of wise choices. Have you been in a healthy relationship, and is there anything else you’d like to add to the list? Your lover hanging out with the opposite sex seems harmless, but if past relationships ended in infidelity, you will see every friend as a threat. Another example is hearing your lover chatting on the phone and having a great conversation with the caller, yet giving you evasive answers when you confront them about the call.
A counselor also builds self-happiness, awareness and understanding in the couple so the relationship remains rock solid.
Allow a therapist to mediate the discussion; it is beneficial, yet requires trust and vulnerability for a successful outing.
Your lover can say the words to you and secretly loathe your existence without your knowledge.

Take simple reminders and kind gestures as “I love you.” Likewise, show your love to your significant other by performing similar reminders and kind gestures. As you point a finger at their actions, the other three fingers curl up and point toward you. After the sudden end of a relationship, there are millions of thoughts going through your head. Everything that was unique to your relationship now becomes a painful reminder of what you’ve lost—and the loss hits you hard. There are different ways to deal with a breakup: get out old movies, grab some comfort food and stay close to your friends.
Of course, after the introspection, there is going to be a lot you wish you had known beforehand. Relationships can be amazing, and finding someone you can connect with and picture sharing your life with is beautiful, but don’t forget to take care of yourself.
Don’t neglect your friends, family, job, finances or your needs just because you’re in a new relationship. So make sure you keep that life by doing the things you love because if they leave and your life is centered around them, the breakup is going to be much harder. Some people want to be open with their partners, but just because you may have this approach doesn’t mean the other person will, too.
Be very mindful of the fact that once you put your relationship status on Facebook everyone will know and when a breakup comes the fallout of that can be crushing and (slightly) humiliating. Some things can be learned through the experience of others, while others—well, those we need to experience ourselves, and sometimes more than once.
As rough and tough as our boyfriends pretend to be, they’re actually really sensitive creatures deep down. This means that as good as we feel when men compliment us, they feel even better when they’re compliment—even if they don’t show it outwardly.
Unfortunately, the lack of display of emotions has led to many women thinking that most men don’t like compliments.
Although men love compliments, the ones they’re actually dying to hear may come as a surprise. So go ahead, and comment on how manly he looks walking around, or how his beard adds just the manliest touch to his features. If you like the same movies, you’re bound to mesh well with each other for a long time to come—something men really want to know but hardly ever say so.
Speaking of those muscles making him extremely strong and able to protect you, tell him how safe you feel with him. Throughout history, men have been known for protecting the family and making sure others are taken care of. Yeah, yeah, most men aren’t exactly fashion gurus, but they still like to know when you find their outfit, or even just a cool t-shirt, attractive.
The fact that most of them aren’t fashion-savvy may even make the compliment that much more special.
Just simply telling him, “You have good taste in music,” is enough to send his ego soaring! It’s one thing to drool over your boyfriend’s muscles, but another to tell him how hot they are, and still another when you talk about his actual strength. Yes, muscles are delicious and any man who possesses a large number of them is going to be ogled whenever he takes his shirt off. No guy will ever admit that he cares deeply about what his girl’s friends think of him, but he really does.
So, the next time the two of you just got done hanging out with your friends, whisper to him as you’re walking away and just tell him how great they all think he is. Since parents tend to have a big say in the significant others of their children, the fact that they approve of him just gets rid of any and all insecurities related to that.
But, if he’s really nice to his siblings, helpful to his mother and respectful to his father, tell him that and don’t hold back. When it comes to your boyfriend's profession, you don’t really get to choose the career path he went down. Near the top of your list, no matter what kind of guy is on it, should be a musician. If you don’t have musician on there, you really should rethink that. Every time a woman hears a love song on the radio, there’s a decent chance she’s thinking how lovely it would be if somebody wrote something like that specifically for her. When dating a musician, there’s a guarantee that at least one of their love songs will be written with you in mind, especially if you’re relationship is fabulous and inspiring. This sensitivity and emotional intelligence will carry over into other aspects of their lives, and that means it will carry over into your relationship. Having to go on tour and do shows at all hours of the day and night will allow you to have all the alone time you want. Musicians have fans, and a lot of those fans will be girls just dying to get it on with your boyfriend. You’ll never have to worry if he’s just trying to pass time with you because he has a line of girls ready to waste time with him. This is good for you and your relationship because you know that he’s not just with you for the sake of it. Money isn’t as important as the music for most musicians, so he won’t care if you aren’t living a glamorous life as long as you are both following your passions and doing it all the way.
If your relationship with a musician ends up going all the way and you have a little family, your kids will be amazing. They’ll also inherit the best attributes of both of you, which, in turn, will lead to passionate children who are patient and understanding. I don’t mean this in the conventional way, but a lot of musicians follow their own personal style with an aura of confidence that other professions just can’t match.
Most musicians have most if not all of these attributes, along with other personality traits that are so unique to the person that it wouldn’t matter what they did for a living.
So, if you can put up with all the downfalls of dating a musician—like late nights, time apart and a lack of financial security—it could end up being one of the best relationships you ever have.
Of all the things that a relationship requires, trust, communication, and quality time are most important. When you’ve been in a relationship for some time and you hit a major roadblock, what do you do? Or, do you say goodbye and move on to the next one, not wanting to waste your precious time with the wrong person?
Choosing between staying or moving on is one of the toughest decisions you can face in life. To help you make the right choice, it will help to spot the signs that tell you that the relationship is over before you call it quits. Here are 10 major predictors of breakup that will tell you it’s time to let go and give up the fight.
If the people closest to you have shared their two cents about your relationship, you should be concerned.
For couples to be successful in a relationship, they should share at least one common interest or hobby.
This is necessary in order to form a stronger bond, which is very much needed for your relationship to triumph over the obstacles you’ll face in the long run. If you or your partner holds onto the past as if one of your lives depend on it, then you have no business being in the relationship in the first place. How can you focus on your present relationship and plan for a future if one or both of you is still dwelling on the relationships of old? If your activities almost always include your partner and vice versa and that has changed suddenly, there is something clearly wrong. If you’ve already talked about specific plans like moving in together or getting married and he wants to put these major plans on hold without valid reasons, there may be somebody else. You may want to consider taking a detour, but only if you’re sure that the relationship is worth your time and effort. Before you conclude that it’s over with your significant other, be sure to always take the time to salvage the relationship. More importantly, make it a point to make them feel you’re willing to work things out if they feel the same way. Sometimes, a guy can be quite the Charmer, but when he shows his true colors, what should you do? Being obsessed with criminal shows, I saw red flags, but she was younger, and didn’t know all I knew.
They help us conduct business, stay in touch with loved ones and take pictures of our food and genitals.
But now the scientists are puzzled why women would choose men with deep voices if they knew that this was a sign of them cheating.
Secondly, does that mean that women are now going to ask every man out there for a sound bite in addition to their photograph, salary, height, and other vital statistics? You understanding a situation or someone’s motivations does not give you the power to change their behavior, wants or needs in this moment. I want you to say it enough times for it to really sink in and then use it to encourage you to walk away from all those romantic situations that are going nowhere.
If what is between you right now—in this instance, in this reality, in these circumstances—is not enough, then it never will be. It is true that when what we (usually silently) want from people is not delivered, we feel crushed, angry or frustrated. I somehow made this in my mind as ‘casual’ as you possibly can make driving 1,800 miles to be reunited with someone. I pushed that aside hoping to find a more agreeable reality where my instincts were wrong, and the outcome would be different.
Yet, instead of being honest with both myself and him, I decided to stay silent and hopeful. Yes, of course, but I undoubtedly created more disappointment for myself and wasted my attention on someone who was never going to deliver anything remotely close to satisfaction. I’m not saying turn up on a first date, make it known that you see yourself having 10 babies and ask if they’re keen.
It’s time you could be spending fully leaping into life, love, passion and new horizons elsewhere. So, if ever your boyfriend gets upset when you're jealous, we've rounded up the reasons you can use to make him see the good in it.
We know that that’s why we strive to keep our cool even when we saw our man just check out that hot chick who passed by while we were sitting over coffee.
Here are eight reasons when we’re jealous and why rather than being upset, our boyfriends should just be more accepting and happy about it. So, when we show our jealous side, it’s us simply telling you we want you in our life for as long as possible. However, if you respond by winking at them or giving them that smile that captured our hearts when we were just in the beginning of our relationship, it’s another story.
Our jealous side will help you to get better each time until you nail it (and you can thank us then).
You should actually have known it for some time now, but if you still need convincing, we’re giving it to you straight now.
With this said, know that we know how jealousy is completely unavoidable but should only be exercised in moderation (because too much of anything is never good).
We start off looking for the most attractive guy in the room—the one all the girls drool over; the boy next door. Butterflies occur, you find yourself scribbling his name everywhere, you even playfully imagine being Mrs. Somehow the boy next door always breaks a heart or two, and so we grow older and more mature, naturally seeking different qualities.
You may just be cautious, having been through quite a few rough relationships, or you may be asking yourself if he’s meant to stay because something is trying to tell you that he should go. Or, you just don’t feel comfortable enough to share an intimate side of yourself that very few get to see. Dismissing your feelings is a sign that he doesn’t care enough about comforting you, which is one of the reasons that you’re choosing to spend your time on and with someone. If your partner really cares about making you feel loved, they’ll recognize those little things and do them without hesitation. If you’re at a mature enough stage in your life where you’re seeking a life partner and children, you will undoubtedly imagine him as the father of your children. That’s the ultimate commitment and expression of love, and if you can’t imagine a feeling a calmness and that scenario putting a smile on your face, cut the cord.
He’s supposed to be your soft spot on days when life’s exceptionally tough—the one who protects your heart and physical being, just because he loves you. This is how to deal with the most important people in your life when they’re at odds with each other. Your man could love you with all his heart and just hate one, or even a couple, of the people you spend your time with.
Sure, it might be easier for you for a little while, but eventually you’re going to be the person the stress falls on when things go bad. Not only will your boyfriend be annoyed and frustrated whenever he’s around them, but he’ll start resenting you for it because they’re your friends and he feels the need to be around them just for you.
Your job now is to make sure that you do everything in your power to resolve the issue at hand.

Having someone so important to you dislike all of the other people who are just as important to you is a recipe for disaster. Girls have a tendency to get overly offended by something that might not be as bad as it sounds. So keep this little tidbit to yourself and it’ll make dealing with this situation a whole lot easier. If your friends mean a lot to you and you just can’t deal with the fact that your boyfriend doesn’t like them, then tell him that.
So, to help you stay true to your beautiful relationship goal, here are nine tips to live by.
When you see him respond in such a way, it will help you to stay committed to the relationship, too.
With this said, don’t put yourself in situations that you know you’re not strong enough to handle. Next thing you know, you’ve lost the person you love over the wrong and rash decisions you’ve made.
Once you’ve decided, take steps in making sure you stay true to the decision you just made, no matter how hard it is.
If you’re ready to be in a relationship, here are some truths you should know about what it entails and what true love is all about. Having a solid friendship will get you and your boyfriend through the tough times because that’s usually when neither of you will feel like loving each other. If we hadn’t been friends before we started dating, it would’ve been harder to maintain it. There will be times in your relationship when you will start doubting or won’t feel like loving your boyfriend. During times of conflict, we choose to love by giving forgiveness freely and doing things to make up after we’ve resolved that specific problem.
That also means that actions should back up words, because even though words are very important and have a lot of effect, they are empty without the actions.
It’s time you have a serious discussion with your boyfriend about why this is happening, and come up with ways to make sure that there’s a balance of giving and taking. When we started dating, though, it became a hindrance for us because it kept the relationship from growing and blooming.
If you’re angry, talk it out, don’t be passive-aggressive and don’t give him the silent treatment. Communicating with each other has saved us from petty arguments, and it helps us to cultivate honesty in our relationship. I liked him a lot, but I came to my senses and realized that he was not worth pursuing and fighting for. If you are currently going on dates with a guy and see red flags, let him know that you do not want to pursue him romantically. If you’re a single woman and think you’re ready for a relationship, remember that healthy relationships should promote growth, love and respect. The emotions come from past relationships and problems, and you take the attitudes resulting from those problems into the new relationship.
It’s a victory for us, but to your significant other, it is overprotection and a privacy violation.
Understanding your partner in the relationship is more than knowing their likes and dislikes. You also need to respect your partner’s emotions by avoiding those emotion-triggering signs and signals.
However, no matter how many movies I watched, how many books I read or how many friends were broken up with, nothing could have prepared me for it. Another thing you can do is try to learn from your breakup—trust me, there is a lot you can learn from breakups. There will be things you wished you had or hadn’t done, but all of them can be looked at as lessons. I’m sure you’ve heard of the three-date rule—thank modern day romantic comedies for that one—but if you are serious about committing to someone, this is an important step to remember and follow.
It may not be ideal, but it gives both parties a chance to examine what they want from a relationship.
When I first got together with my ex, I was more open than he was, and I knew what I wanted. However, it’s important to remember this because it allows you to take a step back from the situation when needed. Some people are simply looking to increase the number of people they date—or even those they sleep with—while others are go into a relationship in all honesty.
It is important that your person knows how you feel, but not at the expense of your wallet. Even though you may want them to know everything about you, take your time and let it grow. They may be great, and they may seem perfect, but the truth is that they are very human and will make mistakes. Hopefully these are things that you can learn without the heartbreak of experiencing them all yourself.
It’s a proven fact that men really feel their emotions more although women are the ones who show them more. Sure, a slap of their nice butt followed by a comment stating it is as such may have him jumping for joy—on the inside—but that’s not exactly the best compliment to give him. Not only does this show him that you pay attention to the little things, but it reassures him that the two of you are compatible.
It might seem like a small detail, and perhaps a given since you’re with him, but you’d be surprised how meaningful this can be for a man. However, his music choice is something that can mean a lot to him—especially if he spends the majority of his time listening to music. He might not show his appreciation of this comment much since his ‘job’ is to make you happy, but he’ll be lying in bed at night with a smug smile plastered across his face just thinking about what you said. He’s not spending hours in the gym for the appeal of the bulk that has accumulated across his body. If your friends don’t approve, he knows that it’s only a matter of time until they convince you that you shouldn’t like him either. If you tell him that your parents love him, it’s just reassuring him—yet again—that you’re not going anywhere. The rest of these you may be able to embellish upon to make him feel good, but when it comes to the way he treats his family, be honest about it. Let him know how great you think he is to his family and he’ll be grinning from ear to ear.
Although they don’t show it nearly enough, it is still necessary to give them a few here and there. The job itself may not be able to offer the same stability as, let’s say, a banker, but the person who chooses to spend their life following their dream is definitely worth a relationship.
All their success relies solely on their ability to dig deep and create a piece of art that can be felt and heard.
In all relationships, alone time is important, and when dating a musician, you won’t have to worry about whether or not he’s going to be around all the time. When you do finally see each other after having spent time apart, it will be that much more magical. The good news though is that if you can handle your jealousy with grace and trust your boyfriend, you’ll always know that he’s dating you because he truly loves you.
It’s part of the territory and general personality traits that most musicians just happen to have. He understands the importance of following your dreams so you’ll never have to deal with him trying to talk you out of it to go for something a little more guaranteed. There’s a good chance they’ll be musically inclined themselves and that alone makes for some talented and cool kids.
If these are lost, you can be sure the relationship won't work—nor will it survive these 10 additional things.
You have to know for sure because there are decisions that can’t be undone once they are made.
With that said, how do you know whether or not your relationship is headed in the wrong direction? If your partner suddenly no longer initiates intimacy with you, or you make the first move but his response is always cold, there’s something wrong.
If unresolved, despite continued effort to resolve it, there’s no question that breakup is the most sensible decision.
Remember, they may be seeing things you don’t see and noticing things you easily ignore. If there are struggles to express yourself openly for fear that you will be judged or not heard by your partner, you can expect more misunderstandings and disagreements in the long run. You’re obviously still hung up on the past, so that in itself is a huge issue already.
Expect distance and resentment to soon creep into your relationship, creating a hole that will separate you.
If you used to set aside time to spend together to bond but that doesn’t happen anymore, you can be sure your relationship will sour. What should I do?” Never had I felt my stomach drop faster than when my friend asked me this. 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. Clinging all your hopes onto an expectation of what could happen in the future only leads to disappointment. Part of the problem is that we don’t really want to accept unpalatable truths, which tempts us to opt for blissful ignorance just a little longer. The problem is that you are wasting your precious life by choosing to just stand around on the ledge, keeping them company. If they put up a fight, you know you’ll always be struggling to find affection in the way that makes you feel it. Something is trying to tell you to move on and find the one who does, in fact, make you feel as if you’ve found Mr.
Right, who will love you in ways you never could imagine, by letting go of someone who may have taught you valuable lessons about love and self-respect. Although this doesn’t seem like a major issue, it can cause a lot of difficulties in your relationship. I know lying to them isn’t ideal, but omitting the truth is a little easier of a concept to swallow.
If you can get past it and come to some sort of understanding that separates your friend life from your relationship with him, then go with it in order to save your friendships and relationship. When you recognize this, you’ll find ways to avoid developing feelings for a coworker by not flirting with them or discussing your relationship problems with them. Meet his most important needs and be sure to speak his love language so that your efforts don’t go to waste. If you’re looking for someone who doesn’t do drugs or drink, and he does, then he’s not the right guy for you. We put each other’s needs before our own and do our best to express love in different ways. If you think that he’s not spending enough time with you or you don’t feel like you’re a priority to him, tell him. The jealousy comes from insecurity, and the insecurity comes from the hot buttons that end previous relationships. What we don’t realize is that being proactive in a relationship is a surefire way to sabotage it.
You may think that the other person is the most wonderful person you’ve ever met, and perhaps you’ve even fallen for them and see a future together. Maybe it makes them feel good just because, or maybe it validates the fact that yes, they are now a man. Nobody wants you to encourage bad behavior that will only extend into your family if the two of you choose to have one.
You can’t look forward to a future together unless you focus all your efforts in the present. Like a super fun drug, your smartphone is highly addictive and can easily turn you into a glassy-eyed zombie, constantly checking Instagram to see if anyone liked that picture of your omelette. But, while you keep the ideal fantasy of any potential relationship alive, you are selling yourself short when you could be finding someone who it is enough with. It’s not like you just let anyone stare, get near or touch it when you’re around, right?
I’m mostly referring to him having your back when you need it most—that he’s not your soft spot during hard times.
So, here are some telltale signs that it’s time to put down your phone and re-engage with the real world for a bit.

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