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With so many of the usual perps now extinct or, as in the case of many reptilian species, gone from Earth, suddenly all sort of other critters are showing up distinctly on the map for me. I don't necessarily agree, but i think the pic is good.CIA Repticlone Arrested For Wearing Anonymous Mask At Protest.
Yessir, drop everything and rise up, people, and demand a cosmetic CHANGE of repticlone puppet leaders.
The ones on the right and left have washed-out vibe as though they either are long dead or more likely never existed. I was awakened at 5am by thunder and lightning and loud rain, but that stopped after a while.
As are the 3 trannies in the bottom pic, who "demonstrate in support of the German TV comedian".Saudi Arabia takes in nine Yemenis from Guantanamo. Got slight rain last night, and more going on now.Huffington Post goes all-in for pro-vaccine propaganda, BANISHES veteran writer from website for posting honest review of VAXXED documentary.
Are there still people out there ignorant enough to believe that one can be a NYT reporter without being CIA?This repticlone does indeed feel eithanized. Yet an other repticlone journalist arrested in Turkey for criticizing Erdogan.Amazing some of the garbage Icke, Inc.
Well, on the one hand, the alleged perp, the purported victim, and even the supposed lawyer feel like ordinary humans, not MPD, no obvious agency vibe. Then yesterday, i noticed that Rorg and his turtle friends had found a mess of them offworld, and were jailing them.It's like with the offworld NSA and CIA SSers. Swimsuit Model and i am blown away, because right near the end, Laura Lee says she thinks these 2 transgenders are clones.
At one point it sounded like a tree may have been hit on the higher part of my property, although i have not investigated yet.
I put all my potted vegetable starts under cover so they wouldn't get washed out.Prisonplanet is chock full of Trump-mania stories like this one. The lawyer, Marc Victor, is a CIA repticlone (who is always promoted by lizartarians as a cool, anti-establishment kind of guy).
As are myriad other CIA publications.Seems that society has been wrongfully judging sluts with STDs. For some reason we can jail these offworld or under the surface of the Earth (which are the only places we notice them), but not the SSers walking around on Earth, even when these latter are pureblood ETs.And what are werewolves exactly?
Ingrid-clone has been euthanized.Something is very wrong with Greener Pastures Sanctuary in AU.
The scary thing is, most of these seem to not be paid shills, but actual human dupes getting all excited about whether a certain repticlone does or does not wind up in the pretend-role of "US President".Wake up, you idiots! The baby (who is alive somewhere), the purported mother, and the purported father Logan McQueary are all human Project Monarch victims. Houston also founded VOP Foundation, a non-profit foundation that benefits underprivileged people and groups in the Austin Community. An occasional spray-drone, too.Forgot to mention, yesterday there was a bunch of loud jet noise above the overcast.
Time for us all to grow out of that.If these CIA clones would just get along, there wouldn't be much happening in the world. Sure, it would be in poor taste to post, and maybe run into censorship issues on YT, but still, in this day and age when so many people are carrying video cameras, you'd think, right in front of a VA bldg, someone would have caught it, and it would be mentioned somewhere. I understand that in the case of reptilian shapeshifters, they are hybrids of humans and reptilians, both species which can exist separately.
I don't detect satanists or SSers exactly, but none of the animals on their site or FB are ensouled! The readership of Icke is now considered so naive that not only do they believe in the legitimacy of jounalists, but they can swallow that a member of Congress can "warn" the World Bank? But some other people are still getting attacked hard.Usually, when a species takes over attacking a person, they continue doing the same things the previous attackers did. Several NSA craft (from a U base near West Memphis) with satanists, channeling demonic energies using the noise as a vector. Of course, there are slightly different strains of humans all over the multiverse, and many different strains of human-rept hybrids have come and settled here (most of them came in at the time of the New Madrid Earthquake). Amazing that they let some of these guys keep their hair long.The rest of them feel like real humans, but they have never been imprisoned (except maybe for photo ops). Furthermore, most were ensouled but voluntarily left those incarnations to get the hell out of that place.
Another pic.Also, oddly, there seemed to be some connection to 2 DORy jailable ET species that were under Michigan. They are among those in the forefront of the anti-GMO, anti-vax, anti-chemtrail, antiwar, anti-fluoride, pro-gun-rights, pro-cannabis legalization, pro organic food, pro raw milk, etc. They did euthanize these CIA assets.JetBlue flight attendant accused of transporting $3 million worth of cocaine. OMG, they even have muslim extremists staffing the helplines in Belgium now, who can't resist inappropriately interjecting truth into every situation. Guess what the city employees and "disgruntled" nay-boors are?(6:35pm) I just realized that Brazil has many FAB U bases full of SSers, engaged in such things as chemtrailing with exotic craft. Pretty, famous girl stabs famous Jewish doctor "in Leblon, Rio's wealthiest and safest neighborhood, where a seafront penthouse sells for nearly $10 million".
I presume most people were asleep at that hour so it would be easier to pull off a hoax.And the navy comes to the rescue, making the military look useful for something.
Of course, knowing how the hoaxers like to pull our legs, the real number of them is probably fewer. I remember when i was young, the Germans were a notoriously fastidious race, always concerned with Ordnung and cleanliness. Good-looking people do commit crimes, but the presence of beautiful young women in a big media story is a red flag. Those repticlones in these pics must've been pretty upset.The alleged victim and his family feel like ordinary humans.
People would have pulled over, and it seems someone would have filmed it.Why does the deceased have no vibe, and neither do his parents?
Those guys ruined my day but now, finally, bless her, the good goddess Antuvozy has deleted that species.We'd all be in big trouble if it wasn't for her.And you know what she's like? There are 4 guys there on the bottom that could be the same model with different fake fuzz. Well, i sincerely doubt he ever tortured Mohamedou Ould Slahi, who feels like a human CIA actor. The 2 species are allied, and it is the type that was under Ovid that hammers on the little girl.That's all i got on them so far.
Germany was a country in which a stranger would likely be berated by passers-by if someone saw him littering or parking illegally.
Wow, now a group of tax-supported repticlone puppet actors will pretend to argue and debate over which non-human puppet will pretend to be leading the UN.
I'm surprised she's not a glamorous drag queen.I get no vibe off the alleged parole violation interactions.
In fact it seems a trifle hard to believe the USAF would put a normal human as commander of a Training Squadron on a base, and not even subject his kids to the usual "education". And barium or strontium will take the Strontium-Barium Program, and any aluminum will take other pgms. I don't get a vibe off the "man who had been unable to reach his diabetic brother" or the brother who supposedly did the shooting, but then they may well not exist.
Whilst i am happy to see less fracking, at the same time, i am aware that things are never what they appear to be in the media. They sure have gone downhill a lot if no one even bothered to check the condition of the asylum before offering it to their noble police. Is there an extant precursor species for the wolfish traits?Anyway, Antuvozy has been working on deleting the "offworld werewolf" species, and seems optimistic. And it is possible the middle and right one of the first row are the same guy, computer-warped. At one point it shows a crowd of several hundred (mostly repticlones) and ends with an ugly repticlone drag queen holding a sign, Adams apple, triceps, and all. Let's take a look at this 'Mark Ruffalo, the well-known actor and New York resident who also serves as advisory board member of New Yorkers Against Fracking' who 'said it was "incredible" for the news to be delivered on Earth Day:' "Well-known actor" are 3 words that should send alarms ringing in your head. Those disinclined to watch pro bowling can be kept on the edge of their chairs by this new source of suspense.Tears flow as Myanmar swears in first president with no army ties in over 50 years. Now, the CIA says "suspicion is now high that Prince was potentially given a flu shot injection or heavy doses of Tamiflu. But if i look up pics of Ruffy and his wife being promoted as celebs by Getty, they seem like normal humans. And i am taking out deep NSA, CIA, HS bases around the area.The bird has a nasty vibe (not like an inanimate drone but more like evil ET).
And i doubt any of them are flying to Saudi Arabia.Sandy Hook Families Will Now Be Allowed To Sue Remington. Prince suffers from epilepsy, and the flu shot can be deadly for those suffering from that illness." Note that they say "suffers", present tense. Actually it was sunnier early this morning, with some chem-puffs that looked like they were sprayed yesterday. And he told me that his clan had bestowed upon my humble self the title of Honorary Turtle! The weird lines superimposed on the left pic, which is a pic of the same Mossad synthetic as in the middle pic. Yet i am convinced they are involved in some illicit, immoral activities with this "shelter".
So you can guess what the real message is.But the reason i bring this article up is because B'Tselem is Mossad-run. And the insufficiently supported (though true) statement "Why do so many people die after receiving a flu shot?
The Egg Harbor Township, NJ PO (map) is a very sizable bldg, and also houses some agency i don't know the name of, which appears to be some kind of military intel type stalkers.
The video has a few humans, specifically the Asian guy with the gold suit, and a handful of pedestrians incidentally walking by at some point.
I could trace him because he was partying with USAF repticlones in a U base in Mississippi.What about the alleged shooter?
And it burned up, and any melted remains cleaned up before Amerikan flags planted?Must be that he hiked 9 miles then went into a gas station near the VA. I sense 49 satanist SSers there (not counting in the PO section) which are originals, not clones. I almost forgot: as i was trying to sleep last night, i got attacked hard by the flat-faced repts. Sheen is a SHer.Andrew Jackson Gets Booted from the $20 Bill -- Here's What He Had to Say About Central Banking. Grooming the little one for her future.A small price to pay for success, eh, Ruffy-wuffy?OK, on to more important matters. They work together with the CIA repticlone Monarch handlers at the nearby Catholic "Bread of Life Outreach Center" (map).
If you find one, send me a link.Any attempt to research Bellino online just runs into this story of a police Sgt Frank Bellino, also in San Antonio (relation?), who supposedly shot dead this aspiring young nazi. There is definitely some sort of feminization going on somehow, as well as a deliberate androgyny psyop.This youtuber is pretty sharp regarding this tranny stuff. So, he walks into the gas station, buys 2 cans full of gas, and walks on over to the VA place.
A couple days ago i searched for who could be the present intelligence running the darkside these days. But other places in the US have been getting metallic spray from exotic craft from NSA U bases.Arrests made after clashes at far-right and anti-fascist rallies in Dover. Arianna is not real obvious from his pics as he is TGed since childhood (or the original was), but does have the big head which is indicative of this type of drag queen. Jackson was a blood-drinking satanist SSer Mason like Lincoln who also "opposed" the banksters. These were for protection as well as utilized to perform rape-blood-cannibalism rituals.OK, i can buy that, but then why were there all these jailable offworld werewolves, too? Also Reese Witherspoon and of course, Allbright.And the hostess is Amy Schumer (check that back-line).I am all in favor of strong women, but why can't the media find any?
They left the repticlone "victim" alive in a U base east of town.IDF tells court Hebron assailant killed by soldier posed no threat.
And i am able to get enough of a vibe off him to track him to this store where he is shopping. Nobody got killed or injured here, although the IDF routinely does shoot Palestinians, especially innocent ones. Quite likely the agencies are stirring these guys up peripherally if nothing else, but they strike me as dupes who have no idea what's really going on.However, this article is different. According to this, his supposed widow does exist, and is a Lowes manager.The funeral home and officiating minister are repty too. They had the same quality of vibe.And why would breeding 2 physical species like a wolf and a human result in something that normally looks like a human, but can shapeshift? I got onto this from this hoax article Ghost of dead dog caught on video haunting his owners. This story is a sham to make it look like some of these nazi repticlones have checks and balances, morals, ethics, etc.Husband of Palestinian who won 'world's best teacher' served time for terror. Normally when i look at news articles with pics of famous people (and sometimes not-so-famous) i sense numerous clone copies of them. And who is demanding more governmental control over the speed of these hazardous bicyclists? If i look up other pics of her online, they all feel human and feminine, rather remarkably, "considering Gadot served as a combat instructor in the Israeli army for two years"; a claim that is hard to believe, as all IDF soldiers are MPD but she does not feel MPD in any of her pics. I might sense 5, 8, 11, but never much more.Well, i was just looking at this Donovan clone and sensed a lot more.
And then in the right column, this entertaining animated gif, linking to more dubious stories."First global strike against chemtrails" promoted by Italians.
The blurry pics are probably of a repticlone whose picture was shopped to resemble the TKD guy. Not bad for a hymenless MPD human clone whose "mom" and "dad" are both MPD male CIA repticlones.
Wait, i just found the replacement in a U base west of Montherme', France.Interestingly, that article does have a fairly clear supposed pic of Najim, except this one is human and still alive. The "dad" depicted in that article, as well as the LinkedIn one, are repticlones (probably not the same one, but both alive), yet the one here is a human clone.
Whatever they are, i sense more of them in Saturn's orbit around the sun (but not near Saturn itself). Incidentally, the TKD champ in the white shirt on the left, has a strongly criminal vibe.So why did they not simply take a pic of the human version of the brother, and blurrify that, if they wanted to protect the brother from public recognition?
This gripping drama even involved Wussel Bland at one point.I didn't watch the vid, yet somehow doubt that, as the article states, "it's that rare example of famous people stripped of all pretense -- they're not performing roles on the screen, and they're not even performing as their own public personas. I am not sure whether they know they are spooks, or are so brainwashed they believe this crap.CIA repticlone drag queen Actor Michael Smith arrested for domestic battery. They're just two people who fucked up and now have to deal with the consequences of it."Vicarah craft spotted.
Then when they get replaced with another clone, that clone too is energetically tied in to the pics.(1:35pm) Constitution Lost is out of prison! And the 2nd face from the left is on a girl who may be cross-dressed."His" alleged victim is a Georgia Ling. He was busted by werewolf satanist cops for putting "deadly argon" (actually killer orgonite) on railroad tracks or something. Whoever they are, i sense they are battling the Alah-kur now somewhere over Earth.So 5 types of bad ETs here, none of which i can get detail on or jail yet.Woops!
I found a CIA U base near Minneapolis that contained handlers for the situation, but she was not down there.
Possibly nearby on the surface.And that was before i read, or at least consciously digested, that her corpse was found in MN, some distance on the opposite side of Minneapolis.
Wittschier says that they felt exposed by someone who knew their names and online channels well. And as for you, Witless-shit, you might be allowed to live, as long as you stay above-ground, mwahaha.What It's Like to Be Falsely Branded a Satanic Child Molester. His fake momma?The Dr Kellogg who testified about damaged hymens seems to enjoy considerable FBI support. At least it was in 1995-6 when i last lived there.And thank God for the National Center for Reason and Justice. Nice of those repticlone Freemasons to rescue innocent humans.Way freaky vid that has me baffled.

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