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If you have an understanding boss they may be able to help.  However, if your boss is your ex-lover, start looking for employment elsewhere immediately as the likelihood that your work life will be very awkward at best is very high. Participating in a new activity can be a very effective way to relieve inner tension and move forward with your life.  It will help you redefine and re-establish who you are as a person and may even help you look at things from a different perspective.
Seeking out professional counseling and the advice of family and friends can be very helpful in getting over an ex.  Each can help you to remember who you were prior to the relationship and re-establish your sense of self. I recently read an article on E-Harmony Advice about how to get over an ex lover: Making Room for Love – Is a previous relationship preventing you from finding new love? When you think of your “Ex” do you have a picture on your internal mental screen? When you think of your “Ex” do you keep seeing the movies of all the good times you had together?

The next step is to figure out where to find people with those qualities and to develop the skills of rapport building and modern Jedi NLP persuasion power so you can fish where the fish are and invite them into the boat with just what bait they find delicious (you). I also do one on one coaching over the phone and can typically help you with this kind of challenge a lot faster than you may think possible. Click over to Your Tango to watch the video and find out why you still aren’t over your ex boyfriend. Create a movie in your mind of exactly the kind of person and relationship you really and truly want to have. This is where I shamelessly plug my Modern Jedi NLP Training where you can learn a lot more of this stuff. Are you happily persuing your own passions and interests and having fun in your life regardless of a significant other?

He will also help you gain clarity as to whether you should rekindle your romance or finally move on. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except as expressly permitted in writing by A New Mode, Inc. See yourself in the picture doing all the things you would be doing if you were the kind of person who would attract the kind of person you most want to attract.

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