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The Prone Ts with Back Extension Exercise is a great way to develop stabilising strength in your back. The Prone Ts with Back Extension Exercise forms part of the Golf Stability series of innovative and dynamic exercises that will build stability in your joints and core for better consistency and ball-striking. Start by lying face-down, with your legs together and your arms out at your sides, forming a a€?Ta€? shape with your body, your thumbs facing upwards. Squeeze the muscles between your shoulder blades and buttocks to lift your upper body, arms and legs slightly off the ground. Keep your head in line with your spine by looking at a point on the floor under your eyes throughout. There are a number of other shoulder blade mobility and stability exercises in the Golf Loopy Train like a Champion System, you can see them all by clicking here. If you have any questions or comments about this or other articles on Golf Loopy, please send us an email. Golf Performance Programmes – the most effective golf-specific fitness regimens on the planet, guaranteed to make you a better golfer!

There are a number of other golf-specific stability exercises in the Golf Loopy Train like a Champion System. Golf Anatomy and Kinesiology, a collection of articles describing the roles of the muscles involved in the golf swing. Descend until your upper body is just below parallel to the floor, then come back to the starting position, with your body in a straight line, without using momentum. Plant your feet on the base plate, with your heels jammed all the way against the back lip of the plate and your toes pointed straight forward. Cross your arms in front of you with your fingers touching the opposite shoulder, or clasp your hands behind your head.
Once you’ve mastered the move and can bang out 15–20 reps without a problem, add resistance by holding a weight plate at your chest or behind your head. Seat yourself with your upper back against the roller and grasp the handles with your feet planted firmly on the footrest. Initiate the movement by extending at the hips and lumbar spine to straighten your body, pushing the roller to the rear.

I have had chronic low back pain for years, but after beginning this exercise 5 months ago, I've had ZERO low back pain.
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A steady eccentric contraction of these muscles is essential for lowering your upper body under control, and a powerful concentric contraction is needed to come back up.
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