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I’ve been having some fun lately creating logo emblems in an abstract design style based on the house sigils from Game of Thrones. The designs I’ve been creating are these abstract takes on the various house sigils from Game of Thrones. It’s easy enough to draw the opposite half of the head manually by cross referencing the number of grid lines between each point, but otherwise the path can be copied, pasted, reflected and joined to the original on more complex illustrations.
The key to achieving the geometric look is to intersect corner points to split the shape up into lots of segments. In the case of this stag illustration, the triangular shape created from extending the paths from the ears gives a nice point to anchor an additional shape to represent the stag’s muzzle. The antler is quite a complex shape that will be difficult to replicate manually on the other side of the stag’s head, so select the path and go to Object > Transform > Reflect. There comes a point where were we need to break from the grid in order to add the finer details. Giving key facial features like the eyes, nose and ears a black fill will make the face more recognisable. On this particular illustration the antlers seem quite disconnected from the head, so the Scissors tool is used to cut the head outline where it intersects the antler.
Select the entire illustration and bump up the stroke weight to 2pt to give it more presence.
What would really ground the illustration is a slightly thicker outline, but there isn’t one continuous path to select. Press CMD+Alt+2 to Unlock All, then increase the stroke weight of the outline shape to 3pt and select the option to align this stroke to the outside. Adjust the Limit value in the Stroke palette until all the square corners are given nice long spikes. I used this same process to create a dragon, direwolf and lion logo to represent the main houses from Game of Thrones. Access All Areas members gain instant access to 100s of premium design resources & source files. I have a n0ob question for anyone who can answer though – when working with the pen tool my lines never meet up where they visually should. I found the same thing, so I made sure all the lines had curved ends, and suddenly, they all looked joined and nice. We've all heard of people undergoing transplants for desperate medical reasons a€” a new heart or lungs perhaps. Then the Nineties arrived, ushering in the ultra-plucked look championed by celebrities such as Pamela Anderson.
My peers embraced the trend with varying degrees of success (several looked mildly shocked for most of the late Nineties). Then, last year, I read that the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons was reporting a massive surge in demand for eyebrow transplants. A further wave of panic hit when the proposed outline of the new brows was drawn onto my face.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. This particular style where a subject is simplified and replicated with just straight lines results in cool stylized graphics which make fantastic logo designs. Each one is created using only straight lines to create a stylised polygonal appearance which provides consistency throughout the series despite each sigil featuring a completely different animal.

We need to make use of the built in grid tool to give our illustrations a consistent structure.
Not only does this add to the cool look of the final illustration, it also helps you visualise where details can be added to make the graphic look more like the subject it’s meant to be representing.
It can be tricky working within the confines of the grid, but it will ultimately provide the structure and consistency that’s needed to achieve the abstract geometric style.
The difference in line weight really adds to the design and helps the eye distinguish between the inner details and the main features that make the drawing recognisable. Originally intended to help patients who had lost eyebrows through genetic or medical conditions, eyebrow transplants were gaining popularity with women who had over-plucked and now found their hair was refusing to grow back.Could this be the solution Ia€™d been waiting for? I was not to worry if the hairs protruding from the scabs fell off too (although sometimes they dona€™t). I’ll be explaining how to create the Baratheon stag, but the same design process is used to create any subject in this style. Using Google Images as a reference, continue drawing the outline of the stag’s head, but aim to simplify the outline as much as possible to enhance the abstract geometric theme. Press CMD+2 to lock the illustration to avoid accidentally selecting an existing point, then choose a bright colour to make it clear where you’re working.
After all, you cannot tweezer hair which you do not possess in the first place.And then a€” as is so often the case with fashion trends a€” things reverted back to how they had been two decades previously. I visited leading hair transplant surgeons, husband and wife team Dr Bessam Farjo and Dr Nilofer Farjo (who work in Manchester and Londona€™s Harley Street) to find out more. Eat your heart out Groucho Marx!The doctors at Farjo, however, are used to nervous patients. Even when they fall out, the all-important roots are still in place, he explained.I was not to pick at the scabs nor engage in any vigorous physical activity likely to dislodge them, he warned. Use the notifications provided by Smart Guides to draw an outline, clicking between each anchor point to draw a perfectly accurate shape. Along came Kate Middleton, Keira Knightley and Cara Delevingne with unashamedly unadulterated brows. They told me the procedure, which costs A?4,000, would take no more than an afternoon to complete.
You either end up with it covering your face entirely or sitting just above your brows, drawing even more attention to them. Earlier this year I decided to have hair transplanted in both eyebrows, and for the first time in decades, I am happy to look in the mirror.Since my early teenage years, I have yearned for luscious brows.
I decided I couldna€™t bear to remain browless for a minute longer.I briefly considered having eyebrows tattooed on, but was quickly put off by the horror stories of women whose inked-on brows had ended up a hideous blue-black a€” sometimes fading to an unnatural purple a€” or drawn at bizarre and mismatched angles. However, it would take six to eight months before the transplanted hairs had properly taken root and grown to a normal-looking brow. I would need two or three pillows for the first few nights, in addition to regular applications of ice-packs to help ease the swelling from where they had removed my hair. I got some very funny looks from mums at the school gate and shop assistants, and consequently developed a nice line in talking to people while staring at their shoes.However, within seven days a€” as promised a€” the scabs had gone. Furthermore, I wasna€™t sure I was ready to commit to a brow style for the rest of my life. And so it was that I presented myself at the Farjo clinic in Manchestera€™s city centre on a bright November morning last year.
Once Ia€™d been taken through the medical preliminaries, I was given Valium, and the whole experience took on a faintly dream-like quality.While the word a€?transplanta€™ suggests eyebrows that have been removed from some hapless donor and re-housed on an entirely different face, the procedure would actually use hair from my own head.

New hairs, promised Dr Bessam, would start to come through eight to 16 weeks after the procedure. But being fair-skinned, blonde haired and what trichologists refer to as a€?naturally non-hirsutea€™, I just wasna€™t blessed with the right kind of DNA.Hitting my teens in the mid-Eighties was particularly trying on the facial furniture front. First, the surgeons took a narrow strip (yes, including skin) from the back of my head, which matched the texture of my existing eyebrow hair as closely as possible.
And in just six to eight months, I would be the proud owner of a new set of brows.If the occasional rogue hair started growing at an odd angle, I could remove it by plucking it repeatedly until it refused to grow back.
I had worried whether I would be a suitable candidate for the op, because unlike over-zealous tweezer wielders, Ia€™d never owned a decent brow in the first place.But the transplant procedure would be exactly the same for me as for someone whose sparse brows had been caused by over-plucking. All around me, girls were copying Brooke Shieldsa€™ signature full brows, while I, without make-up, resembled a lightly coddled egg. It sounds gruesome, but I can honestly report that the only slight discomfort was from the initial injection to administer the local anaesthetic, no worse than an injection at the dentista€™s surgery. The important thing to remember, he added, was that the hair in my new brows still thought they were on my head. In the case of the pluckers, each time you pull out a hair, you run the risk of pulling out a bit of root. Over time, this leads to a decrease in root size meaning the hair gets increasingly wispy and fine and, in many cases, eventually stops growing entirely.Over the next few weeks, I started to forget Ia€™d ever had the operation a€” until the hairs started to grow back. Dr Bessam anticipated that the small section of scalp would yield about 300-500 sections of hair grafts. My brows would grow to a hideously long length, he explained, so I should be sure to trim them every week or so.A couple of days later, the swelling had disappeared. The only challenge now was to keep my scary, bloodied brows hidden from public view until the scabs fell off.
Since then, hair after hair has sprouted and grown and I have diligently trimmed them so theya€™re not too long. But some would be double hairs, so I could expect around 600-700 hairs to be added to my brows in total. And finally, today I find myself with a pair of gorgeously luscious eyebrows, which I LOVE. Next, following a light lunch, I returned to the operating chair for the grafts to be transplanted. Another dose of local anaesthetic, and the hairs were inserted into small holes made in my brow-line using a fine needle. Two surgeons worked side by side, one using a microscope to pluck hairs from the strip, which was by now resting in a sterile dish, the other implanting hair into my brow.
They make a frame for my eyes, and I wear less eye make-up now, as I somehow feel a bit more a€?donea€™ when I wake up.
Occasionally, I do forget to trim them, but never for so long that I might end up looking like Denis Healey.So to that girl who bullied me all those years for having no eyebrows: ha!
My eyelids were swollen and my eyebrows looked like a dot matrix of tiny scabs with rather long dark blonde hairs protruding from them. Thank heavens Ia€™d taken the clinica€™s advice to bring along a selection of caps, scarves and bandanas so I could experiment with how best to cover my bloodied brows before leaving the clinic.

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