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You pretend to use this line as a joke but you actually really believe that everyone is jealous of you. Six years afterA the show ended, 13 out of 14 contestants in the studyA had regained a significant amount of weight.
Think about what your favorite quote from the movie is, and then prepare to have your mind blown as I tell you exactly what you’re like without even knowing you, based only on that quote. When you go to the movies, you ask the cashier for a ticket to whatever romantic comedy is playing at the time. Choosing a monosyllabic nonsense word as your favorite quote is your way of sticking it to the man.

You may or may not have lost a few jobs because no one could figure out if you were kidding or not. One time you got over 50,000 notes on one of your Tumblr posts and you were still disappointed in yourself.
You find nothing wrong with asking people why they’re white, which is why this is so funny to you.
But you think you’re a cool one, and you try to show that by quoting Mean Girls with your kids and their friends. You’re thinking about writing a 30-page paper on that decision for your biology class.

You once delivered a 30-minute speech over lunch with friends about why you don’t believe in marriage. The best part about quoting it is that everyone around you knows exactly what you’re talking about.

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