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Using the latest project management tools and technology to plan, track and report progress does not ensure that effective communication is taking place. Project leaders are accountable not only for quality results but for getting those results through and with other professionals.
Leaders must add value to team members in order to win commitment and get the project done. Once expectations are communicated, you need to regularly converse with teammates about progress. In discussing project progress, good communicators express thoughts with positive word choice in a way that does not back people into the proverbial corner. In Mariaa€™s situation, she neither discussed expectations with Paul, nor gave feedback along the way to ensure meeting milestones. Adept project leaders manage communication challenges, deliberately prevent interpersonal problems, and handle them instantly when they occur. Subscribe to the mailing list and get a daily update with the most important news about General News! Whether the project leader is managing huge global projects or work of a smaller scope, good communication is integral to building commitment, maximizing productivity, and achieving value-added results. The point is to make a commitment to yourself to build bridges with people and manage communication.
Simultaneously, you must manage timelines, changes in direction, scope creep, budget constraints, and global needs. Managing communication includes stating clear project purpose, deliverables and expectationsa€”including level of authority the teammates will exercise.

Recently, a project manager who works remotely said that his senior manager talks to the employees one time a year.
Virtual teams make communication more complex so the need to talk is even greater than when you can meet in person. To get results through others, project leaders need to decide to build relationships and help others succeed. This can tempt you to lean heavily on project management tools instead of on interpersonal communication. Feedback lets the team members know they are on track or that they need to redirect their efforts. If a team is remote, perhaps even on other continents, the principles of communication remain the same.
However, you can manage this communication challenge by using web or video conferencing so that people can see each other. People will go the extra mile for you if they know you have their professional success, as well as the project success, in mind. Paul works in the same location as she does and had been in the meeting with senior management when timelines were agreed upon. It is equally important to discuss the meaning of the expectations to ensure common understanding.
Collaborative project leaders also seek feedback since everyone shares the common goal of delivering value via the best project outcomes. This project manager said the senior manager is unaware that the lack of communication causes any problems and discontent among staff.

This may take back and forth conversation and asking people to paraphrase what they think you mean.
He may swallow it down in silence and then act out his resentment in a way that stalls the project. Take the initiative and make it a communication goal to talk at least weekly with each of your teammates. Project managers need to manage communication upwards with their bosses in order to reach the best outcome and provide for their teama€™s needs. If you think you dona€™t have time to talk, consider the consequences of having to take time to clean up missed deadlines or quality of work that is off target. Communicating up is similar to communicating with anyone else at worka€”thoughts need to be expressed in a way that shows a desire to work well together to achieve the highest productivity and value-add to the organization.
Pauses in the conversation indicate you may need to ask questions to tease out their concerns or opinions.
Project leaders who engage colleagues in conversations in which expectations are fully explored and understood are likely to prevent interpersonal conflict and project stalemates later on.

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