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Breaking up generally involves a lot of sulking, poor food choices, and quite a few mornings where you can barely drag yourself out of bed. That's why we wanted to high-five Redditor WandererAboveFog when we saw the sign he hung up in his bedroom as motivation to move on after a split. You’ll alternate from feeling angry, hurt to shocked, confused to finally feeling numb.
You’ll no longer feel any of these emotions when you are completely over the break up.
There are a few reasons why your emotions may be hindering you from this point forward, and this WILL affect how effective this system will be for you. This is what works for me when I need to calm myself down and gain perspective on a situation that is causing me stress or grief. Job interview, business meeting, people pissing you off etc… anything that makes you upset and stressed or just undesirable to be around. Being grateful for everything in your life is a quick and easy way to lift your mood and eliminate your worries. These are things other people invented or thought up, for the purpose of making your life easier. Think of everything in your life that you are grateful for, because when consciously asking this question you’ll find more and more things to be grateful for. Now if you really close your eyes, you might only be able to think of a couple of things that contains green. However during the first exercise, I told you just to think of green before you had a chance to scan.
When you are depressed or sad, is your mind focused on all the positives things happening in your life or the negatives? In order to re-adjust what you’re focused on, you need to gain a bigger perspective of the problem. You might be focusing on your ex enjoying herself with someone else, completely ignoring your messages, but what if you have never even been on a date, kissed anyone or experienced being in love.
The point is your heartbreak is NOTHING compared to the sufferings other people’s day-to-day dilemmas.
Ok, my point isn’t to make yourself feel worse or guilty about feeling your current pain. If you only had one week to live would you really want to spend it lamenting and crying over your ex? You can delusion yourself for a while that you are fine without her but eventually the pain will snap you back into reality.
Pinpoint what your exact problem is right now? and we’re going to solve this problem by asking a very powerful and efficient machine.
An example of how you could solve this problem is to ask yourself what you did in the past that used to put you to sleep. Go back to that time and visualize what you did that day, how you felt before you went to bed, what you did before you went to bed, what you were thinking about while you were in bed.

If you can’t think of anything and your mind is blank, focus on how you felt on the days when you could fall asleep and what you thought about while lying in bed.
I know when I sleep like a baby is the times when I’ve had very eventful days, perhaps with a lot of running around from place to place or needing to solve a big problem which completely exhausted me!
Obviously you need to come up with solutions that would actually be achievable, so don’t get too creative and sit on ideas like robbing a bank or running off across the country.
The longer you sit there the bigger the problem will become because once again that is what you’re focused on. Not only does this help straighten out your emotions, you’re also forced to use your Left Brain functions (by writing and constructing sentences).
I did this exercise one night when I was really depressed and frustrated about becoming a writer.
The most interesting thing about doing this is what you’ll discover once you read what you have written afterward.
Usually sentences run into one another but some of the most insightful and poetic stuff tends of come out when you are writing from the heart. You thought you were going to be able to read what you wrote didn’t you, well nope, not just yet.
Use this as an excuse to take the dogs out for a walk, get some things at the shops or post a letter. Moving gets your circulation going and injects your natural endorphins (happy feelings) into your system. The act of REWARDING yourself is very important in terms of motivating yourself and taking action. Trust me, there will be times when you don’t want to do what your rational brain wants you to do, but remember, taking action when you know you should, is what separates men who get what they want and men who only dream about it. Instead of telling you to revisit this chapter, I want you to keep in mind these are the emotions you MUST get under control if you want to be successful in attracting your ex back in the upcoming chapters.
Ashley Kay is the author of Ex Recovery System, a guide that helps couples get back together. By clicking on the button above, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
Whether you’ve had one date with a match or too many to count, there’s a polite way to end things, which leaves all ego’s intact.
The hardest, most excruciating part of dating is having to break up with someone, and it can be confusing to know what the rules are when it comes to calling it off with someone you’ve only met online.
If you’ve matched: Because neither of you have invested emotionally or physically, you can simply block.
If you’ve eH mailed: You could just not reply, sure, but it’s far more karma conducive to send a simple email to show your match the respect they deserve. If you’ve been on five or less dates: If you truly think an email or text message will suffice because that’s your usual form of communication and you’ve only been on one or two low-investment dates, go ahead.
Some things to remember: Be mindful of their schedule and try to call at the most convenient time for them.

No one enjoys breaking up with someone, but think of the bigger picture: a couple of minutes of awkward conversation will set you both free to find what you’re looking for.
Tell us what you think of the Redditor's sign in the comments, then click through the slides below for some of our favorite quotes and sayings about moving on post-breakup. This cycle will continue throughout your break up until the time between each stage becomes longer and longer.
Don’t you appreciate the things that they do, the company they bring and the stories and jokes they tell?
Your perspective of the room was altered just because I told you something particular to focus on. You might feel like you’re about to die and your world has crumbled around you, but there are people dying of famine and other diseases on other parts of the world. I do want you to realize that your problems are not as large or messed up as you make them out to be. Get focused on the RIGHT things and realize this one problem is just that? one small problem amongst a much bigger world.
Go for a walk, watch a really slow movie (anything to do with the planets always manage to put me to sleep, not that they’re boring, just very relaxing), try to do some work, read a boring book, etc. Maybe you want to stop thinking about her or you want to stop wanting to call her and hear her voice. Now I’m going to introduce you to a very important component to The Ex Recovery System.
What I’ve found is, after you do this exercise, you will almost always feel 100% better after 5 minutes of writing. While you’re reading take note of how it makes you feel and whether you still feel the same emotions as you did 15-20 minutes ago. For some, hitting ‘block’ feels mean, but it’s worse to string the other person along knowing they don’t quite fit what you’re looking for. For example, something like, “I’ve really been enjoying our email conversation, but unfortunately I’m not feeling the level of connection I need to take things further” works well. Do not draw the conversation out or be ambiguous because this might give them false hope that things will change in the future. If you mention you want to meet up for coffee, it might raise a red flag that something is off.
If they dig for more information, avoid going into too much detail before you see them and make plans to meet as soon as possible.

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