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Candle craft for Wicca or witch casters can also include inscribing your candle with symbols or words that strengthen the message. The destructive power of fire can be harnessed for good use and used to perform banishing spells. If you do not have the time to experience the whole candle in one go this does not prevent you from getting all of the power from your spell candle. This entry was posted in Magicks and tagged Banishing, Energy, Esoteric and Occult, Magic, Pagan, Religion & Spirituality, Wicca, Witchcraft. Place your candle in its holder and then focus on getting yourself into the right frame of mind for casting.
These are available to buy and all you need do is dress the candle with the oil before you start your work.

Then blow the candle out and watch as the smoke carries the negative energies up and away from you and your life.
In fact it can be very beneficial to make a ritual out of it and perform your spell over a week. You can also roll your candle in some herbs after anointing so seek out which herbs are relevant to the affect you wish to achieve. It can be aimed at feelings, a place or even a particular person if you feel they are sending you bad energies but do not attempt to send the energy back to them. Choose the same time every evening if you can and this will help to really build the atmosphere. The candle craft of Wicca and witch casters of course can be a lot more complex but I doubt many resist the temptation to return occasionally to enjoy such perfect simplicity!

Here are some tips on how to use candle craft for Wicca, witch spells or even if you are a beginner. If not, you can simply repeat what you wish to occur over in your mind or out loud and visualise it really happening. Your energies will be fresh as you are doing this in short bursts and you will also be building extra energy as you will be thinking about your spell all week. This will build energies and start to give you a feel for what is possible for you to achieve.

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