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Have you noticed the key to attracting a man and keeping him around is all down to learning how a man thinks, where he’s coming from, and how he will react? The way to grab and keep a man’s heart is intellectual attraction, and it gets him on a much deeper level.
Intellectual attraction makes a man want a deeper level on involvement and intimacy with you.
So let’s be clear, there’s nothing worse than making the mistake of thinking getting a guy is a purely physical thing.
For a man, being physically attracted to someone is as far from wanting to have her become a bigger part of his life as you can get.
But if a man has that deep intellectual attraction to you, he will simply want to spend time with you. You can find all the secrets you need in Catch Him & Keep Him, an eBook by Christian Carter. In his book, Christian takes you by the hand and gives you easy, step-by-step guides to how to catch that perfect guy, and how to keep him around long term once you’ve got him.
Most women go their entire lives without learning how to get what they truly want from a relationship but it doesn’t have to be that way. Catch Him & Keep Him, by Christian Carter is only available in eBook format, so you can get it online right now and be reading it in just a few minutes. CLICK HERE now to get your copy and preview it RISK FREE for 7 days & Plus get a free bonus interview with a dating expert CD ($20 Value)!
Pages#Special OFFER: Buy Christian Carter’s Ebook (*Save up to $20) & Get Your FREE Bonus Interview With Relationship Expert ($20 value)!
I don't see that he's blaming all women, most women now in this time are too independent and stubborn we don't believe that anything could possibly ever be our fault, society has lead us to believe that females are all the victims therefore we relish that fact theyre lazy and disobedient, and I know plenty of dead beat moms, but Christian has been pretty much right on target with everything I've been doing wrong in my relationship, and those that are mature enough to admit it will understand where hes coming from. After the mad frobscottle party was over, Sophie settled herself again on top of the enormous table. Before Sophie could protest, he had picked her up off the table and popped her into the waistcoat pocket. As soon as he was outside, the BFG set off across the great hot yellow wasteland where the blue rocks lay and the dead trees stood and where all the other giants were skulking about.
Sophie, squatting low on her heels in the pocket of the leather waistcoat, had one eye glued to the little hole. The giants had already spotted the BFG and all heads were turned, watching him as he jogged forward. Through her little peep-hole, Sophie saw the Fleshlumpeating Giant moving over to intercept them.
Suddenly, the Fleshlumpeater shot out two enormous hands and grabbed the BFG around the waist.
The Bonecruncher ran forward and caught the tumbling BFG and immediately swung him up again.
At last the BFG got clear of them all and in another couple of minutes the pack of giants was out of sight over the horizon.

This SATs maths question aimed at seven-year-olds is confusing adults - can you figure it out? Our Jamaican heritage meant finding matching blood was harder a€“ our blood types are rarer and black people, unfortunately, are less likely to donate. Ia€™m ashamed to say that giving blood is something I only recently did for the first time. Knowing this and responding in kind is one of the most valuable relationship skills you can learn – it’s a secret that’s guaranteed to work on the man you’re interested in dating! When you’ve hooked a man intellectually he will literally pine away for you when you’re not around. It lets you build a more serious relationship, rather than a simple, fleeting physical attraction – because we all know how quickly those turn sour! He’s not going to automatically want anything more committed, more meaningful, than the purely physical.
When women look like naturals at this, it’s because they can avoid internalizing all their disappointment and pain from past failed relationships. You can use this trick at any point in the relationship or even when you’re still just dating, to keep things on the right track. This one may surprise you but it’s something you must know if you’re going to handle your relationship right and move it from casual to committed. If women have to change themselves to make men like them, then we have some serious issues going on in this world. She had found a small hole in the pocket, and when she put one eye close to it, she could see out very well indeed. The other giants spread out quickly in a large circle, each giant about twenty yards from his neighbour, preparing for the game they were going to play. The giants were playing ball with the BFG, vying with each other to see who could throw him the highest. Sophie was standing right up in his waistcoat pocket now and holding on to the edge with both hands. It seemed as though he had had some barrier to cross, a vast mountain perhaps or an ocean or a great desert, but having crossed it, he once again slowed down to his normal gallop and Sophie was able to pop her head up and look out once more at the view.
The air became colder still and everything became paler and paler until soon there was nothing but grey and white all around them. It’s the secret to attracting men through their hearts and minds, not just appealing to their base desires. It’s just how men are wired – they can separate desire for intimacy from desire to spend time with someone far more easily than we can.
There’s nothing anyone can do you convince him otherwise – he simply will not resist getting into a relationship because now he’s actually feeling it. He wrote this book especially for women and explains not only how to attract men but also how to be more successful in dating and relationships by understanding how men think and behave – and he does it all from the man’s perspective, so you can see how they think more easily. I wanted to know if his comments about men were correct, how we thought, what we looked for. Sophie dug her nails into the sides of the pocket, trying to prevent herself from tumbling out when she was upside down.

It’s how to get the affection, attention, love and a strong relationship that we all desire.
He closed the lid, picked up the suitcase in one hand, took the pole with the net on the end in the other hand, and marched towards the entrance of the cave. The landscape became blurred and again Sophie had to duck down out of the whistling gale to save her head from being blown off her shoulders.
After 17 days in intensive care and a month in hospital, Andrew was well enough to come back to our family home in Cheshunt, Herts. Sophie counted nine of them altogether and she recognized the Bloodbottler in the middle of them. And all the time there was the fearful danger that one of the giants would fail to catch the BFG and he would go crashing to the ground.
Unfortunately the burglar who stabbed him got away and although the case appeared on Crimewatch, no one was ever caught. It came knifing in through the tiny peep-hole in the pocket and whooshed around her like a hurricane. There was no sign of a living creature and no sound at all except for the soft thud of the BFG’s footsteps as he hurtled on through the fog. I called my other brother Stuart, then 23, but I was in too much shock to get the words out. My dad set up Black History Month back in 1990 with the ­American founder, Lee Bailey, as a way to help black people learn about notable black figures in history and those that were currently trying to make history. Ia€™d never seen them or my eldest brother cry, but they were on the floor, hysterically sobbing. There was an air of menace about them as they loped slowly across the plain with long lolloping strides, heading for the BFG. Aren't your expectations different for each and aren't their needs completely different from each other. I do not understand the vehement phlem spitters who immediately go out and want to cut any man's nuts off for suggesting women are different to men. My brothera€™s life was saved thanks to strangers being selfless and giving up their time to donate. As a man, I did get some insights in the fact that what he said women should try to do resonated with me and the ah-ha moment resolved some uncertainties as to why other relationships didn't feel right. On the otherside of the coin, I was directed to knowing more accurately and able to actually define rather than simply "feel its right". Other women who I directed to read were favourably disposed to what they read from email and I assume some bought his course.
Bottom line, if you are prepared to enter with an open mind and avoid peering through jaded prysms, then you can get something out of this.
On the otherhand, if you ar a woman and already have your girlfriend, don't bother reading the book, or posting since you are not really helping others.

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