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When 20-year-old Charlie Fisher returned home from a trip to Germany, he never, ever imagined the group who came to greet him:A three highly pissed off girls, who got played by the same fucking douchebag. The CIA should really look into hiring psycho girlfriends because with a little detective work, Girlfriend 1 and Girlfriend 2 found a third girlfriend, Lizzie Leeland-Cunningham. The cheating scandal has brought the three together and they have formed a deep friendship.
Usually when a girl finds out her boyfriend has been cheating, she immediately hates the other girl. The UK Border Force at work to combat the lengths people would go to - to enter the United Kingdom. A Nigerian man who claims to be 15-years old was arrested at a UK airport with fake travel documents.
A cheating wife's boyfriend found himself in trouble when her husband arrived home unexpectedly. A Doctor who has sex with his patients before performing illegal abortions has been arrested in Ghana.

A grandmother from Antigua was arrested at Gatwick Airport in the United Kingdom with Cocaine worth $50,000. NEVER AGAIN IN THIS LAND CALLED NIGERIA WILL THIS WANTON KILLING BE CONDONED AND TOLERATED.
Becky ConneryA (Girlfriend 1) was being a bomb-ass girlfriend and spending time with Fisher before he left on his trip. The only thing coming to my mind at this point is how does he even have time to handle three girlfriends?
This story turned out pretty identical to that of a€?The Other Woman,a€? and it is no coincidence that the roles of the women who got cheated on (Carly, Kate, and Amber) are played by Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton.
The guy usually has to put in minimum work and just say the right things to get her to forgive him. Because she has a brain, she obviously got suspicious, and like any tech-savvy female, she went through his phone. There is no way he can actually have a job–he is way too busy being a professional asshole.

Ia€™m not saying we should all become BFFs with the girl(s) our boyfriend was fucking behind our back, but we should use these three as role models to never forget the strength of girl power.
What she found was a message to another girl (who chose to remain anonymous) saying, a€?I will meet you later.a€? Girlfriend 1 said she had her suspicions in the past, due to his freakish behavior of deleting her comments on social media about their relationship and not letting her post any pictures of them together. He literally had no idea what to do and instead of addressing the situation like a real man, he ran crying to his grandma. She ended up contacting the girl who Fisher plannedA to invite over later and got confirmation he was not being faithful and also calling her his girlfriend. Once the girlfriends explained to his nana what her grandson had done, she gave them her blessing to rip him a new asshole. I can’t image the things I would do to publicly shame the guys who have cheated on me.

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