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Cybex, manufacturer of the most effective exercise equipment in the world, to unveil new innovations at FIBO 2015. Redesigned to focus on true lumbar and hip extension, the Eagle Back Extension trains the muscles we use when lifting in the real world.
The Eagle NX Back Extension does a superior job of integrating all of the back muscles, from the shoulders to the lumbar spine, said Dr.
Cybex International, a leading manufacturer of premium exercise equipment, has been nominated for the prestigious FIBO Innovation Award for the Cybex Eagle NX Back Extension. The Eagle NX Back Extension is part of the super premium 15-piece Eagle NX strength line, and features refined movements, restyled aesthetics and reimagined user features – while offering extreme durability and advanced biomechanics. The Eagle NX Back Extension employs a curved lumbar pad to encourage optimal spinal range of motion, and to promote controlled movement from fully flexed into extension. Lastly, in the service category, Cybex introduces Cybex Care, a web-based asset management system designed to help gym owners save money, reduce equipment downtime and manage machine usage. Cybex is available in 90 countries globally and is represented by MoveToLive, it’s partner in Germany.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. The Cybex Eagle leg press is part of the Cybex Eagle range of strength equipment that has been designed after exhaustive research into human biomechanics to produce the ultimate way to “faster fitness results”. The innovative floating tibia pad design provides for virtually effortless positioning and provides greater comfort and stability. Offset input arm allows for the tibia pad to adjust without affecting the starting angle of the knee. The angled back pad (100 degree angle between seat and back) is wider than most leg extension machines and is designed to relieve hamstring tension. The Eagle four-bar linkage combined with gas spring assist means the seat back position can be adjusted without requiring the user to get off the machine. Follow WhmSoft's board vlrFilter, Multifunction Audio Filter with Remote Control on Pinterest.

Premium Inflatable Square Donut Cushion Expands Up to 17 X 17 " Comfortable for Hemorrhoid ,Back and Tailbone Pain Relief Medical Donut Cushion Ideal for Coccyx Pain, Bedsores and Child Birth (Grey)Content Cushion provides relief to coccyx pain sufferers while sitting by evenly distributing pressure around the hips. As a FIBO Innovation Award winner in 2012 for the Bravo Functional Trainer, Cybex is proud to be nominated again.
A two-position lumbar pad allows users to train hip extension, lumbar extension or both at the same time. The SPARC Trainer is designed to meet the soaring popularity of high intensity interval training, and is Cybex’s quickest, safest, and most effective cardio experience ever. The leg press features the articulating carriage that provides more complete hip extension and gluteal involvement. Now we’re redefining what it means to be the best with refined movements, restyled aesthetics, and reimagined user features.
Cybex designs products to apply the appropriate amount of stress to produce the desired training effect but does it in a way that reduces the chance of injury. In combination with proper pivot location, this allows the use of a flat pad for reduced shin pressure.
Position indicators enable users to perfectly duplicate their position on the machine each time they use it. When I moved my fitness equipment to northern virginia, they didn't have any issues breaking down the equipment and putting back together exactly how it was. Unlike other competitors, our cushion is lightweight, compact, easy to clean, expands up to 45 x 45cm when inflated, and will deflate down to a foldable size. Meanwhile, the patent pending counterbalancing system offsets the user’s weight for more consistent loading and greater effectiveness.
Visually striking, truly innovative, durable, and biomechanically correct, Prestige Strength VRS has been engineered to surpass other manufacturers’ premium strength lines.
Delivering five benefits in four minutes, SPARC 1) burns calories, 2) strengthens and shapes the lower body, 3) increases stamina, 4) increases strength, and 5) enhances endurance – all while being biomechanically correct and gentle on the user’s joints.
To complement Cybex Care, Cybex is also introducing Service Wheel, an easy to engage third wheel that allows gym staff to rotate, relocate, maintain, and clean Cybex treadmills – simply, safely, and quickly.

The Cybex product line, which includes a full range of strength, cardio and service solutions is aesthetically striking, innovative in design, durable in structure, biomechanically correct – and most importantly – truly helpful to everyone from first-time gym members to professional athletes. The machine offers a seat back angled in five different positions to provide comfort and accommodate users who have difficulty in folding their legs back against the belly. The Eagle NX is made up of fifteen premium and unique pieces of strength training equipment designed to transform your facility and their workouts.
They did a great job, and I would recommend anyone to go with Total Fitness Outlet for any fitness equipment needs.
Led by the Cybex Research Institute, Cybex is fiercely committed to real results and meaningful innovations delivered through a devotion to excellence and a dedication to science.
It is also supplied with extra-large footplates that adjust for the user’s height and range of motion. Frederick's Original BreatheTEC Memory Foam Post-Partum, Perineal, and Prostate Cushion - For Men and WomenRelieve pain and sit comfortably with this medium-firm seat insert. Cybex designs and builds its products in the USA for a wide range of facilities, from commercial health clubs to home gyms, in more than 90 countries worldwide. Do it all with less stress on the joints, and in as little as four minutes.Reduce downtime. U-shaped design faces toward your tailbone to provide relief for tailbone pain, hemorrhoids, anal pain, birth injuries and more. Specifically relieves pressure on the perineum, making it a nice cushion following child birth, and episiotomy, surgery.

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