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Under a white pop-up tent on the sands of South Beach, legions of locals shuffled themselves into single file lines to get a chance to meet their favorite Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. While keeping in touch via text throughout the day is fine, it’s important to rest those thumbs and flex those vocal chords. These body-baring beauties had caused a frenzy around town since their arrival, invading hot spots like the 1 Hotel South Beach and STK. In case you forgot, these girls have been linked to some of the biggest headliners in the world (Hannah Davis is engaged to Yankees legend Derek Jeter), but others are dating the everyday guy who doesn’t find himself splashed on gossip magazines.

Smiles in tow, despite their sure fatigue from the whirlwind surrounding the issue’s promotional tour, they arrived in rotation to greet their awaiting fans. Some rode solo while others encircled themselves with a publicist, an agent, makeup artists or a supportive beau. How do they maintain their lady’s attention when the whole world wants a piece of them? In fact, they’re valid for any man looking to get the attention of a busy, career-driven woman.

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