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Jealousy is all about trying to restrict, manipulate, and monitor another person’s behavior and choices.
A relationship thrives on freedom—the freedom for individuals to grow and develop, to be authentic and genuine, to pursue new opportunities. Limiting exposure to potential competitors becomes a high-stakes battle for relationship survival — or so you think. In fact, it is far more likely to damage your relationship than any of your so-called shortcomings.

Jealousy is a solvent that corrodes trust, dissolving the bond that keeps two lovers united.
Look out if your relationship is increasingly is filled with questions such as, “Where were you? We sift it for clues as to what went wrong and strategies for preventing a repeat performance. After a hurtful betrayal, trust is the first thing to go and the last to return — even in a brand-new relationship. Make sure both partners have the space, encouragement, and autonomy to be who they are — without someone else watching every breath and movement.

You heard from that person on Facebook again?” Insecurity often leads one person to attempt to orchestrate situations to eliminate perceived threats, but this kind of treatment is toxic over the long haul. Indeed, jealous behavior early on may be a harbinger of even tighter control as the relationship progresses.

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