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February 12, 2014 by Tony D 3 Comments The other day I met a cute, 28 year old Japanese woman in Best Buy. I knew I needed to make some physical contact, and I wanted to get a closer look at her body. By this point I’d been talking to her for about five minutes, which is an eternity for most newbies, and plenty of time get the number.
So the trick here was not asking her to hang out, but asking her to invest in the interaction. Not if she’s playing with her hair, or touching me, or asking a long series of questions about my life.

I have colour!” She said, responding to my challenge by opening her jacket and showing me her striped shirt.
Now most newbies would take this as a sign that she’s not interested, or creeped out…but I knew better.
Not my usual strategy, as the man should usually lead, but it was an experiment to gauge her interest. She may have been wanting to look you in the eyes, but out of respect she looks and then puts her eyes on the floor. She wasn’t walking away, or telling me she had a boyfriend, or asking me to leave her alone, or mentioning how busy she was.

Actually, this action, this kino, helped to dissipate much of the nervous, social tension and transformed it into sexual tension, which is much, much better than social tension.

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