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Additionally, the game will launch with developer commentary and in in-game guides should you want to play the game and listen to what the developers say in each particular area.
Just remember the xbox 360 had some pretty asshole graphics when it launched so did the pS3 , because the devs weren’t utilizing it. Aww somebody is mad they don’t own a Wii U to get the better version of the game they bought 2 years ago for $60.
1st reason why people said its rehashed is because they come out with like 3 every console. Because of basic psychology…People need to justify why they spent x amt of dollars on one system over another. If you are european it will be the 21 (europe gets a eshop update late afternoon on a thursday).
Wonder how many people will label me as a troll, despite being supportive of the Wii U, leaving comments on Wii U Daily often, and having a means to provide Nintendo content on YouTube. If you haven’t been able to see it by now, I know why people should buy the Wii U version. Seeing how you needed to edit your original comment and still have incorrect spelling, I would advise that you need to think twice before posting. I have a pretty full life outside of gaming (wife, 2 kids, full time profession) so on occasion, I may miss a game here and there. Again, you’re trying to insult Nintendo fans by calling us mentally challenged but no one is offended.
I never mentioned that the PC or Wii U version was inferior, although I can see how some may come to that conclusion in my post. Also being on PC they will keep updating, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the PC version fixes boss battles as well.
But to answer your question, if people need something new to play on their console they may purchase it…. A person who’s never played the game, owns a Wii U, but DOES NOT own a ps360 should buy the ps360 version because it’s cheaper? You’re grasping, as I was talking about those who have already experienced the game and if they have any reason to buy this game again for Wii U. I have already left a post stating that those who haven’t had the opportunity before to play the game should get it. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". A few days ago we told you about Square Enix registering a new trademark for its Deus Ex series, entitled Human Defiance.
Now that sounds like an even more realistic sequel name, given the events that occurred in Human Revolution.
In a game like DE, the Gamepad would be a very nice interface for Inventory & Map-stuff, just like ZombiU already did it before.

I am worried that the Wii U will get Huuman Revolution while we start hearing about the sequel on PS360. We knew about the game some time ago, but the official announcement brings information on how the GamePad will work, as well as improvements on the original game. Perhaps the most interesting announcement is that the game’s much criticized boss battles have been completely overhauled, allowing for more balance and combat refinements. But I don’t really get it, how you want to stand out here, as your argumentation is absolutely lacking of any substance. But wouldn’t it more likely be basic psychology if it concerned the mind of a child, or a person with less than a average ability to approach a conversation. Now that Nintendo has a console capable of bringing this genre to life in full HD, 60 frames pr.
Will the Wii U version have worthwhile additions and enhancements and be priced appropriately? Anyway, your first two points are irrelevant to my original statement, so I will skip over those two.
Sorry if it bothers you that I look at both sides of the debate and come up with counter points to arguments. You know how many other games out there that have promised a particular experience and failed to meet them? There are tons of great films I have never seen or heard of that have come out in the last few years.
But at least Nintendawg was big enough to apologize, whereas YOU just turn around and call HIM a dumbass afterwards.
But unless the improvements are substantial on the Wii U, there is little reason why people who have already played the game should buy again on the Wii U. We speculated that this could be a direct sequel to the 2011 game Human Revolution, but it looks like Human Defiance will be a movie based on Human revolution. Right now there’s no info on the game other than the game industry being aware that Eidos Montreal is working on an unannounced third project alongside it and the recently unveiled Thief series. I wanted it to be Sleeping dogs Wiiu edition , but I will be happy with a new Deus ex game for sure. The Wii U port of the game is being co-developed by Straight Right, the studio who ported Mass Effect 3 to Wii U.
The authors who think everyone is a fanboy, please take a look at Nintedward’s comment. People need to feel good about themselves and their choices, so it’s just one more way to self rationalize that they made a better choice.
If WiiU is being sold at a loss running off hardware that ppl think are last gen (which is a mistake in itself), how is the most uber tech hardware gonna be even close to a reasonable price without sinking Sony? With Human Revolution being reclassified in Australia for potential release on the Wii U, we could be seeing the making of a AAA release headed our way.

The studio promises to deliver a full experience for the Wii U, making special use of the GamePad for in-game features, including touch-screen hacking, interactive map editing, augmented sniping and other neural hub enhancements. With all these hateful comments all over this thread, I say: Thank you Eidos for showing a sprinkle of support for Wii U. As said before, Nintendo doesnt make everything perfectly, but the fact of the matter is that nearly every innovation that has been put into gaming, was done by nintendo first. So because i bought a expensive ESP guitar, it would be general human psychology to go negative on Jackson guitar owners, for the sake of justification?
Seeing how you can buy it on Steam, the visuals are best there, and if (a big IF at that) they are inferior to the Wii U version, I imagine won’t be a drastic difference.
Despite Human Defiance not being a sequel, Square Enix did apply for new trademark and domain registration on something called Deus Ex: The Fall. The full announcement and reveal of what will be available to you if you’re interested in Deus Ex. Again, it could be that the enhancements and additions alone warrent a purchase of Deus Ex: HR on the Wii U. It would more likely be a question of being able to act as a donkeyfacedmonkey online, withouth having to pay for the real life reactions it would feed, towards insecurity.
It remains to be seen if there are noticeable improvements done on the Gamepad that weren’t previous when the game first released. Consider, however, the complaints that some people are having about the Wii U when it comes to 3rd party support.
Just know there is nothing wrong with being cautiously optimistic or skeptical, and I expressed one side of it.
For me it is total irrelevant to argue on behalf of narrow subjects, as pointing fingers at each other. It is a shame that it has to be a embarrasment, reading comment sections on gamesites theese days. They want games worth getting, not necessarily older titles or games that are already available on other platforms. Outside of AI and balancing, what if the only notable addition was the ability to have a pacifist playthrough and not kill any bosses, one of the main complaints mentioned in several reviews?
But open forum and discussion abilities, will always have halfdumb children connected to them.

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