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If you want to get back with your ex, you are obviously looking forward to a long and delicate process. Before you do anything you need to make sure that you are in the right state of mind to sit down and talk with your ex.
Once you can release your own unresolved feelings regarding your ex and your past relationship, you will be able to have a productive and positive meeting with them. Put yourself in your ex’s shoes, and find a location that is comfortable and as neutral as possible.
The last thing you want is to get to this meeting and not know what you want to say or how to begin. Having notes may even impress your ex because you obviously put a lot of thought into what you want to tell them.
Try to find a balance between addressing important issues in your relationship and overwhelming your ex. Addressing some of the key issues of why you broke up and what you feel can be done to avoid the same things happening again is a good start.
Probably the most important part is making sure you both get your side of the story out in the open. It isn’t always easy to get back with your ex, but by being honest and taking the first step you make it much more likely that it will happen.
For special circumstances with the breakup and for the best advice on getting your ex back, we highly recommend The Breakup Eraser, written by the Breakup Guru. If you thought that all relationships are meant to last forever, then you were probably living in some fantasy land till now.

You may have had fights and arguments almost all the time, and may have said to each other that there is no point in being together. There is a possibility that your partner is either too vulnerable, or too violent to let you walk out in front of him that easily. If you are in a relationship where he is threatening you or abusing you, don’t be afraid to take help from the police. If you are still harboring anger over your breakup or you feel like you are going to cry just thinking about the other person, you are not ready for a heart-to-heart. In order to get back with your ex you must show them how mature and in control of yourself you are. The coffee-shop you went to together every Saturday or the park where you shared your first kiss are not good places. Showing them that you are serious about your relationship will really help you get back with your ex. You don’t want them to feel like you are throwing too much at them at once, such as plans like moving back in together.
You should make it very clear that becoming a couple again is your intention and that you are willing to work to make that happen. In cases like these, you need to sit together, sort out your minds, and write down on a piece of paper the issues which you argue about. Both of you need to be comfortable with your surroundings and somewhere very private is a poor choice for this. They will incite too many feelings, and your ex may accuse you of trying to leverage their emotions against them.

Some people think it would be embarrassing to be referring to notes during a meeting like this, but it is more embarrassing a€“ not to mention disappointing a€“ to get nervous once you’re face-to-face with your ex and forget everything you carefully went over. Don’t worry too much about anything else until this major first hurtle is gotten over.
If you are in a bad relationship with your partner, you don’t have to wait for him to be the one to leave. Your ex may feel like you are trying to instigate something more intimate with this meeting. The best part is that this is another chance for them as well, and when you behave in a mature fashion they will see it this way.
Keeping the immense love that you have for each other aside, look at the logical reasons and see how incompatible you are. However, a violent person doesn’t carry a guarantee card stating his specific times of attack, and you never know when you might end up being the victim again. Once you have packed your bags, settled all bills and returned the apartment keys to him, all that’s left is to say bye and walk out. Point out that incompatibility to him, and sooner or later he will understand that he needs to let you go. And if you don’t substantiate your statements with bold moves and actions, then he is bound to think that this one of those times when you are angrily breaking up, and will eventually come back.

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