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When you look at me, i see nothing but you, the rest of the world just doesn’t matter.
Because one day she will be gone,maybe in love with someone else; and you won’t be able to do one thing about it, but watch. Share or message your boyfriend with the best quotes to make him remember you all the time. Nobody seems to be as close to me as they used to be, and yet everyone tells me how they’re here for me and that they love me.
In fact, if someone claims to be a child of God but continues in a life of sin, it is more thanA likely that he was never genuinely born again in the first place. You see, the Bible makes it clear thatA it is simplyA impossible for a bona fide child of God to continue in a life of sin! It could be that this individual has come close to the Kingdom of God and has even tasted the powers of it.
But the fact that he has continued uninterrupted in the practice of sin shows that he has never become a real child of God. Just as the sperm of a human father carries the DNA of that father, Goda€™s seed a€”A the Word of God a€” carries the life and nature of God within it. This means the day you got saved, that divine seed came rushing into your spirit, carrying theA life and nature of God within it to give you a new nature.

The day that Goda€™s divine seed was planted inA you, that seed transported the very nature of God Himself into your spirit, with the full expectationA that His very life and nature would be reproduced on the inside of you. This is also why you felt so badly about sin that previouslyA didna€™t bother you at all and why you became so driven to possess a holy life. His born-again spirit will grieve and sorrow if sins are committed, because such actions violate the new nature that has been implanted in his spirit. If a person continues in sin as though nothing happened inside him, then nothing is probably exactly what did happen!
If a person who claims to be born again continues uninterruptedA in habitual sin, we can take it as a strong indicator that he has probably never really beenA born again.
This person may have come close to the Kingdom of God; he may have even learned theA lingo of the saints. But the fact that his actions are unchanged indicates that his nature has never beenA changed. The great preacher, Charles Finney, once remarked that most people who attend church are probablyA not born again. When asked why he believed this, Finney remarked that it was impossible for true children of God to live in blatantA sin as many believers do. Because he has been a€?born of God,a€? he is so inwardly changed that it affects himA outwardly.

If heA had truly been saved, he wouldna€™t have been able to continue living a consistent life of sin. If you make a mistake about yourA spiritual condition, it is a mistake you will regret for all of eternity.
If these questions disturb you, take theA time to let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart and tell you the truth. Many people will have an eternalA destiny in hell because they couldna€™t bear the thought of publicly admitting they werena€™t saved.
His divine seed is reproducing Goda€™s life in me so that every day I am thinking more like God, acting more likeA God, and possessing less tolerance for any sin that might still be active in my life. Have you ever known someone who claimed to be born again, but you never witnessed any changes in his lifestyle, behavior, attitudes, or actions? If you know someone who claims to be a child of God but whose life continues uninterrupted in a lifestyle of sin, what does this persona€™s unchanged life indicate to you now?A 3. Why dona€™t you write down some of the biggest changes that have taken place since you were born again?

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