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Before you even attempt to make your ex jealous lets talk a little about what you want your ultimate goal to be. What I am going to do now is give you a brief overview of how to properly use jealousy and then I will talk about each aspect in-depth. The No Contact Rule- You are not allowed to contact your ex in any way after the breakup for a minimum of 30 days. Alright, now that you have an idea of what the no contact rule is I am going to talk a little bit about the things you can do during the no contact period that can will your ex jealous. I get a lot of emails every single day (random fact- I have 9 unanswered emails in my inbox just from today) and one of the most common mistakes I see from women is the fact that they don’t do anything at all during the no contact period. Look, if you want to make your ex boyfriend jealous I seriously want you to spend those 30 days NOT thinking about him.
Disclaimer: Some of the things on this list WILL make you uncomfortable but I am not in the business of being nice for the sake of being nice I am trying to give you advice that will help make your ex jealous and hopefully put you in a position to where you can get him back. If you are an avid reader of this site then you may be aware that I am very much in favor of going out on a date with someone new during the no contact period.
Now, I am aware that you are looking for an exact step by step method for what you need to say to your ex but I am not going to get into that here because this page is supposed to only be about the ways you can make your ex jealous (I actually put together a guide about how you can use texting to get your ex back already.) What I will do is give you a few ground rules that you need to follow when contacting your ex. Showing that you have control of the conversation is very important for a number of reasons. Well, luckily for you I have been on the receiving end of quite a few ungettable girls so I can tell you some of the tactics that they were able to use on me that proved to be pretty effective. There is a lot more to the story but as you can see she dominated the very first conversation we had.
Bowing Out Of The Conversations By Not Responding- This is a pretty effective way to establish control. Since we are on the subject of texting lets talk a little about the most important type of text if you want to make your ex boyfriend jealous, the jealousy texts. My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of. My ex-boyfriend and I of six months broke up yesterday due to him cheating on me and lying about it the whole time. Hello dear Chris ,you have helped me so much during my breakup, i used the no contact rule after my ex dumped me admitting he has no feeling for me anymore .after one exact month of no contact rule i unblocked him on whats-app ,he started messaging me straight away he said he misses me a lot and he felt my love during this absence thus he wants us back together , he also showed his jealousy though he is not been the jealous kind of men ,whenever he sees me online on whats-app he keeps asking me who are talking to ,are you seeing someone else, how could you move on like i don`t matter to you .
We are long distance which complicates things but we had a long talk the other night and agreed it’s best that we part ways.
Been reading your advice since day 1 of the of a two year relationship break up 3 months ago. I was seeing someone since February but it never got serious he never asked me out we just slept together through the year.
In other words, is such an emotive, infuriated response to a guy suddenly getting in touch after a few weeks of no-contact really necessary? Because the truth is, sometimes, just sometimes, there are reasons not to hastily dismiss someone just because they went off the radar for a while, or just because they prioritized other things above us at first.
We barely know what’s going on in their real lives, we know they are presenting a slightly better, more polished version of themselves in order to impress us, and consequently we don’t really have a reason to expect a lot of obligation from their side.
Now, as I see it, Matt’s point here is that although in the moment you might immediately feel hurt or offended that this guy hasn’t been in touch and then suddenly messages you out of the blue, there is a way you can respond and stay high-value, whilst still giving HIM a chance to try to win you back over. While it’s true that Matt and I have always talked about the importance of having standards, I like to think that can also mean having a standard of being open-minded to giving people second chances, or even just not taking ourselves too seriously in dating. If you’re receiving a text saying “miss u” from a particularly shitty ex-boyfriend who has jerked you around for the last year, and now wants to mess with your feelings one last time just as you’re about to heal and finally be over him…then be my guest. My impression is more that we sometimes come to just simply expect that a new person we’re dating should see how awesome, unforgettable, and unique we are after a relatively short amount of time.
My worry is that this becomes about our ego, an expression of our need to protect ourselves by immediately branding the other person a user, jerk, player, fuckboy, whatever adjective you choose. So then let me say as a disclaimer: If a guy’s behaviour seems in any way to be purely motivated by selfishness, or you feel used, or messed around, then I would be the first person to recommend cutting them out of your life without a second thought. Stephen Hussey helped co-write the Get The Guy book and is a wealth of knowledge on dating and relationships. FWIW, I’ve been reading a lot on attachment theory and find it interesting how securely-attached people tend to not take things personally (see others like oneself, assume the best, realize the flakiness, etc.
So where do you draw the line between someone who’s genuinely busy and had to reshuffle his priorities, vs someone who needs time and space so he can analyze to death everything about me, vs someone who’s out looking elsewhere while keeping me as an option in case he fails miserably?
If he did it once and I was receptive when he came back, will that not encourage a repeat behavior?
Maybe just let their actions define that differentiation rather than trying to shuffle them yourself? EG, instead of worrying about drawing the line, just take it that the amount of time and effort they’re putting forth at any given point in time is the amount they are both willing and able to give.
Noemie, je te reponds en francais parce que c’est aussi plus simpe pour moi en francais. Mais comme le dis Stephen, a toi de sentir avec ton instinct si c’est un fuckbo ou pas. So I’d agree to favour a balanced and prudential approach over a vindictive over-reaction, in most cases. I agree with this in general that there is no need to get all angry if a guy drops off the radar and returns as if nothing has happened. To me, what also makes the difference (apart from me otherwise liking the guy), is at what stage this happens.

I don’t see this about giving anyone second chances so much as empowering women to be in the drivers seat when it comes to who we decide to invest in. Now, I can’t guarantee that the tactics on this page will make him jealous because lets be honest, your boyfriend is a human being and most human beings are impossible to control. BUT I do feel it is important to mention that if you came here looking for a way to get your ex boyfriend back you aren’t going to find it.
A married friend of mine once told me a little about the psychology behind a mans thinking and I happen to agree with him. If you want to make your ex boyfriend jealous for the sake of making him jealous then I don’t think this is the page for you. I want you to go down the checklist I am about to provide and address all of the things on it.
In college, I began to notice a pattern between the girls I liked and the girls I didn’t like anymore.
She basically has so much confidence that she reduces a guy into thinking that he can’t get her which really turns 85% of guys on. Remember, I am just going through my phone in the last six months and pulling out conversations with girls who I really really really liked. The girl he was cheating with didn’t know i was his girlfriend because he told her that I was his ex. He was very genuine the whole time and did say that the cheating was an extremely drunken hook up (basically blackout) and he thought he could just leave it be and move past it, but it started to eat him alive when he found out my sister had gotten cheated on.
It wasn’t the easiest relationship, we fought quite a bit due to his drinking and I have a habit of trying to make him jealous so I feel wanted.
I said to him if he was him the guy in a certain place the day before that I had seen and that he looked good. My boyfriend dumped me two weeks ago and I have not had any contact with him, but I work with his mom and she and I last talked about him three nights ago (I don’t know if she repeated anything to him or not). Our chemistry is something else though and being with him feels so right but I don’t want to make bad decisions and not sure how to act now.
We got into an argument and I told him how he dragged me into a game and that he never treated me right because he never asked me to be his girlfriend and thought that we were done because we both said really mean things to each other.
It’s not that I believe the reaction is somehow wrong, but something about the aggressive, affronted, tone in the comments makes me wonder if there’s a little too much being taken personally here.
Sometimes a man (or woman) really is in a month where his or her career takes absolute priority over everything else and they just don’t have time to keep moving ahead with a burgeoning relationship.
Maybe he won’t even make an excuse at all and you’ll realise he doesn’t care much about how he behaves (or doesn’t even realise there’s anything wrong with not getting back for so long). I am only interested in those who are very very interested in me from the start and give ME a full chance from the beginning and THEN decide if we are meant for each other or not.
Men are simple creatures in many ways and Matt’s advice empowers us to be the ones to decide outcomes. I think the reason why women are often quick to dismiss a guy who flakes on them is because that gives them the impression that the guy thinks lowly of them. With that being said, I have seen many of the tactics outlined on this page work for many of the women I communicate with.
It goes like this, most men forget how good they have it when they have been dating or married for an extended period of time. I don’t want to go into too much detail here about it because I have done multiple in-depth posts about it already like this one.
I want you to take a moment and imagine how you have felt when, in your previous relationships you caught wind that your ex went out on a date with a new girl. Now, this tactic was risky and only really worked on me because I clearly had feelings for the girl. A couple of things to note: this girl was probably the most attractive girl I have ever met. I always felt like I wasn’t good enough and she would simply bow out of the conversations whenever she would like. So, many people have the opinion that cheating is cheating and is unforgivable, however now after talking to him I see he genuinely is hurt because he cried to me saying he missed his bestfriend, and he could not throw away our time together. He said to me that the guy was so good that he wasn’t him and that he was at home the day before.
Do you think I should start the no contact rule as of three nights ago in case he heard that I am still upset?
Or we tell ourselves if a guy isn’t immediately everything we hoped for then they aren’t worth another thought.
But you know sometimes as a woman you might think that the guy is in to you when he is just playing around. Sadly, this often happens early into dating when open communication has not been established. But if a woman wants a more attentive guy, I don’t see the harm in cutting these guys busy with other stuff loose.
I don’t believe I am entitled to anything but I tend to simply lose interest in guys who are ambivalent, passive or too slow or flakey like this.
A date or two don’t entitle me to anything, the way I see it (unless there was a precise commitment to meet up, of course).
I was reading a relationship article about jealousy the other day from a pretty well known relationship coach. So, if you want to make him jealous to bring out his protective and romantic side then this is the right page for that.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes?

I am actually talking about it in this section because I believe that going out on a date (even if you have no intention of actually dating the person) is best to do during the no contact period.
Nevertheless, I was the one putting more effort into the conversation which meant she was in control.
Last week we had to see each other and ended up having a really fun time together and hooking up a few times, we both enjoyed our time together and I can tell he misses me, as I do him. I still have feelings for him but will posting a picture of my new friend and me help me or will he think that it’s finally over between us?
I just want him to ask me to be his girlfriend, we went to elementary school together and we have great chemistry. Be judgmental, tell him never to message again, and resolve not to give the manipulative asshole another single minute of your time. Or we just take everything way too seriously and forget to amuse ourselves along the way (which is what those text messages are for!). Sometimes people’s situations change, circumstances change, and that means we should keep a sense of proportion when taking everything so personally. Because in my head if he were truly in to me he would stay even with my drama but still people are different and at this point I am aware that men also have feelings. A guy who is really interested WILL make an effort to tell me he is busy and THEN drop off and not assume that I will be sitting around waiting for him.
After all, there wouldn’t have been a beautiful love story if Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. So when a guy is not respectful enough to text back or disappears without warning for a period of time, the woman is not necessarily JUST pissed off at the guy.
And I’m specially enjoying learning to react in a calm, positive way to whatever the other person may be giving. His article basically went on to say that you should never use jealousy to try to get your ex back.
IF you are looking for in-depth details and step by step guides to getting an ex boyfriend or husband back I would like to point you towards Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO, my E-Book. Here is the kicker though, if a couple like the one I am describing (a man who is comfortable and not tending to his woman’s needs) go out to a bar and the woman starts flirting with other guys the dynamic will completely change. Sure, he will be angry and sad but I promise you at the end of the day he is going to question why he ever let you go.
However, if she doesn’t challenge me, intellectually or emotionally, I will lose interest.
Anyways, she dominated the conversation so much that I literally felt like I had no chance so I just gave up even though I really liked her. Also, not that I think this is going to happen, but what if he contacts me before the NC period is up? Darcy from Pride and Prejudice would’ve stayed in reactive mode and not allowed each other a second chance.
If we take ourselves less seriously, and the whole situation too, things become indeed more manageable. The truth of the matter is that the amount of free information that actually works is a rare commodity but I think I have done a pretty good job of leading the way in that regard. I have found that the rules I am about to describe are the most effective at making your ex a little jealous. All is fair, so I knew he had started to talk to other girls and I did the same by testing the waters with other guys. It worked because a week later he started messaging me telling me he made a stupid drunken mistake again and that this isn’t what he wanted.
This might sound a little far fetched and like an overreaction, but it is important to understand the role socialization plays in someone’s life. If you use jealousy in a smart way it is almost guaranteed to bring up previous romantic feelings that your ex had for you.
I still love my ex and want to be with him but I think he’s conflicted with his feelings. From the media to subtle gestures or comments everyday, women are faced with the reality that they are not equal to men. He says he still loves me but in a way it has changed because when he looks at me he sees all the hurt he has caused me and the mistake he made and he doesn’t know if he can forgive himself. He stopped responding to my texts the day before and I didn’t have any news from him for 10 days.
As long as men keep making women feel like the inferior gender, women will keep reacting with aggression or anger.
However, after agreeing to be friends, he found out other guys had been approaching me and he continued to get jealous and started yelling and saying mean things to me out of anger, saying I didn’t consider his feelings.
I said things for the sole purpose of just trying to make him jealous and I took it one step too far and he snapped. I just want to know if I have a chance at getting him back, and if so how do I go about it?
I would like to be with him again at some point as crazy as that sounds, and want to give the NC method a try.

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