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I picked up my first Peanuts set for a Charlie Brown Christmas way back in 2003 when these first came out. As cool as those toys are, another company called Forever Fun picked these and a few of the other Playing Mantis Christmas lines up a while back. Packaging:I really liked the box packaging of the original Playing Mantis Charlie Brown stuff. But enough about those classic figures, we’re here to talk about the new addition to the crew, Franklin.
Articulation:Despite being a small figure of a cartoon, the articulation is surprisingly useful.
Franklin’s head sculpt appears to be all new, but there is something about his face that seems familiar. Accessories:Believe it or not these guys are known for coming with some pretty cool accessories.
The regular Franklin does get a little though, with his removable hat and a soft goods scarf. Value:I want to say I paid about $20 for the original sets in 2003, which obviously was a great value. I have a peanut figure that has lynus inside the box but the package says it is lucy anyone know what it is worth?

I work at a thrift store in Maryland, and we recently got in a Frieda figure along with others for a great Christmas playset. Over the next few days and all the way up until Christmas I’ll be shedding some light on my holiday favorites, reviewing some Christmas movies and toys.
So much so that I’ve kept it through the years and repacked the figures neatly inside each year.
While the deluxe sets of Charlie Brown and few other characters are repaints of the original figures and come with some nice accessories, Franklin’s deluxe figure comes with a box. You might think that all of these figure share the same body molds, but actually there are subtle differences throughout. His hat is interesting because the inside isn’t sculpted to fit his hair like the earlier line was. The soft good scarf actually looks quite good and I’m pleased to see them implement some soft goods into this line.
We’re starting today with the newest addition to my Peanuts Christmas display, Franklin! Sadly Playing Mantis went out of business a short while after these great toys hit the market. Franklin can get quite a bit of expression out of just the simple cut and swivel joints that he has throughout.

For whatever it’s worth, none of the hats fit on any of these figures except for Charlie Brown. Pigpen came with a Snowman, Lucy her stand, etc… As I mentioned before, the deluxe Franklin comes with a strange brown box. If you like Christmas, than you’re bound to like the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. If any of you out there want these and are cheapskates, go to your local CVS and pick them up the day after Christmas. The back of the package shows off the other figures in the series and has a nice snow theme to it. Otherwise his paint seems pretty good and not much sloppier than the ones I bought six years ago.
Everyone else’s hat just gently sits on their head, but a sneeze will knock them off.

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