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We're collecting the crush stories and objects that make your chest hurt (and possibly also make you laugh, sigh, or cringe). 2) He is going to make a CD for my best friend for her birthday and he is going to add a "special" song.
4) When someone dared him to ask my best friend out, people were yelling that he was blushing and smiling (I didn't look because I felt sad, and he never answered). 6) One day in Study Hall, he asked the teacher if I could move from my assigned seat and help him study without even asking me first.
9) When he was acting demonic (he knows that I get freaked out by that) and I gasped, he put his hand on my arm and told me he was just kidding (he kept his hand on my arm for about 10 seconds).

10) Also when I was helping him study, he would lean over really close, turn the book towards him while it was still in my grasp, and have his hand over mine. 13) He was doing his Michael Jackson impersonation (which freaks me out), and I commented on how he is only doing it because it creeps me out. 15) When a kid sat and blocked our view of eachother in Sciece class, we kept moving to see eachother. 17) My friend (not my best friend) walked by and heard him talking to the guy who likes me (not the one I like) and she said that the guy I like said, "It's only because you like her!" to the guy who likes me. 18) The friend who dared the guy I like to ask out my best friend also dared him to ask me out.

I would like to think he likes me, but sometimes he does something towards my best friend that worries me. Get him to ask your friend on a date, and you go along acting as the chauffeur, then sometime during the evening your friend realizes she needs to fly solo for a while and Eric Stoltz, errgh, I mean the boy you like, realizes that he’s loved you ALL ALONG, and you get a boyfriend and a pair of sweet diamond earrings.
Or you could just continue enjoying your friendship with him and not worry too much about the other stuff for now.

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