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It also suggests that you are experiencing a similar relationship or situation which makes you feel unhappy and uncomfortable.
To see your significant other’s ex in your dream suggests that you are comparing yourself to the ex.
To dream that you ex has passed away indicates that your feelings for you ex are completely dead now. The dream is telling you not to make the same relationship mistakes that ended that relationship. The dream is a metaphor of how you have let go of the past and are ready to move on and fully devote yourself to new relationships. You wake up almost with a chill, your heart racing and your mind running in circles, thinking “What just happened? What does this mean?” Well, if you thought that your subconscious is telling you that you miss him terribly and you need to call and make amends right this second- you’re probably wrong.
So put that fear to rest and check out some of the most common reasons why you might dream about your ex boyfriend. 1. You Miss Something About HimMaybe your ex boyfriend had a certain quality that you absolutely adored. Maybe he knew how to make you laugh really well, or maybe he just knew how to snuggle you just right when it’s incredibly cold outside. Whatever it may be, you might just be yearning for that one certain quality in a person- not the actual person himself.
So think about it: is there something you wish you could find in your current relationship or future relationships that you miss?2.
You’re probably just tired of being alone and want to share special someones with someone you love again. Just don’t go running back into the arms of your ex boyfriend because you’re feeling lonely, okay? There is Unfinished BusinessSometimes, when you break up with someone, not everything is said and done. Maybe you didn’t tell him about something important, like that one time you kissed someone on the lips but realized moments later it was an accident. You’re Totally Done With Him Advertisement This one might be a little hard to believe- but man, it’s so true! If you had a dream where you are leaving your ex boyfriend, saying goodbye, or he even dies, it may be a sign that you are finally, one hundred percent done and over with him.
There’s not an ounce of leftover feelings and you have the go ahead to move on with your life!5.

You Miss HimOkay, so, I want to say at least 75% of the time dreaming about an ex boyfriend does NOT mean you miss him. So, there’s a pretty big chance that your dream was completely random- especially if it only happened once or twice and is far from consistent. Or maybe you visited that pizza place you and your ex ALWAYS went to, and it just brought up some past memories which followed you into your dreams.
Last but not least, maybe he popped up into your mind before you fell asleep, so your subconscious mind held onto that thought and turned it into a silly dream. No big deal!I know- dreaming about an ex boyfriend can be seriously panic inducing, especially if you’ve had a bad past with that certain someone. Just remember that nine times out of ten, dreaming about an ex boyfriend has nothing to do with you missing them or wanting them back in your life.
It may just mean you need to stop looking at his Facebook profile or you might need to go out and find yourself a new man!We wanna know!
I had a dream of my ex-boyfriend who is standing in front of me while he smiles at me… and while I am looking at him, I walked towards him and smiled back. Often, these dreams are just a sign that you want a relationship with someone or that you just have memories of your past relationship.
You may want your family and parents to accept whoever you like, so you dreamed that they were fine with him staying over. Eventually we went to the woods and we were sitting down on a grassy field surrounded by trees. I asked him if I could date both him and my current boyfriend and decide later.He said that that was fine but I would need to know my answer in 120 days. We didn’t kiss but I ran away and quickly my ex caught up to me and just kept asking questions and talking whilst following slightly behind me.
Since you still remember that you have a boyfriend now and tell him no, it seems to show that you remember that you have a boyfriend and are ready to start moving on romantically. I have to answer each comment manually, so it can sometimes take a while for your comment and the response to appear. You may be considering the possibility of a long-term relationship or a close connection with him (whether he knows it or not), so your subconscious created this dream. You want to be the person that protects him, so you dreamed that you were there to pick up the pieces.
We both knew on my dream that my husband is in a different country and he has a current gf. Then weird thing was he is offering me spare time to be with him in the absence of my husband.
In my dream I am in a huge house with my current boyfriend, he leaves to go to work and my ex shows up at my door.

Then I walk up to him, tell him that I will always love him but I don’t ever want to be with him again. I tell him I made a huge mistake and that he needs to leave so that I can try to get my boyfriend back. You may be at a point in your current relationship where your subconscious needed to spice things up, so it gave you a dream of your ex.
Once you have a dream, it is much more likely to happen again, so it makes sense that you continue to have the dream. People dream about their ex-boyfriends for years or decades afterward sometimes, and it generally just reflects the fact that you once liked them. In my dream he left his girlfriend and came back to us he was sitting in a couch at my mom’s house watching tv with our daughter, I went behind him caressed his face hugged him and in his ear I whispered I love you, he hugs me and says I love you too. To me the dream ment alot because I don’t usually show him my feelings and just to go to him and hug him and say those words is new to me. This dream made me so happy because I want him back in my life not just being my daughters father but as my partner.
What do you guys think this dream might mean ?Reply web admin April 23, 2016 at 7:55 amThe dream only shows that you still have feelings for him and want to be with him. Unfortunately, a dream can only show your own feelings, so it would be impossible for this to dream to show what can or will happen in real life. He has a new girlfriend now, so it is unlikely that you will be able to make your dream come true in the near future. Meanwhile, the third dream shows that you understand that he is taken and you respect the fact that he is with the new girlfriend. The lack of honesty in the dream represents the fact that you feel like there was something more to his feelings and behavior in real life.
While you no longer want to be with him in real life, you still have the memories of being intensely in love with him. Now that the relationship is over, you may feel like he no longer cares about you, and you may even have felt like he was inattentive during your relationship. The dream only shows your own feelings, although these feelings are probably caused by the way that he acted in real life.
Your sister deletes the message because you recognize that this relationship cannot happen, and you may also feel like your sister and cousin want to prevent you from getting hurt again. The dream only shows your own feelings, but it is always possible that you could get back together—I just wouldn’t hold your breath on it.

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