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Colin Kingston was tormented with grief that he was no longer with his ex-girlfriend Kelsey Annese that he fatally stabbed her along with her friend Matthew Hutchinson. Police reported that Kingston showed up to Annese’s home on Sunday and became very upset when he discovered Huttchinson there.
Kingston and Annese had dated for three years before they broke up and Kingston wasn’t handling the separation.
After killing Annese and Hutchinson, he then called his father in a panic, confessing his crime and threatening to commit suicide moments before he stabbed himself, according to Geneseo Police Officer Jeffrey Szczesniak. Kingston’s father became worried after speaking with his son so he called the authorities to alert him that his son had killed his ex-girlfriend and was threatening to end his life. While Kingston had no violent history as well as there is no record of him threatening his ex, he certainly was angry about their breakup and decided to do something about it.
Tragically, breakup violence is becoming a new trend where when the relationship ends, one of the partners acts violently towards the other.
On a personal note, I am married to my husband Ed, who owns a barbecue food truck called Pig Out BBQ.
A radiologist from Rockwall gunned down his ex-girlfriend and then killed himself in the street outside the Iowa home of the 22-year-old's new boyfriend, officials say. Timothy Glen Roses, 45, worked in Waterloo, Iowa, with the victim, 22-year-old Lindsay Marie Nichols, Buchanan County Attorney Shawn Harden told AP on Friday. Read the full story from the Waterloo Courier here and The Associated Press story after the jump. The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation is conducting the investigation with assistance from local authorities.

Man Kills Ex Girlfriend And Her Toddler Son After ArgumentAccording to the Kansas City Star, 22-year-old Joseph L. A 37-year-old woman was killed at her Parkman, Maine, home last month after her ex-boyfriend broke into her house and wrestled a handgun away from her. After killing Ginn Gebo, Burton, who has an extensive and violent criminal history, fled from the scene, and has yet to be apprehended.
On July 6, a home surveillance system in Guilford captured an image of Burton running along the road, and investigators have reason to believe Burton is still hiding out in the area.
The sheriff’s office, state police and about half a dozen wardens are actively searching for Burton, but part of the problem lies in the fact that the area is covered with ATV trails and other places where Burton could easily hide. Authorities are asking local residents and visitors to be vigilant and not leave anything out – such as food and camping supplies – which could be used by Burton. Burton has been known to go by the names Robert Elliot or Robert Glen Elliot, and is described as 5-foot-11 and 180 pounds.
According to Maine State Police spokesman Stephen McCausland, Burton is believed to be driving a black, four-wheel drive, extended cab Toyota Tacoma with a Maine wildlife license plate 489-AKJ. Burton, who has a violent criminal history spanning more than a decade, according to a report by the Bangor Daily News, should be considered armed and dangerous.
Something doesnt make sense.Third paragraph tends to indicate she shot at him while he was still outside then he was able to get in and wrestle the gun away.
Jen Cruz, I hope you’re not implying that this is the victims fault because she brought a gun to protect herself.
Burton, 38, whom Ginn Gebo had ended a relationship with a week prior to her untimely demise, crawled into a window at the woman’s house sometime during the night.

Even though there have been three confirmed sightings of Burton, he continues to elude authorities.
Goggin said he believes Burton will start shooting if he is cornered rather than risk going back to prison. Normally I wouldn’t jump to that interpretation, but you do have a history of writing passively anti-gun articles here. All three bodies were found in a home near the State University of New York-College at Geneseo, also known as SUNY Geneseo. Authorities urge residents not to approach him if he is seen, but instead contact the state police in Bangor at 973-3700 or call 911.
It is unclear if Nelson was the father of the toddler he killed during the confrontation in her south Kansas City home.Nelson reportedly says he “lost it” when the diaper box hit him in the head, and instantly shot the high school senior, killing her. Handguns are inadequate at instant incapacitation;therefore, with a handgun keep shooting until the perpetrator is no longer a threat. I did something I don’t think I can live with.” When the listener-turned-witness asked him to elaborate, Nelson replied, “I killed them.

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