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Joshua Sole, a former employee of Tyler Perry went to such extreme measures to speak with Perry last week, after supposedly being fired from Perry’s Atlanta studio. This incident shook Tyler up so badly he was forced to get a restraining order and label Sole as a stalker. Some sources are claiming Tyler isn’t telling the entire story about his relationship with Joshua Sole. This claim has been building on blogs and on social media forcing Tyler Perry to speak out.
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A woman shot a stalker after coming face to face with him when he kicked in the door of her Las Vegas apartment early Friday morning. The victim, who did not wish to be identified, told a local Fox affiliate that she had been sleeping with a chair against the door, but it didn’t keep Jackson out. Jackson ran from the apartment and attempted to hide in some nearby bushes, but was located with the help of a K-9 unit.
The stalking eventually led the victim to not only relocate, change her phone number and attempt to diminish her online presence, but also obtain a restraining order, as well as purchase a handgun and get a concealed carry license. And while that piece of paper wasn’t able to protect her, her firearm did and neighbor Kathleen Desimone said she did the right thing.

Once Jackson gained entry into her home, she fired two shots, striking him once in the chest. Yes I am the owner of this company and I do occasionally surf the web to see where stories happen that the door is kicked in.

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