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Let me be completely frank: nothing makes me want to break out in hives more than one of my reformed-now-in-a-great-relationship friends trying to tell me how to live my single life.
This is a place for women with the spirit to challenge convention, power to trust their gut and courage to own their mistakes. Or Tyrese. Or some other convulted psuedo-relationship expert who came along and decided that because he had sex with a woman at least one time, he was clearly the authority on relationships. But, the truth is, people, male and female, are dishing out unsolicited and absurd relationship advice every day. Some solicited, some unsolicited, some valid, some invalid, some encouraging and some patronizing. I never claimed to be an expert or an authority or anything other than a girl writing her sincere, sassy and sometimes smart-assy take on growing up.

If I (a single woman) give one of my friends in a relationship advice, it simply comes across as bitter or jealous or one-sided.
If someone in a relationship gives me advice about being single, I typically want to tell them to go kick rocks. She knows the best way I will learn is to crawl my way through the thorny and unique jungle that is my Twenty-Something Dating Life. But two people coming together in whatever way they come together and then perhaps drifting apart in whatever way they drift apart is fragile and rare and exclusive. Even the most well-intentioned advice is not without its biases.

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