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In the docs, Guy says Duckett hasn’t paid a dime since May 2010 and now owes her a whopping $39,663 in back support. Guy filed the docs because she wants a judge to hold her ex in contempt of court so that she can collect on the debt by garnishing his wages, going after his assets, or even having him thrown in jail.
A hearing on the matter was scheduled for last month, but was cancelled because Jasmine was unable to serve her ex with the papers. Sources close to Jasmine tell TMZ the actress is still attempting to serve the papers, so the hearing can be rescheduled.
Her lawyer, Lisa West, tells TMZ, “Both parents have the financial responsibility of rearing a child.
If the last few years are any indication, it appears Jasmine Guy’s ex husband just qualified for deadbeat dad status. TMZ is reporting that Guy filed legal documents in Los Angeles Superior Court, which says her ex husband, Terrence Mitchell Duckett, owes $39,663 in back child support. The Different World star divorced Duckett in 2008, and he was instructed to pay $1,469 a month for the couple’s daughter. The 50-year-old actress now wants a judge to hold her ex in contempt of court so that she will be able to collect the past due funds via a garnishing of his wages, his assets or, if all else fails, have him thrown in jail. A spokesman for Guy said, “Jasmine has always met and will continue to meet her responsibility.

A hearing was scheduled in August for the former couple to hash things out but it was canceled because Guy was unable to serve her ex hubby with the papers. Tori Spelling's husband and father of her four children, Dean McDermott is suffering financial, legal issues. The papers were filed on July 31, and Spelling's husband Dean McDermott was formally served on the afternoon of Aug.
Dean McDermott ended his marriage to his former wife after falling in love with Spelling while filming the TV movie “Mind Over Murder” in 2005. It is not clear at this time how Tori Spelling feels about Dean's latest drama, or how the couple will handle the financial burden.
Sources close to Tori Spelling, 42, have revealed the reason that Tori and Dean moved to a new house was because their former mansion's lease was up. Do you believe Dean McDermott will pay up his back child support, or will he end up in front of the judge? Casey StineToledo Pop Culture ExaminerCasey Scheffler is a college student who loves pop culture.

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Sources say she is still attempting to serve Duckett so there can be a rescheduled hearing date set in the near future. Dean was served with legal papers from his first wife alleging he is serious arrears on his child support according to a Wednesday, August 19 report from MSN.
It is understandable how some might think that the couple and their four children would be attempting to downsize and get their finances under control.
Dean McDermott was reportedly served court papers from his ex-wife Mary Jo Eustace demanding he pay five months of back child support for their 16-year-old son, Jack. They are best known for their reality television career that has portrayed their turbulent marriage and near divorce openly following Dean's 2013 cheating scandal.

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