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It’s been a little while since we resurrected our Love Series penned by the uber talented Megan McCarty.
In the photo, it was propped on his windowsill, overlooking the neighbors that I once called neighbors – including that b-word Betty, who would constantly leave hand-scribbled notes on my car, even though it was a public street and we could all park there, ya hear me Betty? This was so amazing to read as someone who recently went through a break up with someone I truly loved. Sent me video of funny haha video of monkey and dog doing sit-ups I think I'm her backup guy just incase she breaks up with her bf. Yes, I would like to receive occasional email offers from our affiliated websites, partners and sponsors.
While I was playing Adele's "Hello" on a loop, because who the hell hasn't been, a woman decided to have a little fun with her ex-boyfriend by texting him lyrics to the song.
I want to get a vending machine, with fun sized candy bars, and the glass in front is a magnifying glass. Now our kids are 13 and 15 and she’d like A LOT more help with all the parenting duties.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. But this little plant with its delicious little leaves (what can I say – we both really love a caprese salad) in one little text whispered so much about how I’ve navigated life post-breakup. I struggled with how to cope with this one, it felt so different to other splits but I too have found solace in cleaning out my house and giving away the things that no longer serve me any happiness.

And the man had no idea, because he seems to be the only one not crying into a pillow while listening to it. She’s still got the kids for 4 more days, and I knew the repair was about $80 bucks, so I asked her why she thought it was necessary to give this task to me?
She used to always complain that she was the only one who cared about the house, who paid bills, who took the kids to doctor’s appointments. And I don’t rub the situation in on my ex-wife, though I chuckle a little every time these complaints get filed on me. Had I been given the same consideration when they were younger, I might think differently today. But she’s still the custodial parent, and with that comes a salary and additional responsibilities. Because even if we’ve been coupled up for quite awhile (can you believe I blogged about my wedding 6 years ago!), we can always relate to these types of stories. When going got rough, and boy did it get tiptoeing-around-each-other-level rough, and we weren’t taking care of ourselves or each other, we still made sure that little guy had a healthy share of sunlight and water.
In the months and more months since our anguished and necessary split, the basil upgraded from a plastic cup to a ceramic planter and is greener than ever.
Living in my own place again gave me the opportunity to comb through everything I owned and had easily lived without during our relationship.
I love your insight on the positive side of being alone and doing things just for you and only you!

For the money she was given, she would also provide for most of the child care and extracurricular activities.
Though it also looks like it had survived a rough winter, as its leaves have been pared down, and it’s just now stretching to the sky again. I’m not the type to cry over movie ticket stubs and rip up photos of us or chop off my hair after a breakup, but I will clean the hell out of my house and make a few trips to Goodwill to unload. White men crafted a magnificent work of art in the Aryan nymph while Asian men flung shit at a wall. But after I licked my wounds and propped my chin back up and let time do its healing voodoo, everything took on a new perspective.
Perhaps my reward, or my consolation prize (because I would’ve preferred having the kids with me 50% of the time) is that now she also has most of the extracurricular duties as well. Ordering whichever pizza I wanted, not the one with the all the meats and all the peppers that he knew I hated. And finally, she was not the most responsible parent, we had divided some of the parenting duties up, and scheduling was one of hers.
Then in a conversation with another parent, not divorced, I said, “You could be dealing with the exact same shit as a divorced parent.

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