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Just enter your area pincode in the app and it will tell you a list of nearby gas station with current gas prices of each station. You can search by a city or Zip code to know the list of nearby gas station with their gas prices.
You can any set station as your favorite station that allows you to save the ones you keep going. Now just be updated every time about the current cheapest gas price and the nearby gas station.
Many of you know how hard it can be to find vegan food while you’re traveling or just on the go throughout the day. A fast and easy way to check products for dairy is to look at the bottom of the ingredients where they have to list allergens (milk, eggs, fish and shellfish), they are required by law to list these allergens.
Beicegel Station in the unincorporated community of Grassy Butte has all the groceries and necessities locals need, free coffee in the morning and owners who’d get out of bed to help a stranded motorist.
Motorists pump gas with antique fuel pumps at the station, which Don owns with his wife, Vickie. While many Oil Patch gas stations now require drivers to pre-pay for fuel, motorists here fill up and then tell Don how much they pumped, all on the honor system.
Locals and some businesses charge fuel, groceries and other purchases to their accounts and Vickie bills them at the end of the month.

The shop, which the Trotters have owned for about 15 years, had steady business before the oil boom. Nikki McAlpin, who ranches near Grassy Butte and recently began working at the shop, said locals usually go shopping in Dickinson about once a month and rely on the local store between trips.
The store offers a little bit of everything, from milk to plumbing supplies to auto parts and tire repairs.
One new challenge the couple has is encountering desperate drivers who run out of gas and don’t have money to pay.
The Trotters used to trust people to pay them back, but now they ask motorists to leave something of value behind.
The store’s phone number rings at the Trotters’ home and it sometimes rings at night if someone finds the number on the Internet or on the sign at the store. One pet-peeve Vickie has is they’ll get called out of bed to open the store and the driver will only put in enough fuel to make it to the next town where they can save 5 cents a gallon. A new truck stop being built on the intersection of highways 85 and 200 could change things for the store.
With the gas prices rising, it is always a challenge to find the nearest gas station with the lowest price. Just enter some mandatory details and you are on your way to save money by knowing cheapest gas station nearby.

For every reported cheapest gas price, you will earn points against each entry reported by you. You may have found yourself short for lunch if you forgot to pack one for work or are hungry as you are passing through a small town on your road trip.
Highway 85 south of Watford City, sees a lot of new faces as oil development ramps up in the area. But Vickie, who also works as a production clerk for oil and gas company Petro-Hunt, said they’re not worried. Amy’s work includes the Forum News Service award-winning series “Trafficked,” examining causes and effects of prostitution the Oil Patch and Upper Midwest.
Amy is a Worthington, Minn., native and has worked as a reporter for Forum Communications since 2003.

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