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German U-Boat U-118 attracts the attention of locals after washing up on the beach at Hastings, 1919.
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Polish Sommelier Tomasz Kolecki Majewic thinks the temperature inside the bunker would have been perfect for preserving the wine, making it perfectly drinkable if the bottles are ever openedOthers were not convinced.A "I personally think it probably isn't worth drinking but there are still people that might want to take a punt,' said Izydor Wysock, 45. I wonder if I would find such a thing is it legal for me to keep it or is that depending on the country in which it has been found.
The bodies of 21 German soldiers entombed in a perfectly preserved World War One shelter have been discovered 94 years after they were killed.
According to the newest Fox News poll, if the election were held today 0bama would beat everyone of the Republican candidates Better read it again. While appropriate to appreciate that the bastards died, and our guys didn't, it was also appropriate during that era to render military honors to fallen enemies. Let’s just say everyone was a victim of overweening familial protocols of the very powerful rulers. After all - why is anyone involved in this travesty outside Austria-Hungary and a few Serbs? Or else, they might have reproduced and burden the world with even more of those troublesome British royals!

Did they have “Arbeit macht frei” posted over the Juden portion of the trenches?
Another is the UC 21, commanded by naval Lieutenant Werner von Zerboni di Sposetti, a minelayer that disappeared with all 27 hands. The men were part of a larger group of 34 who were buried alive when a huge Allied shell exploded above the tunnel in 1918, causing it to cave in. Whatever the explosive was that did the instant burial in the first place, it was big and effective. They didn't say the bodies were preserved, they said the trenches are perfectly preserved. Well, from what I understand, if you dust them off a bit, beat them against a rock and maybe hold them under a faucet for a while, they’re actually quite good. It never did – the incoming shells covered their positions with mud and debris, burying them alive. Baron Von Richtofen was buried by Allied forces, with 6 Allied Captains serving as pall-bearers.
I was being supportive of rendering them due military honors.But anyone we fight against is a bastard.
They were fighting men who died honorably for their country almost a century ago, and they deserve much more than what I have seen here.

Not sure I would necessarily call their deaths *tragic.* They had loved ones, maybe were old enough and motivated enough to have left behind children. Thirteen bodies were recovered from the underground shelter, but the remaining men had to be left under a mountain of mud as it was too dangerous to retrieve them. They weren’t found until three years later, when someone spotted several hundred bayonet tips sticking out of the ground. This war was asinine, and honestly no regular WWI soldier should have so much venom directed at him. Torpedoes often misfired, killing crew, and aiming them was a difficult and uncertain process.
Nearly a century later, French archaeologists stumbled upon the mass grave on the former Western Front in eastern France during excavation work for a road building project. If they missed, the slow-moving vessels were easy prey for warships, which would ram them or use depth charges.Nearly half of the 380 U-boats used by the German navy in World War I were lost.

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