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I split a room with a girl from France- Fanny… and then a group of us tourists went out to find something to eat. The streets in the former capital Yangon, still claimed as the capital by most, are poorly lit, crumbling and dreary. Coming to an intersection, the somewhat empty streets are suddenly packed with people and excitement.
Standing quite tall its bright fluorescent lights drawing the communities around like moths!
We stand for a moment spell bound – gawking up at the wheel that feels so displaced so out of tune with the crumble around it.
But this was no ordinary wheel – you can tell it is old and as it spins around and around there were people crawling all over it! People jumping off of it, jumping on it, crawling up it, hanging from it – all while it spins furiously around!
Read the rest of the fascinating experience on a Myanmar Human Powered Ferris Wheel and watch some videos of a Human Powered Ferris Wheel…  If you visit Yangon, definitely try to find a Human powered Ferris wheel to ride! It is claimed to be one of the fastest growing cities in the world but the reality, we are told, is that the government regulates who goes and who comes so tightly, that it actually resembles a ghost town – lots of big flashy buildings with no one in them. We were not actually able to visit there, however, so I can not say how accurate the stories are. The capital of Myanmar’s heart, is still Yangon, even thought the government has, in a way, abandoned it. During our trip to visit Yangon, we are able to see the Shwedagan Pagoda – entrance fee = $5  straight to the governments pocket.
Intricately designed pagodas and temples surround its base creating an atmosphere of a fairy-tail land.
They loved practicing their English with us and asking us questions about the rest of the world – we sat and talked with them for hours.  I definitely recommend anyone to see and experience these highlights in Yangon. Highlights of Myanmar are some of the interesting experiences I had in Myanmar… If you get an opportunity, I  recommend you See and experience these highlights when you visit Yangon.

The American girl who had previously said she was “acting like a robot” during her mother’s brutal murder in the Bali St.
In case you need a refresher, Chicago socialite Sheila von Wiese-Mack was found dead, mercilessly stuffed into a suitcase in the Bali St. These alleged deliberations reportedly include text message conversations before the socialite’s death that proposed smothering von Wiese-Mack with a pillow, or making her death look like a suicide on the beach.
Seven-month pregnant Mack and Scaefer are charged with premeditated murder and could get the death penalty if convicted.
It sounds like things got out of control when von Wiese-Mack allegedly called Scaefer a “n***er” and allegedly smashed a glass fruit bowl with a metal handle into her.
We will continue to keep you updated as their trials make way and we learn more about what is believed to have happened in that St. Sixteen-month-old Lei Yadi Min blows a kiss at her house in South Okkalarpa township on the outskirts of Yangon, Myanmar. From almost the moment Le Yati Min was born, her mother knew the girl had a little something extra. A neighbor is helping her mother apply to claim the record hearing that a boy from India currently hold bragging rights for the most digits, with 12 fingers and 13 toes. Le lives with her family in a small wooden house on the outskirts of the Southeast Asian country's former capital of Yangon, where she runs around with seven toes on each foot. Proud mom Phyo Min Min Soe, 26, said Tuesday that she'd be happen to see Le gain a world record, but even without that, her daughter already has a happy life, and even some natural advantages. The Aphrodite cruise ship was carrying 37 tourists when it caught fire while docked in Ha Long Bay.
Making the hands into a tunnel - creating a pinhole to look through - magically gives clearer vision.
The beetle-nut seed is still widely used in Myanmar and, just like in PNG, it is chewed and spat EVERYWHERE – staining teeth and ground alike. People of all ages flocking in – the dreary streets are suddenly filled with smiles and laughter!

To visit Yangon – the former capital of Myanmar – is to visit a crumbling, dirty city with only remnants of past glory.
Unpolluted by tourism the monks of Myanmar are incredibly friendly, educated, knowledge thirsty and open minded. Regis was slapped with a whole load of allegations alongside her boyfriend during the start of their trials that insinuate her role in her mother’s death was anything but robotic and much more deliberate than she lead on. The Myanmar girl was born with six fingers on each hand and seven toes on each foot on Oct.
Now, the 16-month-old girl's family in impoverished Myanmar is seeking a Guinness World Record to prove it.
Her pregnant teen daughter Heather Mack who is one of the key suspects in von Wiese-Mack’s death just started her trial in Denpasar District Court. Reflecting our research and independent findings in the fields of public health and education, we have designed a girl-centered, strengths-based curriculum that aims to develop the whole girl. The five modules address issues such as decision-making, self-confidence, building friendship, understanding cultural and religious differences, girlsa€™ rights and planning for ones future. Evaluations show that regular participation is having a deep impact on girls' view of themselves in the world. The girls tell us that they have an increased desire to assert themselves in making decisions that affect their futures, including choosing school over work and directly addressing violence in their homes and communities. There are more than 2,000 girls participating in Girl Determined Circles on a weekly basis.

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