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LinkedIn was officially launched in 2003 and is the world’s largest business focused social network.
Fill in as much detailed information as possible about your education, skills, and work experience. Drag and drop the different sections of your profile into an order that makes the best light of your particular situation.
Of course if you are using LinkedIn to search for employment and career advancement opportunities, you should consider obtaining a few well-written recommendations from co-workers, former employers, etc.
As with all social networking, when it comes to job searching there are some big ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’. Do not tweet between 12 am and 5 am on a weekday unless you are in another time zone, or people know you are stuck somewhere. There are no hard and fast rules about what to tweet; you need to find your own ground, but remember, your future employer may (or may not) be reading your tweets. Suzanne Collier is known as THE person you want to see if you want to get ahead in publishing. Publishing Talk is the blog and magazine for publishers and authors wanting to learn about writing, self-publishing, digital publishing, social media marketing, and developments in the industry.
Publishing Talk is a trading name of Reed Media Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales No.
Sarah Evans is the director of communications at Elgin Community College (ECC) in Elgin, Illinois. Twitter is evolving as another resource, in addition to traditional methods, for both job searching and recruiting.
There are a variety of Twitter accounts dedicated to providing job listings by field, company, region, and more.
To find additional Twitter job resources, use the Twitter search function and type in keywords important in your job search.
This is the third in a series of posts by UNC media law students reporting on their summer internships. I spent the first half of my summer working at the North Carolina Court of Appeals as a judicial intern for the Honorable Judge Wanda Bryant. There’s never a dull moment here.  Internal communications projects include filming and producing news segments that keep Volvo employees up-to-date about what’s going on in the company, managing events like the Volvo Ocean Race, and maintaining positive community relations. I’m nearing the end of my summer working as a legal intern at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), a non-profit watchdog protecting freedom of expression and other civil liberties on college campuses.
This week, I witnessed UNC-Chapel Hill becoming one of fewer than 25 colleges nationwide that FIRE rates as “green light” for its speech codes.
I get giddy when law and social criticism meet, so I appreciate that FIRE doesn’t approach censorship solely as a legal concept. FIRE’s office is in the heart of Philadelphia, across the street from Independence Hall and only two blocks from the Liberty Bell. This internship has been a fantastic way to learn more about First Amendment and education law while putting my skills and passion to work on real-life cases. Second-year student in UNC-CH’s dual degree program, earning a master’s in mass communication and a J.D. One great thing about working at the ACLU is that it houses so many different projects addressing important civil rights and civil liberties issues. The UNC Center for Media Law and Policy has a large (and growing) network of media law and policy minded folks who are often looking for people just like you.
You can easily find the perfect job for you by using our advanced search feature to search by location, keyword, or practice area.
The ITS Global Policy Fellowship Program: A 4-week program in Brazil that provides fellows from around the world who are interested in internet and technology policy with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge about the Brazilian technology industry. Free Press Public Interest Summer Associate: A 10-12-week program that provides summer associates with an opportunity to work on projects that focus on Net Neutrality, media ownership rules, antitrust law, the use of spectrum, wireless consumer protections and cable television policy. If you are currently a student, there are still opportunities for you to find the perfect summer position after on campus interviews are over.
Read about UNC dual degree student Natasha Duarte’s summer internship experience at the Electronic Privacy Information Center here. Read about UNC dual degree student Kevin Delaney’s summer internship experience at the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press here. IPIOP is designed to educate and train law students in the practice of public interest privacy law. I also learned how to use FOIA to uncover hidden details about government surveillance and data collection. When it comes to digital data, individuals cannot fully protect their own privacy, in part because data collection practices are not transparent. With over 250 million users, LinkedIn is a remarkable way for paralegals to search for a new job, promote their services, and build a professional network.
For example, if you are a recent graduate and have not yet had much or any experience working as a paralegal, you will want to arrange your profile so that education is at the top of the page.
The skills section of your LinkedIn profile should reflect the skills you have that you believe to be the most relevant to your work.

Contact settings are used to let recruiters, connections, and potential employers know what you are available for. By creating sections on your profile page you can add details about volunteer work you may have done, current and past projects, honors and awards you have received, test scores, and anything relevant that might enhance your profile. To run a search for paralegal jobs on LinkedIn, type “paralegal” into the search box at the top of the page, then click on “jobs” on the left of the search results page. Posting interesting and relevant status updates to maintain a certain amount of visibility on your connections’ LinkedIn home pages is very important when job hunting. Sharing that you have created is an excellent way of promoting yourself while offering something of value to others in your network. Look for other paralegals and legal assistants as well as attorneys to add to your professional network. Riseden is a freelance paralegal providing research, document preparation, and writing services to both attorneys and non-attorneys.
Twitter on its own is unlikely to find you a job: you may see jobs advertised (and you’ll need to respond quickly if you do), but it should be used as the means to finding a job, and your personal marketing tool. When you walk into a recruiter’s office for an interview or meet them at a networking event there can be that moment when the recruiter instantly recognises you. Even though you are looking for a job, don’t keep tweeting several times a day that you are looking for a job, as aside from appearing desperate (it is okay – we know you are), it is also dull, boring and unattractive. Don’t use swear words or text speak and don’t tweet about things you don’t want your mother to read (my mum is following me on Twitter – that keeps me in check!) The best thing to do is to follow others and watch their lead, or ‘lurk’, before stepping out into the big wide twitterstream.
It is imperative that you don’t tweet things that could backfire on your job search and at all times you tweet like the professional person that you are. She has been working in publishing for 30 years, in all aspects of the industry from editorial through to sales, academic to trade and conglomerates to tiny independents and has a huge understanding of the shifts in skills the industry needs as it moves to digital.
Just go to Account Settings to change your username, and Profile Settings to change your profile name.
An estimated 51 million people internationally are expected to lose their jobs in 2009, and with the unemployment rate on the rise, how does one find career opportunities fast?
It’s not always about who you’re looking for, some people on Twitter are actually looking for YOU.
Once you've decided which best match your job search, consider turning on mobile alerts for these accounts to be among the first to receive messages (if your mobile phone plan includes SMS messages). For example, “job openings,” “looking for a job,” or “healthcare career." Additionally, you can search out others in your desired career field on sites like Twellow, Just tweet it, and TwitterTroll. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. As a First Amendment nerd and education policy junkie, I have loved every minute of my job. Within my first few weeks, I was teaming up with FIRE’s other legal intern and Student Press Law Center staffers to draft an amici brief in support of a college student who had been expelled from school for tweeting insults about his ex-girlfriend. This means that Carolina is among the best of the best in demonstrating a commitment to protecting students’ right to free speech (and it also means we’re beating Duke, which is still stuck at a yellow light). Since I am lucky enough to live just four blocks from the office in a small, historic townhouse, I have had ample opportunity to explore and be entrenched in the history of the city.
This allows us to collaborate when, for example, a privacy issue also presents racial justice and criminal justice problems.
Aside from working on exciting cases, we had weekly training sessions on aspects of privacy advocacy: amicus briefs, comments on agency rulemakings, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), etc. I filed (and appealed) a FOIA request to find out more information about the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) program, which is currently being implemented by state and local law enforcement agencies. Advocacy organizations like EPIC perform the necessary functions of uncovering and pushing back against these surreptitious, overreaching, and often illegal practices.
On the other hand, if you have been working as a paralegal for 20+ years and have not returned to school, you will want to arrange your profile so that work experience at the top. Due to the sheer number of skills that are available to choose from, this could take up quite a bit of time if you allow it to. By sharing content from your blog or website, you create an opportunity to gain regular readers as well as clients or a full time employer. LinkedIn groups and subgroups are also a great way to find like-minded professionals and network with people you might not otherwise know. Before adding them, review their profile, research their company, and then send them a personalized message about your shared interests, desire to work for a company like theirs, or love of their blog with your invite to add them to your network. Do this with the person who has advertised the job – make them feel like they know you, because you have responded to a tweet, or interacted with them. Check out who they are retweeting or recommending for a #ff (Follow Friday) – very often it is their ‘own’ people. She often tweets out specific advice for job seekers, including words not to use on a resume. Her tweet stream includes links to other job search resources and lots of Twitter information.
Right now, I’m researching relevant law and developing arguments that can be applied when a college indirectly retaliates against a student publication by disciplining its adviser.

After having been a “yellow light” school since 2008, Carolina earned its new rating by revising multiple speech codes, including a vague policy banning speech that “disparages” another. When I’m not researching legal questions, I’m engaging in conversations about pluralism, civic engagement, and media literacy – all of which are harmed when student expression is stifled. This is great for me because I’m interested in how surveillance disparately impacts minority and low-income communities. Army with its “surveillance blimps.” They comb through public records to expose secret surveillance. During a celebratory dinner, some of the foremost privacy scholars spoke about EPIC’s vital contributions to privacy and civil liberties.
This combination of work and training not only deepened my knowledge of privacy law but also gave me insight into how to use litigation, FOIA, administrative remedies, and other tools to protect privacy and civil liberties in the digital world. The program outfits law enforcement with facial recognition, iris scanning, and other technologies to identify individuals using a large biometric database compiled by the FBI. My IPIOP clerkship was a unique opportunity to learn not only the substantive law of privacy but also the processes through which public interest groups accomplish their goals.
Companies from around the world use LinkedIn to recruit and source jobs, making the opportunities that exist for career advancement astounding. You should be dressed professionally in the photo, since LinkedIn is a network for professionals. And if you wish to attract prospective employers, for instance, your headline should never read Paralegal or Legal Assistant, Notary Public. A recommendation from someone who barely knows you that says you are nice is not going to impress anyone.
You may also want to try searching “legal” or “legal assistant” for additional paralegal jobs.
Share content on a regular basis to establish yourself as an expert in your particular field. If you want to work in editorial, for example, see how many book publishing editors you can find on twitter, not so much for you to tweet ‘give us a job’ to them, but so you can get an insight to their job and the work they do. She tweets out examples of negative recruiting interactions with potential clients, outreach she does with high school and college students, and ultimately looks for potential Zappos candidates. You can subscribe to desired job channels and even have new openings automatically sent to your mobile phone.
Other assignments have had me doing long-term research about due process and writing about First Amendment retaliation cases for the FIRE blog.
Different privacy problems call for different remedies, and throughout the summer I learned to identify those channels for relief. I asked for information about the use of mobile biometric applications—cell phone apps that officers can use in the field to identify individuals based on their faces, irises, fingerprints, etc.—in connection with NGI. Her areas of interest are technology law and digital civil liberties, particularly privacy and free speech issues. However, potential employers will move on quickly to the next candidate if your profile is incomplete or does not stand out from the crowd.
You can also click “jobs” on the top menu, just under the search bar and search from there. For instance, if you intend to attract prospective clients, you likely will not find them in legal groups.  Ask yourself who it is you want to meet.
Suzanne also provides business to business consultancy to those who are setting up publishing houses or selling services to publishers.
On the speech side, I’m helping the ACLU fight state laws that threaten online anonymity. They educate the public and government officials about the many threats to privacy and civil liberties created by government and private data collection. For example, the Federal Trade Commission’s authority to prevent unfair and deceptive trade practices has become a relatively promising (if sometimes disappointing) avenue for protecting consumers’ privacy against commercial data collection.
This was a fun extension of my work at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, where I also worked on a phone records collection case. If you follow someone and they don’t know you and your biography is blank they are unlikely to follow you back. When we learned that Facebook had disclosed users’ data for psychological research, I helped EPIC file an FTC complaint claiming that the practice was unfair and deceptive. It is recommended that you use the same photo across all networks in order to be recognized and to create a consistency across your professional brand. The way in which you answer these questions should help guide you through using groups and subgroups on LinkedIn. In its twenty years of existence, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has been privacy’s best advocate since Justices Warren and Brandeis defined the right to privacy in 1890.
During the summer of 2014, I got to join EPIC as an Internet Public Interest Opportunities Program (IPIOP) Clerk.

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